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fates fortune

Everything Epic Games is returning to Kickstarter to bring you the 2nd printing of their recently released thematic cooperative game Secrets of the Lost Tomb, as well as Fate’s Fortune, the newest expansion for the game.

Secrets of the Lost Tomb is a Cooperative, story-driven tile placement game, that plays in about 60 minutes, for 1-6 adventurers who have embarked upon a perilous expedition to uncover the ancient secrets of the Tomb. Each game is built around a different scenario with its own unique boss monster, such as the Pharaoh with the Blue Eyes, the Immortal Rhaz Azul or the Elder Forces of Hera’Thulhu. Over the course of the game, you and your fellow expedition members will explore ancient sites around the world, from the crypts of the Mayans to the ruins of Greece and the beautiful temples of the Orient; fight monstrous beasts; gather powerful relics and above all prepare yourselves to ward off the inevitable awakening of the Primordial Evil.

fate cards

The Fate’s Fortune expansion introduces the eponymous Fate cards which will send each character on their own secret quest that will allow them to level up during the game (and will also unleash new furies from within the tomb). Using these secret Fate cards, players can also now choose to include the possibility of a Traitor in the game, rather than playing purely cooperatively. The expansion will also add new characters, new scenarios and new monsters to this already jam-packed game.

So dust off your fedora and discover the full campaign here!

damage report

Kickstarter veteran Break From Reality games is back to bring you the first expansion for their succesful 2014 campaign Damage Report – a scenario driven, real time cooperative game of disaster prevention and spaceship repair that plays 2-6 players in around 45 minutes

Expansion Scenarios

Expansion Scenarios

Damage Report: On Fire introduces several new scenarios, including 2 semi-cooperative scenarios, new tools such as the stun wand and the fire extinguisher, and, of course, FIRE! A new fire mechanic will spread flames all around the ship while you desperately try to bring the ship under control.

Take a look at the full campaign here.