Vladimír Suchý

Czech Games Edition has announced several new games and expansions coming in the next few months.

Pulsar 2849 is a new space based euro game from Vladimír Suchý (Prodigals Club, Shipyard). 2-4 players explore space, build megastructures and discover alien technologies, using a unique dice drafting mechanic. Each round, players roll dice and sort them according to value, and draft with each number corresponding to an action in the game. Expect Pulsar 2849 in Q4 2017.

Tash Kalar: Arena of Legends by Vlaada Chvátil has a new expansion coming, Etherweave. This third expansion brings a new faction and a new mechanic. Warp Effect allows a player to manipulate time, using the effect of a not-yet-summoned being right now. Be careful and do not destroy causality – once you use the effect, there are serious punishments for failing to summon the future being. Expect Tash-Kalar: Etherweave in Q4 2017.

Adrenaline, the 2016 hit FPS simulator by Filip Neduk, also has an upcoming expansion, adding a sixth player and several new elements. Adrenaline: Team Game Expansion promises a new player character, simultaneous team play, a new poison damage mechanism, and character specific weapons and gadgets. The new expansion is due to hit the streets in Q1 2018.

Finally, CGE has announced a digital version of their mega-hit game Codenames. The new computer version promises online matchmaking or play with your friends. CGE also promises the already large word list will be easily expandable. Additionally, a Codenames Gadget App is available for iOS and Android from CGE, providing random key cards and a timer. Interested players can sign up for future news about Codenames Online here.


In September, Czech Games Edition announced many of its games, previously released in North America by Rio Grande Games and Z-Man Games, were now going to be published under the CGE logo. CGE has now announced that these games are coming soon.


Perhaps the most anticipated game of the bunch is Alchemists by new designer Matus Kotry. Alchemists is a 2-4 player deduction board game that plays in about two hours. Players will mix ingredients and test the results using a smart phone app (recommended but not required) that will randomize the results for each new game. You can find a review of Alchemists, by Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel here.

bunny bunny

Bunny Bunny Moose Moose by designer Vlaada Chvatil was originally published in 2009, and pits 3-6 players in the roles of rabbits and moose against the hunter in this humorous party game that plays in about 20 minutes.  Here is a review from Tom Vasel and his daughter Melody.

tash kalar arena

Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends and its expansion Everfrost by designer Vlaada Chvatil are also part of this wave of CGE releases. Tash-Kalar, previously published in North America by Z-Man Games, is a 2-4 player abstract strategy game that plays in about an hour. Participants play the role of summoners creating patterns that bring about powerful minions battling it out in the Tash-Kalar arena. Click here for a review of the base game by Tom Vasel.

dungeon lords anniver

Dungeon Lords, its expansion Festival Season, and the anniversary edition, by Vlaada Chvatil, were also previously published by Z-Man Games. First release in 2009, Dungeon Lords is a 2-4 player game that takes about 90 minutes. Each person takes the role of an evil dungeon lord trying to build the best dungeon. Check out Tom Vasel’s review of the base game here.


Fans of Shipyard, by designer Vladimir Suchy and formerly released by Rio Grande Games, have anxiously awaited a reprint. Here it is. Set in 1870, Shipyard has 2-4 shipyard owners trying to build the best ships and takes 30 minutes per player to complete. On a turn, a player will choose an available action giving him pieces needed to complete a ship. See what Tom Vasel has to say about the game here.

last will getting sacked

Also by designer Vladimir Suchy and formerly published by Rio Grande Games, Last Will and the expansion, Getting Sacked, are on the way. In Last Will, players take on the role of cousins seeking to inherit their uncle’s wealth by being the first one to spend a substantial sum of money in the same vein of 1985 comedy Brewster’s Millions, starring Richard Pryor. Last Will is a 2-5 player game that takes about an hour. You can view Tom Vasel’s base game review here, and the expansion here.

dungeon petz dark alleys

Finally, we have Vlaada Chvatil’s Dungeon Petz and the expansion Dark Alleys formerly published by Z-Man Games. Dungeon Petz finds 2-4 players breeding and selling pets, using the worker placement mechanic, in the same world as Dungeon Lords. Check out Tom and Melody Vasel’s review of Dungeon Petz here.

Click here to find out more information about new releases with Czech Games Edition.




Czech Games Edition have announced a couple of exciting items.  First, they will be now handling English distribution of their games.  From their announcement…

Titles that were distributed through Rio Grande Games and Z-Man Games will now be distributed under the CGE logo. We’d like to thank Rio Grande and Z-Man for helping our small, indie company grow so much over the last seven years.

CGE explains that this change will allow them to be more responsive to English-speaking gamers and that a new edition of Tash-Kalar will contain a higher-quality cardboard, new graphics, and a lower price.  There is also an upgrade pack for people that have already purchased Tash-Kalar.  The first shipment will contain Vlaada Chvátil’s Bunny Bunny Moose Moose, Dungeon Lords, Dungeon Petz, and expansions & Vladimír Suchý’s Shipyard and Last Will.

More games will be ready by the end of the year, including our newest game, Alchemists, and the anniversary edition of Dungeon Lords.  Gamers on both sides of the Atlantic should be able to find our games at the same retailers as before. European customers will still be able to get our games through Heidelberger and Esdevium. The English-language editions will now have prices similar to the editions in other languages.

everfrost cards

Second, CGE announced Everfrost, an expansion deck for Chvátil’s Tash-Kalar that released last year.  Everfrost will be at Essen next month and contains new powerful beings with a never-ending winter theme and artwork from David Cochard.

The new interesting and unique effects of the Everfrost beings (marked by the little snowflake) introduce a new mechanic – frozen effects. Frozen effects do not have to be performed immediately when the being was summoned, a player may store them for later and use them at the right moment to get a tactical advantage.