Video game adaptation

For those familiar with Minecraft the video game, you will know it is a sandbox-style game. Ravensburger has collaborated with Mojang to create Minecraft: Builders and Biomes as a board game! Designed by Ulrich Blum, this game is for 2-4 players that can be played within 30-60 minutes.

Players will compete to gain the most points by the end of the game by mining rare cubes, fighting dangerous mobs, and building structures as they explore the Overworld. Collecting weapons and using resources mined from a block of 64 cubes will aid players in ensuring a victory!

Pre-orders for this game is available now. For more information, click here.

Konami has reached licensing agreements for boardgames to be developed based on two of their iconic video game titles: Contra and Bomberman.

Blacklist Games and Kess Co. will publish a cooperative 1-4 player game inspired by the Contra video games in 2020. The designers at Blacklist Games are Brady and Adam Sadler. They designed Street Masters, Brook City, and Altar Quest. All three of those games feature the Sadler brothers’ signature modular deck system. Implementing that system for Contra will allow players to select a unique commando deck, stage, and enemy.

IDW Games will publish a boardgame based on the Bomberman series of games, specifically 2017’s Super Bomberman R. This will IDW Games’ second implementation of a Konami video game to a board game, as they also are publishing the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game. The Bomberman video games traditionally have both cooperative and competitive modes of play, so it will be interesting to see if the board game version follows suit.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Space Invaders, the officially licensed board game is on Kickstarter. This is the real deal, unlike a few other games in past years that have tried to replicate the same feel of the arcade cabinet. 2 to 4 players will move their cannon and shoot aliens competing for points in this deck-building-driven adaptation. Shooting aliens gives you upgrades, bunkers protect you from retaliation, and the player with the highest score at the end of it all will be deemed the best moon defender.

“As long time fans of tabletop games and electronic games alike, we were astounded that, during all this time, nobody had yet developed a genuine SPACE INVADERS board game. […] Our primary goal is to create a fantastic board game experience while remaining true to the original game’s visual presentation and atmosphere.”

While this isn’t an average video-game adaptation, it’s not an average deck-building game either. Really this is as thoughtfully produced and designed as modern board games get, and I justify that statement based on the excellent 8-bit graphic design, the appropriately-jagged components (especially the translucent deluxe edition pieces), and the palpable sense of fun from seeing waves of enemies get wrecked in demonstration. At the time of writing this the project has already funded and is already working towards stretch goals for both it’s standard and deluxe editions, and there’s a commemorative diorama available for purchase for super fans of the arcade classic. If you’re interested in learning more about Space Invaders – The Board Game, check out the Kickstarter page for more images, rules, and updates.

The folks over at MMOBro apparently play a lot of board games as well as video games, because they decided to put together a list of board games that give a similar feel to popular MMO games.  Some notable examples being if you like Farmville, you might like Cottage Garden for the simplified farming and aiming to maximize your points.  Another popular pairing they make is EVE Online to Twilight Imperium 3, because both are space games that take place on a galactic scale with massive battles, researching of alien tech, and so much more.  They even make the obvious pairing of League of Legends to Mechs vs. Minions, mainly due to the same game company doing both games, but also because they do have a similar feel when playing.  So if you are looking to bring in your MMO playing friends or are an MMO player looking to try some new games, head on over to MMOBro to check out their pairings.


Some games benefit greatly from a digital adaption, mostly because of ease of accessibility and increased exposure to a different crowd of gamers. While it can feel somber to lose the tactile joy of manipulating  cards or miniatures, the loss of fiddly bits in lieu of speed and convenience can be enough of a pleasing alternative to reward the jump from tabletop to video game. 1775: Rebellion, the immensely popular war game from Academy games, has made such a leap and is available right now on PC through the Steam marketplace. Developed by HexWar Games, this version of the award winning board game offers several exclusive, and admittedly expected, features as described on the game’s store page:

“Now you and your friends command the armies of the British Redcoats, English Loyalists, German Hessians, American Regulars, Patriots, French Regulars and Native Americans to decide the fate of the Americas. Players from each faction cooperate to gain control of key towns and forts. Share the fun in this light and fast paced game vs the AI, hotseat or online!”

PC players 1775 normal and short scenarios, as well as the Siege of Quebec, all available in solo vs 3 AI difficulties or through local and cross-platform multiplayer. As of writing this, the game has been updated to version 1.03 which has addressed many interface issues mentioned in early reviews of the game. The dedication to faithfully delivering the tabletop experience to PC is echoed by the majority of positive reviews currently on Steam. Be sure to check out the community hub for more information and updates as the game continues to grow and will hopefully inspire even more impressively developed adaptations of worthy board games.