The Unlock series of card games from Asmodee and Space Cowboys each contain the essence of an escape room encapsulated into a coded deck of cards. Using an app and a timer, players look for clues on the cards, and solve puzzles. In Europe, these games are generally sold in packs of 3, and the newest collection has just been released, Unlock: Exotic Adventures from designer Cyril Demaegd. The stories in Exotic Adventures, which will likely be sold individually in North America at a future date, include Unlock! Night of the BoogeymenUnlock! Scheherazade’s Last Tale, and Unlock! Expedition: Challenger. Night of the Boogeymen follows a child William, who has been tormented by monsters from under his bed. Players need to fight off the monsters without waking William. Scheherazade’s Last Tale takes place at the last moments of the classic story. Scheherazade is about to tell the Sultan her last tale, but she is out of ideas and the scribe has gone missing. The players need to find the lost scribe and tell the final tale. Expedition: Challenger involves a Private Investigator, a woman with a missing friend, and a valley full of unseen monsters lost in time. Players need to find the mysterious Professor Challenge and the lost friend in time. Unlock: Exotic Adventures is available now in Europe. Previous trilogies included Unlock: Escape Adventures (2017), Unlock: Secret Adventures (2017), Unlock: Heroic Adventures (2017), and Unlock: Mystery Adventures (2017).

Asmodee and Space Cowboys have announced three new escape room titles to the popular Unlock! line of games. The three original Unlock! games created one hour escape room experiences with just a deck of cards, using a unique mechanism of card numbering and combining. The House on the Hill puts the players in a haunted house with a mysterious Book of the Dead. The Nautilus’ Traps has players escape a submarine at the bottom of the sea during a sea monster attack. The Tonipal’s Treasure involves a period hunt for pirate treasure on Tonipal island, however at the start you have been arrested and imprisoned by the Governor.

Read the full press release from Asmodee here, and look for the three new Unlock! games in Q4 2017.

Unlock, the card based room escape game released by Asmodee and Space Cowboys, is already getting accolades in the form of the Game of the Year award from International Games Festival.  This bodes well for the game, and with two introductory/demo scenarios already out for free, setting this game up to really take off.  The first three full scenarios of this now award winning game will be in stores soon!

Unlock! Wins Game of the Year As d’Or for 2017!

Brand-new, card-driven, escape room game from Space Cowboys picks up most prestigious award at the International Games Festival.

Paris, France

Unlock! Escape Adventures, the brand-new, card driven, escape room game from world renowned designer Cyril Demaegd was recently awarded“Game of the Year As d’Or for 2017” at the annual International Games Festival in Cannes, France.

Unlock! Escape Adventures is a new, card based game for two to six players from French studio Space Cowboys, where players find themselves in mysterious surroundings with minimal clues to help them escape! The free Unlock! Companion app (available to download from the App Storeor Google Play) is fully integrated into the game, keeping the pressure on with a countdown timer, providing valuable clues, and rewarding you for deciphering secret codes!

“All my thanks to the Festival des Jeux As d’Or jury for selecting Unlock! as their Game of the Show! We are extremely proud to have received this honour, which rewards the whole team for their hard work and dedication,” said Cyril Demaegd, Game Designer at Space Cowboys.  “Personally, I am a huge fan of escape room games involving thematic riddles and the pressure of the clock, and we’re thrilled that we were able to recreate the escape room experience in a cooperative card game.”

Eager fans keen to check out the award-winning Unlock! Escape Adventures can now download “The Elite,” a free demo scenario, that includes basic game rules and a brief tutorial, via www.spacecowboys.fr/unlock-demo.

Looks like the current fad among board game themes is the Room Escape Game with many version popping up everywhere from Kickstarter to even mass market shelves.  So not to miss out on the trend Asmodee is coming out with their own room escape games called Unlock, with each box of Unlock containing three room escape games of a different theme but similar mechanics.  In each scenario box is simply a deck of 60 numbered cards and a few cards labeled as the start cards.  In the game you will read and flip over the start card which will give you other numbers in the deck to pull out indicating the things you find around the room.  Items you find will be either blue or red, and you can combine blue and red items together to try and unlock chests, solve puzzles, and find new items to use in your escape.  Finding out if they actually go together is simple, add the numbers on the card together, and if that card number exists, then that combination works and you get the new card.  While this is all happening you will have a phone app running that will act as a timer, provide hints, and also check your final answer with the appropriate time penalties for wrong guesses.  Manage to finish the scenario in under 60 minutes and you win!

As a fan of room escape games and the upcoming Kickstarter game 7th Continent, which also has a system of finding different numbered cards through other card combinations, I am all about this game.  The first box of Unlock will contain three scenarios, The Formula, Squeek and Sausage, and The Island of Doctor Goorse, and will be on store shelves in the second quarter of 2017.  You can check out the preview on Asmodee’s site, which also includes a link to a demo scenario where you can try out the game system before its released.