Asmodee released a news update, which includes several items of note:

  • Two games and one expansion were released:
    • Histrio, a game in which players tour the kingdom to recruit actors skilled in either comedies or tragedies, forming an acting troupe to hopefully please the King.
    • StoryLine: Fairy Tales, a storytelling game in which you and your friends submit and select cards in order to tell a fantastic tale.
    • Under The Mask, the third expansion to the wildly popular narrative adventure game, T.I.M.E. Stories.
  • Two new family games were announced:
    • Loony Questa wild and fast-paced game in which you briefly glance at a level of obstacles and traps and try to draw a safe voyage through them from memory.
    •  The Little Prince: Make Me A Planeta turn-based planet-building game, in which you collect items and characters from The Little Prince universe in order to construct the most balanced and beautiful planet.
  • Two new expansions were also announced:

For more information on these releases and upcoming titles, you can view the full news update here.

one night

In Bezier Games’ Kickstarter update #12 for One Night Ultimate Vampire, they announced an upcoming “One Night Ultimate…” game, but did not share the actual title.  Until they release the official announcement, they have offered a few teaser tidbits:

• “One Night” will be in the title

• Games have the ability to break a long-standing One Night rule

• It will be compatible with other One Night games

• One of the new roles is a farm animal

Keep watching Bezier Games, Inc. on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and here on Kickstarter for more details as they slowly leak their way out!

We will be sure to post more information on this new release on Dice Tower News as more information becomes available.

pandemic languages

Popular across all platforms and skyrocketing up the BGG charts with it’s newest Legacy release, Pandemic the app has now made itself even more available than ever before. Z-man Games announced on Christmas day that the digital version has been updated with a massive list of language availability. As announced via Z-man Games news:

As of Saturday, December 26th, though, your favorite digital game will also be available in Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese! That makes it for a grand total of 16 languages!

Previously only available in English, French, and German, Pandemic is now reaching out to much broader audiences so that they too may experience one of the most popular board games today.

ticket to ride banner digital

Days of Wonder announced that their incredibly popular digital version of Ticket to Ride has been overhauled from the ground up to accommodate a mess of features. The new version is a free update to everyone who has bought the digital game before, or available on IOS, Android, and Steam.

“In addition to the exciting cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer mode, players will enjoy an intuitive user interface, new social media capabilities to share exciting moments, and fresh content such as the Indian map, the first vertical map to be available on Ticket to Ride digital.”

As a fan of Ticket to Ride and it’s digital installment, this is very good news – It is evidence that refinement of the game has not been neglected. With asynchronous multiplayer, sharing a game with friends from incredible distances or varying degrees of involvement is much more pleasant and reinforces casual play. The user interface now adapts to orientation and personal preference better, which is essential nowadays with how fast we juggle mobile devices. Plus, there’s more maps, and anyone who loves Ticket to Ride, physical or digital, always welcomes more maps. Overall, good stuff!

So if you don’t already own the game, I do recommend it if you’re a fan of the franchise, and it’s available on pretty much everything and even better than before.

warhammer quest

String your bow, prepare your magic, and speak your prayers to Sigmar—soon, you will journey into the evil depths below the city of Schompf in Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. Yet as powerful as you are, you cannot root out this danger without help. Fortunately, the dungeons below Schompf aren’t only filled with enemies. You’ll also find the tools you need to destroy your monstrous foes.

Fantasy Flight Games is ramping up for the release of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, a new game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe and based on the classic adventure board game, Warhammer Quest.  While we anticipate its release, FFG has, as is their custom, been releasing a steady flow of helpful information concerning the details of gameplay.

In the latest update on the game, FFG explains the rewards that can be attained in a dungeon delve in the game, including dungeon cards, gear, and upgraded action cards.

Dungeon Cards can be discovered as players explore that various locations throughout the dungeon, and include two different types of card: events and items.  Events can be a positive or a negative experience for the players, allowing them to interact with a Shrine for special bonuses, or they can be beset by an ambush from hostile creatures.

Gear includes weapons, armor, and accessories that heroes can use to strengthen themselves in order to be more successful in the mission.  Players begin a campaign with only one slot for gear, but can increase this capacity as they improve.  Gear can also be carried over from mission to mission.

warhammer quest cards

Each hero has four basic Action Cards, which can be upgraded throughout their adventures.  These upgraded action cards can make each ability more powerful and effective.

For more information on these rewards attainable in the game see the article here, or for more information on Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game in general, please see the game page here.  Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game is set to release in November 2015.

gmt logo

GMT Games has released their latest update newsletter in which they chronicle the latest news and upcoming releases.   The following is discussed at length:

  • a brief account of the Consimworld Expo, in which record-breaking attendance was noted (over 300).
  • Mr. President: a new game design that is currently in its prototype phase.  Mr. President is a solitaire gaming experience in which the player takes the role of the President of the United States and simulates the actual governing of the country.
  • Designer Kurt Keckley has created a full-featured solitaire system for his Fields of Despair WWI BLOCK GAME design.
  • A call for playtesters on the following projects: The MBT VASSAL playtest module and Mitch Land: Silver Bayonet 25th Anniversary Ed.
  • Updates on the progress of Won by the Sword; proofing is almost done.
  • An ongoing series replay of The Dark Sands (The Dark Valley system) by Developer Tim Wilcox in InsideGMT.
  • Digital versions of Dominant Species and Twilight Struggle updates.
  • Links to recent InsideGMT articles.
  • Information about the Fall GMT Weekend at the Warehouse on October 15-18, 2015.

Visit this link to view the update in full.

star wars dice
Fantasy Flight Games announces a significant update to their mobile application, the Star Wars Dice app for Android and iOS.  The app now allows players to roll digital dice for Imperial Assault and Star Wars: Armada, in addition to the app’s current support of X-Wing and all iterations of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny.
When rolling dice for Imperial Assault or Star Wars: Armada, players will be able to preset commonly rolled dice combinations, and the app even includes seven types of general polyhedral dice that will suit players’  needs when they are playing a game other than one of FFG’s Star Wars titles.
View the full announcement of the update to the the Star Wars Dice app HERE.