X-Wing Miniatures Game

“These expansions put devastating new options for your starfighter squadrons at your fingertips, letting you conduct deadly electronic warfare and unleash barrages of powerful turbolaser or ion cannon fire as you bring the full weight of the largest X-Wing ship class to bear against your opponents. ”

Star Wars fans rejoice, for Fantasy Flight Games has announced more support for those incredible, huge ships that players of Star Wars: X-Wing were never quite sure what to do with. The company has just announced the Huge Ship Conversion Kit for X-Wing second edition, allowing players more options for their gorgeous 2014 Tantive IV model, likely sitting on pristine display since Second Edition X-Wing launched in 2018. The new kit comes with tons of updated components, including ship cards, tokens, and maneuver dials. The Tantive can now be flown by either the Rebels or the Alliance, while the other supported huge ships (Raider, C-ROC, and Gozanti), likewise are allied with 2 of the 7 factions each. The Huge Ship Kit also includes a special Maneuver Tool, Range Ruler, Resource Trackers and Damage Deck, all scaled up for these giant models.

And fear not if you are new to the X-Wing miniatures world, because those glorious, giant models will once again be reprinted, already packed with second edition goodness. The new Tantive IV Expansion Pack and C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack contain not only their impressive foot-long models, but also all the above components needed to integrate them into many a space battle.  

“The chaos of battle surrounds you as enemy fighters dart between massive warships. It will take more than just fancy flying to lead your squadron to victory in battles like this. Step up to the largest X-Wing battles yet with the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion! ”

A perfect match for those gigantic cruisers, Fantasy Flight has also announced the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion for X-Wing Second Edition. Epic Battles allows massive 2-8 player conflicts, invoking the largest, craziest space battles from the movies. This expansion adds 11 cinematic scenarios, including a chaotic 8-player free for all, and team based intel collection. New Wings add squad based mechanics, allowing players to move formations of 3-6 fighters with a single maneuver dial, and under one leader. Finally, it goes without saying that the new Epic modes will allow the construction of enormous 500-point or 20-threat armies.

The Huge Ship Conversion Kit, Tantive IV Expansion Pack and C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack, as well as the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion should be available for purchase at your FLGS during 4th quarter 2019. For more details, check out Fantasy Flight’s official press releases for Huge Ships and Epic Battles.

Fantasy Flight Games continues their expansion of the X-Wing Miniatures game will more ships from the ever widening galaxy of Star Wars.  This time around you have the Auzituck Gunship for the rebels, the Scurrg H-6 Bomber for the rebels or scum, and the TIE Aggressor ship for the empire.  The Auzituck Gunship was a favorite of the wookies, and as such you will get some wookie cards to go with this ship, but that’s not the only thing to like about it.  This ship also features a hefty amount of hull, decent shields, and an ability to reinforce itself, making this ship a hard one to take down.

The Scurrg H-6 Bomber is an interesting addition to the line is that depending on which variation you use, it can play on the side of the rebels, or with the pirates of the universe.  Either way you play it, you will be bringing loads of ordinance with you and pummel your enemies with space mines and wave after wave of missiles.

Lastly we have the TIE Aggressor to add to the empire side, and this ship is another heavy hitter in a small package.  One of the things that make the TIE Aggressor unique is that it can equip a turret weapon like the synced turret or twin laser turret, making it easy to line up your shots.  Add in the addition of two missile upgrade slots and access to a new unguided rockets upgrade, and this TIE can be dangerous.

Look for all of these ships to hit stores in the second quarter of this year, and until then you can check out the preview on FFG’s site.


For those of us who play miniature games like X-wing or Warhammer 40k, you know that figuring out line of sight (LOS) is pretty important and needs to be accurate.  So to help out with this endeavor, Gamesmith is Kickstarting their next line of On Target laser lines.  These function almost the same as a laser pointer, but instead of projecting just a point, this projects a straight line.  This way you can line everything up and know for certain if you will hit your target or not.  Cost of the product is only $29 CAD and also has some options to add Star Wars themed dice towers as well.  You can check out their campaign page to pledge for your own.


Not to leave a new movie out of the fun, FFG has added two more ships to the 10th Wave of X-Wing from the upcoming Rebel One movie.  The two new ships being added is the troop transport ship called the U-Wing and an agile tie fighter called the TIE Striker.

The U-Wing is a large base fighter and offers versatility in having multiple crew cards assigned to this one ship. Also available are systems and torpedo upgrades and the Pivot Wing title which can either aid maneuvering or combat.


Not to be out done, the TIE Striker is all about maneuverability and speed, allowing you to make extra moves in addition to you chosen one.  Using Adaptive Ailerons, the TIE Striker can execute a white bank turn or straight move before doing your dial movement.  Then even after that they can use the barrel roll action to re-position itself even more, making it very fast and maneuverable.

For more information you can check out the FFG preview on their site.

ray fin xwing comp

It starts.

Fantasy Flight has announced that Rey, Finn, and Poe from Force Awakens will be coming to your X-Wing games with the release of Heroes of the Resistance.

With Heroes of the Resistance, Rey, Finn, Han Solo, and Poe Dameron all make the transition from the big screen to your tabletop. Rey and Han arrive as Resistance pilots for a new version of the Millennium Falcon with a sculpt and paint scheme that have been updated to reflect the ship’s appearance in The Force Awakens. Finn supports the Resistance as a crew upgrade. And the galaxy’s greatest pilot Poe Dameron can now fly to battle as Black One, sitting in the cockpit of his signature black T-70 X-wing.

The X-Wing game is still going strong and shows no signs of slowing down. With more Star Wars movies on their way, FFG can milk this cow for years to come. And what better way to attract new players as well as intrigue the old than with the Millennium Falcon showing through the box.

Heroes of the Resistance introduces a new sculpt and paint scheme for the Falcon that faithfully represent all the changes that the ship underwent between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The expansion is set to hit in the third quarter of 2016. If you play X-Wing, you should really check out FFG’s full article by going: HERE.

star wars wave 7

The upcoming release of Fantasy Flight Games’ seventh wave of ships for the ever-expanding Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game has been discussed at length on Fantasy Flight’s news forums, and now they bring yet another fresh perspective on this new wave.  The game’s two-time world champion Paul Heaver brings his take on the Rebel ship included in the upcoming expansion, the K-Wing, and the impact the ship will have on existing Rebel players’ strategy and fleet builds.


“The K-wing is well-equipped to deal with many different situations,” Heaver explains.  “The key is going to be figuring out what upgrade slots you should fill, and which ones you can leave empty.”  Concerning his suggested upgrade elements, Heaver suggests giving the ship a turret and maybe some mines and Extra Munitions.  The SLAM ability makes the K-Wing an excellent bomber, yet without innate Focus and Target Lock abilities, it is difficult to use torpedoes and missiles unless you draw on the support abilities of other ships that provide this.

This is just an introduction to the strategic ideas developed by this well-seasoned veteran of the X-Wing Miniatures Game.  To read the entire article, including more suggestions for fleet building with the new K-Wing, visit Heaver’s article on Fantasy Flight Games’ website.