War Gaming

Wargamers rejoice – the Kickstarter Campaign has just started for the Metro Morph modular card wargaming terrain by Jacob Smith and Crowd Forge Studio. This system uses heavy duty 2mm cardstock pieces, which clip together in innumerable ways to create structures in a 28-32mm gaming environment. The pieces are themed to an industrial sci-fi setting, and come with protective stickers for repeated clip application, as well as stickers to hide clips and edges. The pieces can create durable, large structures which can bear repeated use and heavy wear. After gaming, the clips can be removed and the pieces can be stored flat again. The system can be used to create anything from scattered rubble, complex 2D game boards, to large 3 dimensional multilevel buildings.

The Kickstarter for Metro Morph will continue through December 20, and the final product is scheduled to ship in September 2019.


From Flying Pig Games comes the newest issue of Yaah! Magazine! Their sixth issue features more articles and scenarios deftly geared toward popular war games. Whether they be previews or new scenarios to add to your games, war gamers and fans of Flying Pig Games alike all have something interesting to look forward to with the newest issue. Check out these details from the publisher:

This issue has articles on GMT’s Next War series, Stronghold 2nd ed, Waterloo 200, Airborne Commander, They Come Unseen, and more. Scenarios for Combat Commander, Night of Man, Sticks and Stones, and Shadows in the Weald. Then there’s this issue’s game. Designer Arrigo Velicogna’s Lion of Malaya finds a motley assortment of Indians, Australians, and Brits trying to hold Singapore and Malaya against the Imperial Japanese war machine.

Issue #6 is scheduled to ship in May. Flying Pig Games publishes a new issue of Yaah! Magazine every 4 months, so any new or avid readers should be able to expect issue 7 around September. More information about the highly-acclaimed magazine as well as other products from Flying Pig Games can be found on their homepage.