Walmart exclusive

New games from USAopoly tend to pop up with the seasons, but now they’re turning up the heat so-to-speak. Super Mario Brothers: Power Up Card Game (Underwater Edition) and Blank slate were both recently announced and will be headed to different specific retailers this summer! Of course the Super Mario Brothers: Power Up Card Game already exists, but this new edition transforms the whole thing into the infamous world 2-2 underwater level. The gameplay is the same, just now there’s a lovely aquatic look to all the cards, bloopers to worry about, and a reason to hum this theme song instead while you play. While the original game is available at most retailers, Walmart has the exclusive right to sell the Underwater Edition so you’ll need to head to the notoriously blue store for this new blue version.

Blank Slate, on the other hand, is Target exclusive and an all-new word association party game. A cue card shows a word and a blank, and everyone must quickly fill in the blank on their personal dry-erase boards. The goal isn’t to be particularly funny or devious, but rather to pick what you believe is the most common word associated with the cue card because, after revealing everyone’s boards, only the players with matching answers will score points. It’s very intriguing to have two games come out exclusive to each of these retailers, yet it’s indicative of their rivalry and both USAopoly and gamers benefit from this sort of competition. If you’re interested in either of these titles, be sure to check out your local stores or their websites soon.


Steve Jackson Games has been rolling with the exclusives, but the exclusive for Walmart is a little different than the others.  While Amazon and Walgreens got new editions of the Munchkin game to sell, Walmart got just the base game, but with some extras.  So if you drop by Walmart you will find stickered boxes of the original Munchkin game saying they contain Munchkin Dragons: Four More expansion.  So you will get the full base game as well as a small expansion featuring dragons like the Gummy Wyrm, or Poof the magic dragon, all for the same price as the normal base game.  You can find it at Walmart today, and check out the Steve Jackson Games site for some preview images.