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tabletop day

International Tabletop Day is tomorrow, and one of the great things about the day, beyond the scores of people playing games, is that there are some sweet Geek and Sundry themed promo items to be had.  Below are a list of the different promos you can run into on your trips to game stores tomorrow:

  • Castle Panic – like last year they are offering a alternate tower token, this time with the ability to rebuild it by returning creatures to the board
  • Awesome Kingdom – a character inspired by Felicia Day with accompaning reference sheet
  • Star Realms – an event card called Admiral’s Tabletop which allows you to shuffle your deck and discard together, or gain back 5 influence
  • Schmovie – two new schquid trophies showing Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day
  • Birds of a Feather – the cards needed to add an Undomesticated Owl Bear to the game
  • Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre – two new characters featuring Wil Wheaton and the lovable Dr. Hannah (check out the Last Night on Earth Tabletop episode)
  • Heroes Wanted – new hero cards based off Wil and Felicia along with two characters from their Titansgrave series
  • Superfight – set of 3 black cards and 6 white cards themed around Geek and Sundry
  • Tanto Cuore – a new maid card
  • Don’t Turn Your Back – a new law card featuring a variation of Wheaton’s Law and an advertising postcard
  • The Red Dragon Inn – a new drink card featuring Grandma’s Sweat Stout from the Titansgrave series
  • and lastly there are also metal coins from Campaign Coins and Trophy of Awesome cards to give out as awards

Overall a good assortment of promos for games I can’t help but see as right up Wil’s alley, look for them all tomorrow at a participating FLGS.  Have a happy Tabletop Day!

The third annual International Tabletop Day event is fast approaching, and chances are strong that a tabletop event has been planned near you in honor of the day.  One exciting feature of many official events celebrating the day will include the availability of promo kits, provided by many sponsors within the retail gaming world.  Geek & Sundry, founder of International Tabletop Day, has now revealed the official solicitations with the content for the kits.

The Regular Promotional Kit, bearing a $250 value, will include items such as Dead of Winter, Castle Panic, and Munchkin promos.

The Premium Kit, wielding a hefty $600 value, will include the Regular Promotional Kit items and much more.

For more information about this announcement, and to see an exhaustive list of promotional items, visit the ICv2.com article here.

To find out more about International Tabletop Day, how to get a promotional kit, and how to find an event near you, visit the FAQ for the event here.