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Last year’s re-implementation of the VS. System card game by Upper Deck has received pretty good reviews and is essentially a self contained card game similar to Magic in that you pick a hero, and then build a 60 card deck around that hero to battle with.  Initially the set released dealt with Marvel and the heroes in that universe, and another set coming out this year called The Defenders will also feature Marvel heroes.  Now they will be adding a set for the Aliens movie and will feature cards and characters from the iconic movies and even give you the ability to play as the vicious Xenomorphs.  Expected release is in August this year and you can check out the announcement on ICv2, however, not much is there as not much has been released about the new set.

Upper Deck came prepared to GAMA 2015 with a host of hot upcoming games, all coming out some time this summer.

Predator Encounters

Stalking hot on the heels of their Legendary Alien Encounters game, Upper Deck has announced a stand-alone Legendary Predator game. Designed by Ben Cichoski and Danny Mandel, Predator Encounters will be a cooperative game pitting players against a common threat. The big twist for this release, however, is that players can choose  to represent the tasty humans or instead pilot a Predator force intent on seeking the glory of the hunt. Representatives for Upper Deck were quick to note the game is 100% compatible with the Alien Encounters game, allowing a dream scenario of Predator on Alien combat if both sets are combined. Similar to how Alien Encounters combined story lines from both Alien and Aliens, Predator Encounters will bring adventures in two flavors, jungle or urban.

Secret Wars

Upper Deck hasn’t forgotten the comic fans. In addition to the Predator game, this summer will also see an expansion for the Marvel Legendary game focusing on Secret Wars. Not the 80’s series most of us are familiar with, but a brand new Marvel storyline. This Set will be able to combine with all other Legendary Heroes games, allowing players a full palette of super hero match ups.

Bring Out Yer Dead
Back in November 2014 there was a little Kickstarter for a game called Bring Out Yer Dead. The game raised some money, then suddenly it was cancelled. Rumors swirled of it being picked up by a publisher and today we know the publisher’s name — Upper Deck. Bring Out Yer Dead will be the first game in Upper Deck’s lineup to use original IP (no movie license here) and the game looks to be a much more Euro-style game than anything Upper Deck has launched before.
VS. System
CCG fans should be familiar with the 2004 Upper Deck release of the VS. System. Centering around super heroes, the collectible game was extremely popular, yet was unable to keep momentum in the very competitive CCG market. Now Upper Deck is resurrecting the game for a major re-release at this year’s GEN CON. Instead of a CCG, VS. will release in a single box similar to Legendary. The Box will contain approx. 350-400 cards with 4 teams included in the first release. And to kick the game off right, GEN CON will also see a massive tourney to introduce the game, ensuring demand for cards will be high.

Image courtesy of Upper Deck’s Twitter account

Fresh out of Gencon 2014, Upper Deck has announced that they’re bringing back their 2004 collectible card game ‘Vs. System’, except this time as a Living Card Game (LCG). The previous incarnation of ‘Vs.’ featured superheroes from both Marvel and DC universes (as well as a Hellboy set, which is a Dark Horse imprint). Details about the LCG are scarce at the moment, but as soon as we know more, you will too.

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