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Golden Bell Studios is partnering with Lunarbaboon, the well known comic artist whose comics are all about the ups and downs of parenting and being a parent, to create a new book and a new card game.  The book is the ABCs of Parenting, which has hilarious illustrations for each letter with both the parents and the kids acting out the word associated with that letter.  They are also offering a plush version of the anxiety troll, a character from the comic that is the embodiment of anxiety.  But what I am sure you, fair reader, are more interested in is the card game that is being Kickstarted at the same time.

The Parenting is Easy Game has you playing the role of kids trying to drive the parents crazy, but just not too crazy.  In the game you will be playing cards to move different characters up and down the insanity track, with their positions indicating how many extra or less chaos cubes you get to place on the board later.  Then you will roll a tantrum die that will randomize an additional bump either up or down for all characters and then you start placing cubes.  Each part of the house is worth different points and also has a different number of spots to place cubes.  If you color has the majority in an area at the end of the game you get those points, and you get bonus points if you hold all the spaces of an area.  Then it’s just a simple count to see who has the most points and is the winner.

A pledge for the game will run you $35 plus shipping, but there are also myriad other pledge levels to get the book, plush, and other goodies.  Plus the higher the funding goal goes, the more cards get added to the game with illustrations done by other well known web comic artists, so check out the Kickstarter page today.

It’s that time of week again, time to see what projects out there are worth some of your attention.

To start out this week we have some ‘Kickstarter Gold’, a web-comic turned RPG set in Table Titans: Fallen Veil Adventure Set.  Table Titans is a weekly webcomic series that focuses on a group of people as they play through various Dungeons and Dragons scenarios that they created.  In their first Kickstarter campaign they launched they aimed to print a comic book, and also released some digital copies of the adventures featured in the comic.  Now they want to take that a step further, and so in this campaign they are raising funds to get the adventure printed, along with maps, a DM screen, and tons of tokens to use in the adventure.  This will all come in one box and will serve as a great starting point for new characters to get them up to level 5.  So if you are looking for something new for your DnD group, give this Kickstarter a look.

Next is another in the growing line of board game bags that you can purchase, simply called the Board Game Garage.  This bag features everything you could want in a bag to transport your games in: padded insides, extra storage on the top and sides, side zipper for easy access, comfort grip handle, and optional shoulder strap.  Of course the big question is, how many games can it carry?  For regular Ticket to Ride sized boxes, the garage can hold 6 of the boxes snugly, for over sized boxes like Gloomhaven or Star Wars Rebellion, you can fit two or three in there along with smaller games.  Overall the bag looks to be solid and also folds up for easy storage, check out the Kickstarter page for more information and to pledge.

Last we have a bit of a game design kit, and that is the Green Box of Games.  This is described as the “deck of cards” of board gaming in that it contains a lot of components needed to play most any game including dice, cubes, tiles, and cards.  The game comes boxed with rules for 16 different games, each one utilizing different aspects of the tiles and cards included in the box.  The game designer also encourages you to make your own games up with the components similar to the White Box that was Kickstarted earlier this year.  So if you have the game design itch, this might be the box that scratches it, check out the Kickstarter today.

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Tiny Wooden Pieces is a weekly web comic written by Colin O’Mahoney and illustrated by Aileen Cudmore about board games and the people who play them. Every Friday they put out a new comic with a short blog like write up. I’ve been following them for a while now and find their comics entertaining and their short write ups equally so.

This past Friday they ran a comic about the latest version of the very popular game Love Letter: Batman Love Letter. In Batman Love Letter instead of chasing the Princess  you are chasing the various criminals including the Joker. The comic shows their take on how this unusual combination of Love Letter and Batman possibly came about.

I would highly recommend stopping by on Friday’s and seeing what they’ve come up with each week, so far I haven’t been disappointed. You can visit their site here.

Tiny Wooden Pieces is web-comic site that releases some funny board game related comic strips. The latest one titled, A Vicious Circle, takes on something we in this hobby know all too well: acquisition disorder (A term I have heard used often on the Secret Cabal Podcast).

tiny wooden pieces comic
If you are into CCGs or LCGs and now DCGs (dice collectible game) this will be a pretty accurate account of what goes on when you visit your gaming store. Enjoy!

To check out this and more of their great comic strips click here.

Tiny Wooden Pieces releases a new web comic.

Tiny Wooden Pieces has released another web comic strip for our enjoyment. What’s best used in battle for a Space Hulk Terminator? Well, a double-voltage, custom grip, diamond-coated head power hammer, of course! This is fun stuff, for more visit Tiny Wooden Pieces.

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