If you like take-that style games, tile laying, wild treasure hunting adventure, and/or mazes, Centershaft: Fallen Elements could be a game for you, and it’s seeking funding right now on Kickstarter. Designed by George and Hattie Anthony, with art by Tyler Johnson, this game pits 2 to 4 players against one another in a rat race to find four elemental gems and leave via the hub tile. Yet this maze is dangerous, as it’s filled with dangerous natives, guardians, and is constantly being twisted and trapped by everyone involved. Featuring excellent hand-crafted illustrations, premium components, and miniatures,

     “The four opportunists must venture, not fully aware of the dangers, into a subterranean labyrinth. Seeking what they believe are rare gems, they soon discover the stones contain elemental powers. Threatened, they find themselves maneuvering quickly through warp portals, battling natives, and avoiding traps in an ever-changing maze. […] Be mindful. Opponents enamored with obtaining the power of the gemstones will stop at nothing to take what you’ve got. Remember to journal each elemental landmark and track your steps wisely… the path back to the Centershaft may not be as easy to return!”

There’s a lot of familiar elements within this game that remind me of another fan-favorite, maze-crawling, take-that game – Fantasy Flight’s Wiz War. I have a lot of fond memories playing it many years ago, laying traps to stifle people, threatening the game state by picking up a treasure nobody expected, and rotating tiles to alter the maze in zany ways. Centershaft echos a lot of those things, but with a much more dynamic tile-driven grid filled with suspense and external threats that can shift and evolve in many more organic ways than Wiz War could have imagined. If you are interested in learning more about Centershaft, check out the Kickstarter campaign page for plenty of video previews, complete rules, FAQs, and updates!

bestial forces

Fantasy Flight Games released a new preview for their newest expansion for Wiz-War entitled “Bestial Forces”.  This preview focuses on a newly introduced school of magic Totems.

You’ll find six unique Totem creations within this school of magic, and although their exact effects can vary, all Totems share a few things in common. These creations can only be placed in an empty square adjacent to the casting wizard, and they last as long as you choose to maintain the spell. Although the range for creating one of these Totems is limited, its effects extend to everything in its sector. This potency comes at the cost of fragility: these Totems requires only one damage or one crack to destroy.

bestial forces figures

To learn more you can visit FFG’s website here to read the entire article.


bestial forces

Coming third quarter of 2014, the second expansion for 2012’s Wiz-War, Bestial Forces.  Wiz-War is a fantasy fighting game where players are wizards using magical spells to best each other on a modular board.  The last wizard standing is the winner.

wiz war plastics

This expansion introduces three new schools of magic (Mythology, Totem and Draconic) and six creatures storming the dungeon.  Mythology school introduces summons for creatures and a powerful new items known as relics, while Draconic school focuses mostly on spells altering creature or wizard attacks. Finally, the Totem school allows different effects to be triggered by placing totems on the board: increasing the energy of spells, slowing your opponents, blocking damage, or increasing your line of sight are all possible boosts due to totem deployment.