Victor P. Corbella


Quixotic Games, developers of Canterbury, are cooking up their second self-published game – Dungeon Alliance. Announced via press release, this newest design by Andrew Parks is a special blend of a tactical, competitive miniatures game mixed with deck-building and wrapped up in a dungeon crawl (for flavor). Players pick teams of four heroes and simultaneously  enter and explore a dungeon, racing to defeat monsters and each other. Each hero comes with three starting cards, contributing to a 12 card starting deck to help adventuring parties fight and survive. Further details as described in the press release:

 “Hero figures explore the modular game board to defeat monsters and overcome challenges. As they do so, they earn XP Tokens that they can flip face down to purchase upgrade cards for their Alliance Decks. With over 200 cards featuring unique art from acclaimed artists such as Chechu Nieto, Jessada Sutthi, Biagio D’Alessandro, and Víctor P. Corbella, the possibilities for adventure are endless!”

It is a very interesting design that seems to build off of the already solid concepts featured in the recently released Masmorra and it’s thematic parent, Arcadia Quest, from CMON. Instead of dice, of course, there is now deck-building which can potentially fulfill a demand as that genre sees some renewed interest from the also recently released second edition of Dominion. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot more information available for Dungeon Alliance, as Quixotic Games are preparing for the Kickstarter campaign in January of 2017. Until then you can keep a finger on the pulse of this burgeoning title by visiting Quixotic’s website or the game’s newly entered BoardGameGeek page.

Grey Fox Games has announced they will be releasing a box full of awesomesauce…err I mean they will be releasing Champions of Midgard a Viking era worker placement game with dice driven combat and mythical Norse beasts from designer Ole Steiness.

That’s right Vikings, mythical Norse beasts, dice combat, and worker placement! It doesn’t just sound amazing it looks incredible as well. With a board illustrated by Andre Gracia and card art by Victor P. Corbella it has the visual appeal to back up the mind boggling mechanics that accompanies it.

Players will collect weapons, food, and wood to build ships, carve runes and send out warriors to battle mythical beasts and gain glory. All in the attempt to earn the title Jarl of a besieged harbor town.

Players are leaders of Viking clans, who have traveled to an embattled Viking harbor town help defend it against the threat of trolls, draugr, and other mythological Norse beasts. By defeating these epic creatures, players gain glory and the favor of the gods. When the game ends, the player who has earned the most glory earns the title of Jarl and is recognized as a Champion of Midgard!

This will be a big game with the following components in the box:

  • a 20″ by 30″ board
  • 34 custom dice
  • wooden meeples
  • cardboard tokens
  • and 121 cards

Just reading the announcement has shot this game into my ‘most interested in’ list, you can read it on Grey Fox Games’ website here. Add in the fact that it has earned the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence and it’s probably at the top of that list.

Champions of Midgard is already at the printers and set to be released later this year. Grey Fox Games is hoping to have limited quantities at GenCon 2015 but if you can’t get one there you can always grab a copy from your FLGS/OLGS when they arrive. That is if I haven’t bought them all first!