“SHAKE IT UP! Dice™ Poker has something for everyone! It’s fast, fun, and easy to learn—yet has deeper levels of strategy to master. It’s the successor to Square Shooters®, the original cards-on-dice game. It’s Yahtzee-Meets-Poker with head-to-head bonuses that make every roll exciting and full of surprises!”

Burning River Games has a new Kickstarter Campaign for Shake It Up! Dice Poker, a cards-on-dice sequel to Square Shooters, by the late Carmelyn Calvert. Using 9 custom dice, players can simulate all 54 cards of a standard card deck (4 suits of 13 cards plus 2 jokers), and create all possible types of poker hands. In Shake it Up, players use Yahtzee mechanics to roll their dice three times, trying to achieve the best possible version of the target poker hand. Each round, players advance down the score sheet, aiming for a more and more difficult poker hand. Power Up cards allow extra abilities such as rerolls, extra turns and more wild cards. Players score points for accomplishing the target hand, and bonus points if they create the best version of that hand.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Shake it Up! Dice Poker continues through October 31, and the game is expected to deliver by April 2020. The Kickstarter offers extra add-ons such as leather dice cups and velvet bags, created in cooperation with Easy Roller Dice Co.

Alderac Entertainment (AEG) has announced an expansion for Fantahzee, a game in which players are defending their town against hordes of monsters using dice.  In Fantahzee: Rogues Gallery “the town of Devil’s Burden is still under attack, and even more monsters are pouring in!  Ingenious goblins, led by the mighty troll king and his retinue, are now laying devious traps all over the town to hamper the stalwart defenders. It is time to call for reinforcements – the long-time secret society within Devil’s Burden: the Rogues’ Guild.”

The expansion adds a new type of playable hero, Rogues, to the game. The “sneaky, clever, thieving heroes” can help you overcome the Horde via their new special abilities, and Traps that require Rogues to overcome.

This new expansion is set to release on April 12, 2017.  For more information, visit the publisher’s website.


Outlander is a series that has been running on Starz for the past couple years and has been very popular, so why not make a game about it?  So that is what Toy Vault is doing, and they have come up with the Outlander Destiny Dice Game.  Just to get it out of the way, this game has no relation to the Star Wars: Destiny game being put out by FFG, the destiny in the title is related to the plot of the series.  In the game you are trying to bring two of the characters together, Jamie and Claire, through dice rolling and card play.  You will roll the dice Yahtzee style and you want to have more Jamie and Claire sides showing along with good support sides like Jenny or Dougal, and minimizing the bad sides like Black Jack Randall and Laoghaire Mackenzie.  After the rolling and subsequent card playing you determine who has the best “hand”, and that player gets to advance their Jamie and Claire pawns on the board.  First person to bring the two lovers together is the winner.

All together it seems to be an okay game meant for the fans of the series, so if you enjoy the series you can pre-order from the Outlander site and look for it to arrive in February of 2017.


Adding to a growing list of popular licensed games USAopoly will be releasing new versions of Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Jenga in July.

Monopoly: Attack on Titan:

Inspired by anime series Attack on Titan, this game features people, banners and events on the board, replacing the usual location themed spaces. This game also includes Command and Tactics instead of Community Chest and Chance cards, and custom Wall Sections and Gate Marias replace houses and hotels. Six collectible tokens include Sword, Key Necklace, Supply Wagon, Cannon, Flare Gun, and Omni-Direction Mobility Gear.

ghostbuster slimer

Yahtzee: Ghostbusters: Slimer

This version of Yahtzee will feature custom green dice displaying Ghostbuster items Ecto-1, Proton Pack, Trap, PKE Meter, Goggles, and Ghostbusters Logo. The set also will include a Slimer shaped dice shaker cup, custom score pad and pencil.

Yahtzee: Fallout: Vault Boy

This Fallout edition of Yahtzee will include dice with six factions from Fallout 4: Railroad, Vault-Tech, Minute Men, Atom Cats, Brotherhood, and Institute. Also included is a Dice cup shaped like the head of the Vault Boy, custom score pad and pencil.

Jenga: The Walking Dead

This edition contains 54 wood blocks. With a twist on classic Jenga, printed on the blocks are specific tasks the players must complete. There is also space for player created custom actions.

Image from BGG

Image from BGG

Teased at the GAMA Trade Show, AEG announced a new game expansion and a new game set for release later this year.  First is another expansion for Smash Up called Smash Up: Cease and Desist, this set will add four new non-copyright infringing factions called Star Roamers, Astroknights, Changerbots, and Ignobles.  Look for this set to be released in September of 2016.


Next is a new dice chucking game called Fantahzee: Hordes and Heroes, which from the name you can guess is a riff on Yahtzee.  In the game you try to defend their town from a horde of invading monsters through recruiting heroes and rolling dice to activate those heroes.  If you fail to stop the monsters they advance and destroy a piece of your town, let that happen enough times and your town is destroyed and your eliminated. Look for this to arrive in September of 2016.

plants vs zombies

Yahtzee: Plants vs. Zombies Collector’s Edition

Collectible Conehead Zombie die cup and dice featuring Crazy Dave, Sunflower, Wall-nut, Squash, Peashooter and Jalapeño!

my little pony

Connect 4: My Little Pony

Play with checkers featuring your favorite characters from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show with the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Connect 4 Game!

Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and more characters from the TV series go head-to-head when players race to drop their custom checkers in the grid to try and make a line upwards, sideways, or diagonal. The first player to get 4-in-a-row wins!

treasure trax

Treasure Trax

Search ‘n’ find activity game for preschoolers! An exciting play ‘n’ learn game where kids search for clues to find hidden animals. In just minutes, parents can set up the cards around the house and even hide a surprise at the end. Whether it’s a rainy day or an everyday afternoon, Treasure Trax is a creative and fun way to keep kids entertained and active indoors.

  • Ages 3-5
  • 2+ players
  • 5-10 minutes play time

big bang monopoly

Monopoly: Big Bang Theory

1# Primetime Comedy and Emmy nominated series now comes to Monopoly!

Game board features locations from the show along with seven game tokens of Leonard’s Glasses, Sheldon’s Spot, Howard’s Space Helmet, Raj’s Dog Cinnamon, Penny’s Wine Glass, Amy’s Tiara and Bernadette’s Microscope! Community Chest and Chance cards are now renamed Roommate Agreement and Fortune Cookie Cards!

  • 2-6 players
  • Ages 8+

tmnt monopoly

Monopoly: TMNT Cartoon Version Collector’s Edition

Game board features iconic locations from the television series!

  • 2-6 players
  • Ages 8+


Puzzle: A Christmas Story

Featuring a die-cut puzzle in the shape of the iconic leg lamp. Nearly life-size!

500 pieces