World War II

Blitzkrieg! is a 2 player World War II game that can be played in 20 minutes! Designed by Paolo Mori, this game allows players to recreate one of the biggest wars in history.

This game was designed for those interested in playing a wargame without being a wargamer. Players will fight battles by allocating their military resources to each theatre’s campaigns in the attempt of winning victory points, obtaining resources, and gaining special weapons. This is all done without any cards or dice! Instead, players draw army tokens from a bag that will determine their forces.

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Word Forge Games has announced a reprint of D-Day Dice featuring all new artwork, missions, tiles and dice. The Word Forge edition of the game will be fully compatible with the previous edition, while adding new mechanics to the original game.

In addition, Word Forge Games will be publishing an expansion for the game, D-Day Dice: Way to Hell. The expansion includes 6 battle maps and 4 mini-expansions that can be mixed and matched as the player chooses. The expansion adds new gold dice and special missions to the game.

For further information on the new publication of D-Day Dice and its expansion, check here.

Academy Games would like to announce their upcoming game releases for June of 2016.  These releases are:

Mare Nostrum: Empires

Mare Nostrum: Empires is a building game in which 3-5 players lead their individual empires to dominion of the ancient world.  You grow the fame and glory of your empire by expanding your influence into new Provinces, then extending your Trade Caravans, building Markets, and founding new Cities and Temples.  You may also recruit Heroes and create Wonders to advance your Empire’s cause.  But beware of your ‘friends’, for they may look upon your gains with envy and greed…and thwart your progress towards dominance of Mare Nostrum!

  • Choose Your Leader
  • Choose Your Strategy
  • Grow into a Trade Empire
  • Become a Hero
  • Conquer Your Enemies
  • Play in a Beautiful World with High Quality Components and a Thick Mounted Game board

Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal

This stand-alone product continues the multi-award-winning Conflict of Heroes series.  In this game, players command platoons and companies of individual squads and tanks to resolve the same tactical dilemmas that commanders faced during some of the most ferocious engagements of World War II.

In this game, the Americans track Victory Points, but the Japanese track Bushido.  If a Japanese commander loses face during battle, his command and men’s morale can crumble.  Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal features a fast and fluid system (quick and simultaneous play) that is fun, easy (no charts), historically accurate, and contains high-quality components.

Look for both of these titles to be released in stores in June of 2016.  For more information on these titles, visit the Academy Games website.

trivial pursuit

Sometimes when playing board games with family, you can learn a lot of old family secrets and history. But the secret of Frau Richter, a double agent who spied on the Nazis, is probably the most shocking to come out of game night.

Frau Fleur Richter, originally from Scotland but living in Germany during World War II, was forced to spy for the Germans. But she became a double agent for MI6, feeding false information to the Gestapo. The only person who knew her secret was her close friend, Vera Wild, who kept the secret for 56 years after Frau Richter’s death in 1956.

Fast forward to the early 90s, when Frau Richter’s extended family (including her great nephew Miller Caldwell) was playing Trivial Pursuit with Vera Wild.

Miller said: “My parents, my godmother Vera and her husband, Tim, were at my house when we decided to play Trivial Pursuit.

“A geography question on Germany found Tim recalling the Brenner Pass between Austria and Italy. He had cycled there in 1920.

“Out of the blue, Vera became clearly flustered, looking to the ceiling and saying how she did not want to go to Germany.

“I was shocked, confused and then intrigued by her strange reaction.

“It was only after pressing her on the matter that she opened up about Fleur’s war-time activities which my great aunt had told her in confidence all those years ago.

“She explained that Fleur had been living in Hamburg before the Second World War and how she was forced after her husband’s death to become a spy by the Gestapo.

Now Mr. Caldwell is writing a book about this amazing story. To read more about Frau Richter, see the whole article here.

Last year, 1A Games released Tide of Iron: Next Wave, a 2-4 player World War II wargame reimplementing Tide of Iron. Now, they are reprinting an expansion for the game – Tide of Iron: Days of the Fox. The base game simulates the battle between Americans and Germans, but the expansion will add the British to the fight!

In February 1941, the German 5th Light Division is dispatched to reinforce failing Italian military operations in North Africa. Assigned to lead this “Afrika Korps” is one of Germany’s finest field officers: General Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel. Leading a series of brilliant offensives against British Commonwealth forces in Libya, Rommel earns the nickname “The Desert Fox.” Yet, as he pushes to seize control of vital Middle Eastern oil supplies, his hopes are shattered against the British defenses at El Alamein. Soon, the momentum of entire war turns against the Axis, and Rommel’s forces face the massive onslaught of the British and American armies as they land in North Africa.

This expansion adds British Army infantry, plus British Matilda and Crusader tanks and Bren Gun Carriers, the German Panzer III, and British 6-pounder, U.S. 57mm, and German 88mm anti-tank guns in scenarios featuring Erwin Rommel (“The Desert Fox”) in North Africa (1941-1942). It also includes new terrain tiles, new rules, new units (over 90 new plastic figures) and new scenarios!

The reprint will also include new materials: four brand new scenarios and new option rules for wadi terrain and using vehicles to transport AT guns.

Tides of Iron: Days of the Fox is coming this summer from 1A Games.


Your airborne troops are landing in Normandy on D-Day!

Gather your brothers and move out. The success of the invasion rests on your shoulders!

In this solitaire, deck-building card game from Stratamax Games, you take on the role of the commander of the 101st Airborne unit on D-Day.  Will you lead your troop to victory by making it through the Mission or Drop Deck and overcoming the enemy?  Or will your troop accumulate so many “Disorganized” cards that they are no longer effective–or worse, captured?

On each turn in Airborne Commander, you will draw four cards from the Mission Deck–this becomes the Axis opposition for that turn.  You will have three choices on how to play cards from your hand:

  • to face off against the four enemy Axis units,
  • to support your Allied units in combat, or
  • to recruit new Allied units to your player deck.

You will win the game if you make it through to the end of the Mission or Drop Deck.  If you do, you will tally up your score.  Scoring 12 points at the end of the game will secure a total victory and the Medal of Honor.

You will lose if you draw all of the “Disorganized” cards into your player deck, or if you fail to defeat enough static defenses.

A pledge at the $25 funding level will secure supporters with one copy of the game, which includes the following:

  • 44 101st Airborne Cards
  • 10 Disorganized Cards
  • 8 Mission Albany Objectives
  • 38 Mission Albany Axis Units
  • 8 Mission Albany Terrain Cards
  • Airborne Commander Rules

Airborne Commander has a primary funding goal of $3,000, and over $11,000 has been raised at this point.  The project will fund on Fri, April 3, 2015.  For more information and to support this project, visit the Kickstarter page here.