Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions is debuting Steam PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch.

Steam is set to unroll Feb. 19 and Switch in March with all versions with cross-play ability and linked accounts, so your cards, decks and collectibles will be across all linked platforms.

Warhammer Champions will be moving to landscape as such, and will also apply to the mobile version on Monday.

The Steam version will support card scanning on webcams/laptop cameras, and scanned cards on linked Steam or mobile accounts will be in the Switch version. The Switch version will have full joycon support and playability in docked mode.

More information can be found here.

How much influence do you have? That will be determined in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar-The Rise & Fall of Anvalor WizKids brings a new event to the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar series and many possibilities of play! As a representative of 1 of 6 factions you “officially” are tasked to contribute to the building and defense of the city of Anvalor – BUT! behind the scenes you are scheming to gain the most influence for your faction. By blocking the other factions and being the most resourceful  you can alter the course of the game.  However, all factions have mutual enemies that must be dealt with or the entire city will crumble.

“The Rise and Fall of Anvalor, designed by Rustan Hakansson, offers many different combinations of play: each faction has four Aspects to choose from and the three different enemies have four different difficulties. Add to this the ability to play solo, and The Rise and Fall of Anvalor will offer many hours of varied and challenging gameplay.”

A tile laying, resource management, take that- but semi-cooperative game. Play as 1 of 6 factions. Use all your powers of strategy and cunning to reign supreme. With a solo-play option you can even hone your skills before laying waste to your frienemies.

“The Rise and Fall of Anvalor releases April 2019, so be sure to preorder it at your friendly local game store today!”

Games Workshop has been busy revealing all kinds of Warhammer and Middle Earth content at NOVA Open 2018!  Games Workshop has officially endorsed NOVA as a Warhammer Community savvy event! If you are a Warhammer fan you are sure to have some fun at NOVA!

“NOVA is an example of events at their very best, offering gaming, seminars and great company to all who attend. In our view, it’s a perfect representation of Warhammer at its finest, and we’ll be offering them our full support going forward.”

For Warhammer 40,000 the Whaaag! has their day-and their Codex!  Speed Freaks is a racing game taking place in the deserts of Vigilus. Collect high-Orktane buggies and bikes such as the Shokkjump Dragsta and the Kustom Boosta-blasta. Complete with a new Warboss on a Deffkilla Wartrike you’ll soon collect the entire force of ork-tastic vehicles. And the Codex, well let’s hear that in their own words:

“The upcoming Codex: Orks is, quite frankly, the best Orks book ever. If you’re a veteran warboss, this is the book you’ve been waiting for, while if you’ve always been tempted to start a Waaagh! of your own but never quite got round to it, this is your chance.”

Sisters Of Battle is in the works with new holy warriors from all over the galaxy.  Games Workshop wants your feedback to make it the best version of Adepta Sororitas possible. Chapter Approved 2018 will include a Beta Codex for you to try.

“You’ll have access to a huge pool of units, Stratagems, Relics and Warlord Traits to represent the orders of the Adepta Sororitas in your games – and your feedback on how you find them will help us make the final codex as awesome as it can possibly be.”

In the Imperial Knights category Sir Hekhtar from the codex is to be released in miniature form in September 2018.  Along with his release is the re-release of the (very much asked for) Knight Household Transfers for the knights houses including House Griffith!

Command Roster, a free tool that will help you build matched play kill teams, is going to make creating your many kill teams a breeze. Keep your eyes and computers open for that!

The Webcomic side of Warhammer 40,000 is proud to announce the return of Turn Signals on a Land Raider: 

“That’s right, Turn Signals on a Land Raider, the much-loved classic Warhammer 40,000 webcomic, has a new home right here on Warhammer-Community.com – we’re partnering with creator Stephen to bring you the continuing misadventures of Krem, Frep and the Emperor’s Pointy Sticks.”

There is also a new webcomic on the horizon featuring the art of Sarah Kaiser: Vahne Glorious.

Vhane Glorious will follow the quest of Buck Vhane – Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane’s dashing, handsome and completely useless brother – as he attempts to avoid doing any hard work in a universe wracked by war.”

  Nightvault  is the second season of Warhammer Underworlds.

“The Shyish Necroquake rocks the Mortal Realms, and not even the hidden city of Shadespire is safe. As magical energies wrack the Mirrored City, more travelers are drawn there in search of glory – and so, Nagash has opened the Nightvault, an arcane prison used by the Katophranes of old to perform horrific experiments…”

With eight new warbands, hundreds of cards and new mechanics to the game, it is also fully compatible with the rest of your Shadespire content.

 Middle Earth is getting an overhaul and the new Middle Earth Rules Manual is available for pre-order now. New characters are being introduced like King Theodin in the Battle of Pelennor Fields boxed set.   The new rules and the Armies Of The Lord Of The Ringswill set the stage for a series of ongoing campaign books, the first of which is Gondor At War. 

“…covering the events of the War of the Ring as it sweeps across Gondor, from the ambush at Ithilien and the fall of Osgiliath to the Battle of Pelennor Fields and the march on the Black Gate of Mordor itself. You’ll find tactical primers, loads of scenarios and rewards for theming your army to the forces that fought in this time of war – like King Théoden’s final epic charge.”

Warhammer Quest has brought us challenges of the Silver Tower and the Underworld of Hammerhal and now an all new quest is coming: Blackstone Forest.  Stay tuned for this quest is sure to bring with it all the challenges a part RPG, part battle game can bring. Work through the narrative together and fight your way through the Blackstone Forest with all new miniatures to bring the adventure to life!



Coming this summer from Games Workshop is a next generation TGC  Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions. 2 players battle it out to win favor from the gods as they use their armies and champions, units, abilities and spells to defeat their enemies, protect themselves and be the last one standing. The Campaign decks consist of 38 cards in a 3 tier rarity system (Common, Uncommon, Rare) and will include 4 Champions, 4 Blessings and 30 Action Cards you will use to strike down your opponent. Booster packs will contain 13 cards, including: 6 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, 1 rare card, 2 guaranteed Champion or blessing cards, and 1 guaranteed foil card. The rotating card mechanic used in the game creates a concise method for tracking damage and other things normally done by counters and dice.

Upon release Warhammer: Champions will boast 274 cards split across 4 Grand Alliances: Order, Chaos, Destruction and Death. The Founders Pack (only 1,000 available) is available for pre-order now and will include 4 Campaign decks, 4 Founder’s Exclusive Foil cards, 10 Booster Packs, damage counters, and other great exclusive content! The game is easy to learn but promises in depth strategy in deckbuilding and the positioning mechanic used in gameplay.

Warhammer: Champions is unique in that the game is fully playable as a physical card game, and as a digital game on both Android and iOS, but your physical cards can get scanned onto your app giving new dimension to your gameplay.  And be on the lookout for organized/competitive play events in the future! The game is set to launch on August 2nd so pre-order yours now before they’re gone!

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar was released three years ago to the pleasure of some, and disdain of others, but has been going strong as THE fantasy skirmish game set in the Warhammer universe.  Now three years later the game has grown and changed, and so to clean things up Games Workshop is going to be doing a new edition of Age of Sigmar Core Rulebook.  In this new edition will be an expanded narrative and lore, cramming lots of new background and history to the many places and times you have heard about in the game.  Also they have managed to add in one thing players have been asking for, maps, lots and lots of maps of all the different locales you can take your armies.  Plus they have refined the rules of the game to play faster and cleaner while somehow making it more fun to play.  They have even teamed up with tournament organizers and champions to create some of the best competition rules for the game to date.  So whether you are a veteran or a new comer, this new core book will be everything you need to drive headline into the Age of Sigmar universe.

You can find out more information on the Warhammer Community website, and look for this jam packed core book on store shelves in June of this year.

Warhammer fans rejoice! Warhammer Fest was this past weekend and in it’s wake came a bevy of announcements and reveals. Most die-hard Warhammer fans who couldn’t attend the event have probably been reading about it via the live blog on Games Workshop’s webpage, but for those who may have missed it we have the highlights right here along with a few extra Games Workshop reveals that were made within recent months:

  • A new edition of Age of Sigmar was revealed, featuring revised rules to make the game “faster, cleaner and more fun to play.” The core of the game has gone through heavy playtesting and taken on general community feedback, leading to refined phases and a new command point system.
  • Adeptus Titanicus, a new game of giant mech combat, was unveiled and is due to release in August. Players will lead God-machines into battle to combat one another, featuring impressive all-plastic figures.
  • Two new family-weight Warhammer board games are slated for late 2018. Blitz Bowl is just like Blood Bowl, but with smaller teams and faster turns. Space Marine Adventures is a cooperative dungeon-crawl experience where players control new heroes (with new sculpts) who try to break into a Necron labyrinth.
  • For the only piece of non-Warhammer related news from the event, a new Lord of the Rings board game, Quest to Mount Doom, was revealed with box art and is awaiting a release date. The game is focused on the journey to Mount Doom to destroy the ring, but it has a competitive twist. All players are actually racing to get the ring into the magma of the mountain’s cauldron, while keeping the ring hidden so nobody else knows that you have it.
  • A new, alternative rules set for Warhammer 40,000, Killteam, is on the way. This new skirmish mode of play uses existing factions and models, but is designed to play much faster and use less space, allowing for quick battles or campaign missions to be knocked out in a short time and on something as small as a coffee table!
  • Several new factions and expandable content were displayed for existing Warhammer properties. Magore’s Fiends and the Farstriders were announced for Warhammer Underworlds. Van Saar was just released and Cawdor announced for Necromunda. The Doom Lords just released and Dark Elves were announced for Blood Bowl. Last, but certainly not least, via a sneak peak it was revealed that more cards and warbands are on the way for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

Phew! That’s a lot of news, and honestly that’s not all of it! There were even more announcements on the digital gaming front as well that’s worth looking into. If you’re interested in learning more about Warhammer Fest, and all other announcements and updates from Games Workshop, be sure to check out the live blog and the community website where there is absolutely more in store.

AdeptiCon is the biggest wargaming event in the world and Games Workshop chose to use the event to do a big Studio Preview of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and other Warhammer related products and services.

Warhammer 40,000

The Knight Households of the Imperium are being upgraded from a small force with only a single kit to a full faction in their own right. This will provide a wider choice of units and more army building options than ever before.

Over the next few months, three new Codexes will be released. They would be for the Imperial Knights, Harlequins, and the Adeptus Astartes (Deathwatch). The Codex for the Imperial Knights would cover the new units as wells as the rules for Knightly Households, Freeblades, and their Stratagems. For the Xenos, the Drukhari and the Asuryani are being joined by the Harlequins who will now have their own Masques (similar to the Space Marine Chapters) to allow for greater customization and more distinctive armies. The alien hunters new mixed units of Primaris Space Marines and specific Stratagems to deal with varied xenos upgrades the Deathwatch to deal with the large number of updated Codexes the xenos have recently seen released. Even if you don’t plan on fielding these factions the Codexes make for great reading to further enrich the Warhammer 40k universe.

With the success of Warscroll Builder for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar it was time for Warhammer 40k to have its own online army builder. Roll Call has been running for a while now (courtesy of Tom Hewitt) but Games Workshop have teamed up with him to release the official, free, online tool, Warhammer 40,000: Combat Roster. This will later be joined by a digital companion app which will feature a matched play list builder.

The Adepta Sororitas (Sisters of Battle) will also be making their way to the battlefield as a new army. Expect tons of previews and behind the scenes information from Games Workshop as they build up to their planned release in 2019.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Who or what are the mysterious Idoneth Deepkin?

“Hidden for centuries beneath the oceans of the Mortal Realms, the Idoneth Deepkin have finally surfaced – a magnificent and terrifying race of soul-stealing reavers with mastery of the strange magics of the seas. Colossal sea beasts. Living tidal waves. Predatory shoals of fish. Aelves riding sharks and giant turtles with bolt throwers. We’re in!” [source]

Raw magic has been released upon the realm. The forces of Death continue to rise and the Grand Necromancer has more nefarious deeds on the way.

“As Nagash’s great work nears completion, the laws of reality are approaching their breaking point. Early on in Malign Portents, the effects were subtle signs and omens, but now, the very winds of magic themselves are starting to rebel…” [source]

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions is a new digital and physical collectable card game developed by PlayFusion which will be released in the future.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire

With the release of the last two factions recently there has been community concern about future content. Games Workshop have assured everyone that more content is on the way and gave a sneak peak of two cards to prove it.

Warhammer Community

For those attending independent events, Games Workshop plan on providing event exclusive miniatures to reward the passion of the organisers and attendees. This will start as from AdeptiCon 2019.

The White Dwarf magazine team have also been incorporating reader feedback into the magazine and there will be a survey in the near future which will help determine the future of the magazine.

Warhammer Legends will be the new home for classic and fan-favourite miniatures, though it will not be intended for matched play. This gives players the ability to enjoy all their figures they’ve collected over time in the hobby to see how the heroes of yesteryear perform against the new champions from the Age of Sigmar. Games Workshop will be running Made to Order waves to allow you to finish older kits as part of this initiative. The first wave will focus on the Dark Elves.

The Games Workshop store has also introduced split shipping after hearing and acting on feedback from the community in their most recent survey. This way the Made to Order items won’t hold up items in stock when ordering from their website.

Games Workshop have taken community feedback to heart and it seems they have many great initiatives on the way. For the full preview check the article on the Games Workshop website.

Warhammer 40k is the biggest tabletop miniatures game out there right now, and they have lots of events, a large community, and even a convention or two.  But soon there will be something new, soon it will be sporting it’s own dedicated cafe here in North America.  That’s right, Games Workshop will be opening up a Warhammer Cafe in order to act as a hub for the game on this side of the ocean.  Of course with any hub they will hold lots of events, special guests will make appearances, and even a series of displays of unique Citadels miniatures will be constructed.  But that’s not all, this cafe will also include lots of good food and drink, painting space and supplies, and tons of playing area so you can play your game while drinking a good cup of coffee.  You can read more (although very little has been released) on the Warhammer Community page, and be on the lookout for more information as they release it in the future.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is quickly becoming a very popular variation of the Games Workshop mainstay, Warhammer 40k.  The game focuses on small arena style combat and so sets up and plays much quicker than the bigger brother.  After the game’s release they have added some additional armies to help expand your options, and they have just announced a new one, the Chosen Axes.  This is a fan favorite army in that you essentially play a band of berserker dwarves with giant axes, which sounds like fun!  Not much else has been released about them, but you can check out the announcement video on Facebook, and look forward to their release.

Next we have two new expansions to the Star Wars Legion game, with the first one bringing the iconic Leia Organa into the fight.  With Leia as a commander in your army, you now have a lot more options to performs actions at the right time, even if it’s not on your turn.  She is inspiring and so helps her fellow soldiers to fight better under pressure, and her clout as a princess can help bring in the heavy guns when needed through aerial bombardments.  Overall she has a lot to offer so adding her to your army would only make them more flexible and deadly, check out FFG’s preview of her for more information.


And finally, with Leia joining the battle, so does her trusty Fleet Troopers.  While these rebel troopers are more at home on a starship, they aren’t slouches when it comes to fighting on the ground either.  Their blasters do have a shorter range, but put out a higher volume of fire to make up for it.  They are also used to biding their time, and so have the ability to put off an action until later when the enemy gets closer.  Add in the ability to arm them with heavy weapons and you have some versatile and useful troopers on your hands.  You can find out more in FFG’s preview of the expansion, and look for them on shelves along side Leia in the second quarter of this year.

Games Workshop ends 2017 as the biggest winner on the London Stock Exchange.

Bloomberg reported last September that Games Workshop assumed the top position in the FTSE All-Share Index, knocking off a copper mining company as the top gaining company for 2017.

Revenue and earnings for Games Workshop remained higher than the previous year but surged in June with the launch of their new edition of the Warhammer 40k line.

According to Bloomberg, the weak pound made Games Workshop products cheaper for overseas customers who made up over half of its customers. Over the course of 2017, Games Workshop had to upgrade their profit expectations three times.  By the end of the year, Games Workshop stock had grown 266%, almost doubling the growth seen by the second largest gaining stock.