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Have you seen all the live action remakes? Do you know the words to all the songs? Well, the trivia game Geek Out! is getting a new version that will let you show off your Disney expertise.

The family party game pits individuals or teams of any size against each other. Each round, a prompt will be randomly selected from five categories.

After the prompt is read, bidding begins for the most examples a player or team can provide for it, e.g. “characters from Aladdin”, “sports played in Pixar films”, or “films in which a character makes a wish”.

The OP press release

If the highest bidder successfully provides the number examples they bid, then they receive one point. If they fall short, then they lose two points. First to five points wins. Geek Out! Disney will be available to settle disputes over who the biggest Disney fan is this fall.

I know this news is about as surprising as hearing that the sky is blue, but Asmodee has acquired another company in their quest to be the biggest and best game company out there.  This time around they acquired the company Bezzerwizzer Nordic, publishers of their name-sake game Bezzerwizzer and the party game Hint.  Bezzerwizzer is a trivia style game with some added mechanics, and is a favorite of Eric Summerer, and Hint is a party game about getting others to guess what you are hinting at without saying the forbidden word.  Bezzerwizzer saw an English language release back in 2008 and Hint has not been released in English.  Also with Asmodee already distributing for Bezzerwizer Nordic, it will be a quick jump to distributing their games to all the other countries Asmodee is present in.  So a new edition of Bezzerwizzer and an English language version of Hint may be on the horizon.  See the press release below for more information.


Asmodee Group has announced today the acquisition of the game studio Bezzerwizzer Nordic.

Established in 2006 by Birgitte and Jesper Bülow, Bezzerwizzer is one of the leading game publishers in the Nordics with its main titles Bezzerwizzer and Hint. Asmodee already
distributes both games in Nordic countries.

“We are excited and proud to become part of Asmodee. Having built a strong Nordic position in trivia and party games, we are ready to bring our games to players in other parts of the world
as a member of the Asmodee family, who shares our dedication to high quality board games.” said Jesper Bülow, Bezzerwizzer Nordics CEO.

Bezzerwizzer becomes Asmodee’s 14th studio and brings its expertise in developing successful trivia games with creative developing & marketing teams to the Group.

Asmodee has offices in 18 countries: USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Chile, Belgium, Brazil, Taiwan and
China. The company also relies on 14 publishing studios spread around the world and distributes products in over 50 countries.

“We are delighted to welcome Birgitte, Jesper and the Bezzerwizzer team into the Asmodee family. Thanks to our global distribution network we will bring the studio’s products to new players around the world.” said Stéphane Carville CEO of Asmodee Group.

Alexa can tell you the news, play your music and be an assistant chef helping you with recipes – now she can be your own personal game show host! Introducing When In Rome – a board game powered by Alexa. Grab the game from Amazon and once it’s in your hands just ask Alexa. She will tell you how to play and act as your pilot flying you to locations all over the world. You answer questions from real people in places around the world. Answer the questions correctly to get Explorer Points and earn Souveniers to win. The game has over 600 questions and 20+ hours of interactive dialogue and Alexa remembers what she’s asked which will keep the game fresh and exciting.

Innovation meets classical gaming with this revolutionary game sure to be an entertaining pastime. The board game is available from amazon and the skill is free to download on the Alexa App. Don’t have an Echo device? No worries – you can use the app on your smartphone too!

Fear not gentle readers, after taking a week off for GenCant I am back to give you another full blast of Kickstarter goodness, so lets see what’s been happening.

First up is a board game accessory in the form of the Omnitray.  This aims to bring the organization prowess of trays like seen in Zombicide Black Plague, and adapt them to fit multiple different games.  This is achieved by having a base layout with openings to add in modules for circular tokens, cards, or 2mm or 3mm thick tokens.  These different modules make the tray compatible with over a dozen games including Descent, Doom, and Elder Sign.  So if you need help keeping yourself organized, check out their Kickstarter page.

Next is the latest campaign from Mayday Games to get you a nice Crokinole board for a decent price.  While there are some additions that you can add such as a carrying bag or a clock face, for the most part this campaign is all about getting you the board, discs, and disc container.  Having backed the 2017 version of this I can say the board is excellent and plays great, even if there were some hiccups during production and some slight damage on the outside.  But for a large solid wood game like this, $99 plus shipping is a hard price to beat for a fun game that most any age can play.  Crokinole for those who don’t know is a dexterity game where you are attempting you flick your discs into the center hole, or at least get close.  There are rules for where you disc has to stop or if it has to hit another player’s disc, but that is the gist of the rules, flick a disc and score as high as you can.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more information on the game and the board.

Next is an expansion to a highly popular party game, Vegas Wits and Wagers.  This is an expansion to the Wits and Wagers Party game and includes some new features that make the game even more fun.  Key to that is a bigger mat for bets to be placed on, with the inclusion of safe bets for guessing if the answer is higher or lower, long shots by betting on people, and a place to store extra chips for each round.  Also included are mats that can be used to close off slots of the board for various player counts, and additional question cards with more up to date questions.  All of this makes this expansion an essential item for fans of the game.  You can pledge for just the expansion, or the expansion and the full game as you will not be able to play the game with just Vegas Wits and Wagers.  Head on over to the Kickstarter page to see it in all it’s glory. (including the swaddling of a medium sized dog in the new mat)

After this is the obligatory dice project, and that is HEX, the magically minimal die.  What’s interesting about the HEX die is that while it’s sitting on the table, it just looks like a useless cube.  Pick up and roll it however and the pips will light up, showing the result of your roll.  Special attention was paid to long shelf life, giving the initial batteries a shelf life of several years, and a usage life of up to a year.  So if you are looking for your next piece of gaming gadgetry, check out this Kickstarter.

Then we have a game that’s all about a dog’s life, simply called, A Dog’s Life.  This is a family weight game where each player plays a different kind of dog, trying to bury three bones at their homestead before anydog else.  On your turn you have lots of options from piddling on lamp posts, drinking from the fountain, delivering newspapers, fighting the other dogs, rummaging in the trash and more.  The results of each action are going to be determined by the cards you play, with each one having different aspects like higher fighting strength, or giving you a bone for delivering a newspaper, to finding more food in a trashcan.  You will have to keep your stomach full, bladder empty, and keep moving to avoid the dog catcher and collect your bones.  First dog to bury their third bone will be top dog.  You can check out the Kickstarter page for more info on this adorable game, and it even has an option to have the dog minis hand painted.

Up next is a new skirmish game being called Avertigos that features steam punk style Chinese boats as airships, fighting it out in the sky or on land with troops.  This game can be played as a skirmish game where each play outfits a couple ships and comes out fighting.  Each player can pick a ship type, with different health and action point allowances, and then take turns drafting upgrade cards.  These upgrades have miniatures of them that you attach directly to your ship, making it look like it’s ready for battle.  Movement is done with cards and combat is resolved through dice rolling, and or course, whoever survives will be the winner.  There is also a strategy game mode where you will be fighting over trade routes on the board in an area control style game.  But taking over the different islands is not so easy because there are natives populating these places, and they don’t take kindly to your trying to take over.  So if this game has peaked your interest, check out their Kickstarter page.

And finally, we have another Kickstarter for gaming tables, this time in the portable variety.  Game Anywhere Tables are folding tables with the typical gamer add-ons like card holders, cup holders, trays for tokens, cards, and even player shields and rulebook holders.  Also typical of gaming tables, these are not cheap, having a price tag of $299 for early bird on just the basic 4′ x 4′ table with no extra frills.  As you add more customized options the price goes up, but with the option for a foldable table that is 6′ x 4′ and includes all these extras, it may just be worth the cost.  You can check out the tables and all the different options on their Kickstarter page, and then start saving up to make the payments on them.

Food themed games have been popping up lately, and here is another one that takes the buffet style approach in gameplay and theme.  Smorgasboard plays like a food themed version of Cranium, where you will be playing one of four different games revolving around food.  First is 4BIDDEN-FRUIT, this mini game plays like Taboo and has you trying to get your team to guess the food, without saying it’s name or 4 other words which are forbidden.  Second is KITCHEN-KAOS, in this game it’s a race to find the food in an anagram that will either complete the classic recipe, or spoil the recipe.  Third is NUÜDLE-DOODLE, here you are playing Pictionary to get your team to guess the food, but the trick is that you can’t lift your pencil once it touches the paper, making your drawing look like a pile of noodles.  And last we have TASTO-QUEST, this is where you will answer general food knowledge questions, true/false questions, or multiple choice questions.  As your team succeeds in each of the mini games you will move your pawn around the track, be the first one to the finish line to win!

Smorgasboard will no doubt hit home for food lovers who like mass market party games like Taboo and Cranium, and the wonderfully stylized art helps that as well.  This game also boasts being conceived, designed, and made in Ireland, something that might be important to discerning backers.  Another unique feature of the game is that they are including an app “booster pack” which increases the number of cards in the game significantly, making sure the game never gets stale.  You can read more about the game and pledge for it on their Kickstarter page.

While a certain project just launched by CMON will be getting most of the attention, we still want to highlight some other good ones that might be worth backing.

First up is the reprint and re-theming by Indie Boards & Cards of the popular flip and write game, Avenue, now called Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama.  How to play the game remains largely unchanged, where you flip a card to see what kind of road you can draw, and then drawings it on your personal map.  Some of the changes being made to the game are the inclusion of double sided dry erase boards, meaning you no longer have to worry about running out of maps.  Also being included are components for a 7th player of the game and decree cards which offer more variability when you play the game.  Overall if you like this kind of game, or just missed out on Avenue the first time around, check out this Kickstarter today.

Next we have an expansion for the cowboy saloon building game called Saloon Tycoon: The Ranch Expansion from Van Ryder Games.  Saloon Tycoon is all about building up your own saloon to be the best in the west, but others want to achieve that goal as well.  You will take turns adding to your saloon, trying to satisfy you secret goals as well as public ones.  Attracting citizens will help you out, but be careful of the outlaws, they just want to make trouble.  The Ranch Expansion adds more tiles for you to build, cows and horses to wrangle, more characters, and four different mini expansion that are Kickstarter exclusive.  You will also be able to add on the base game and the Boomtown expansion to expand your game even further.  So if this sounds interesting to you, check out the Kickstarter.

Following that we have a new party game being done by Grail games called Hang 12.  Hang 12 is a personal trivia type game where the active player will pick a beach to surf, and that beach determine what kind of trivia question they have to answer.  Some of the question are “I have seen all the Star Wars movies”, or “I have eaten caviar before” and so on.  The active player secretly answers either true or false and then everyone else guesses to see what the right answer was.  If you are right you get to take the next level of point card, if you are wrong then you lose your current point card and start over.  What makes the scoring interesting is that it’s a bit of push your luck because as you get more answers right in a row, you point card increases faster and faster, but get a question wrong and you lose it.  Alternatively, if you don’t want to risk the points you play the surf card to ride the wave in and bank the points, moving closer to the 24 point victory.  If this surf themed party game sound like something you want to try, check out the Kickstarter now.

After that we have a new cooperative game being designed by Chris Batarlis and Steve Avery called Metal Dawn.  The game essentially has you playing out the Terminator movie before the robots have fully taken over, where you play agents fighting back against the machines.  The game plays out like an area control game where you have to deploy your characters to different zones in Washington DC before they get overrun.  You will have to find gear and gain intel to use against the constant onslaught of robots in order to turn the tide and secure the zones.  Then you will have to use some of that intel on DOMINUS, the satellite that took over all the robotic enemies and started the rebellion.  Once you bring him down to Earth he turns into a massive robot menace that once you defeat that, will finally end the robot uprising.   Hopefully your skills are up to par and you have good teamwork, because DOMINUS will not go easy on you.  Check out the Kickstarter today, and if you upgrade to the deluxe edition you also get rules to play the game competitively as well.

Last, and by certainly no means least, we have the expansion to the popular character creation game, Roll Player: Monsters and Minions by Thunderworks Games.  Roll Player has you rolling dice to give your character stats, learn skills, gain traits, and equip them with the best armor and weapons you can manage. Roll Player: Monsters and Minions expands on that by adding more of what you want, more classes, more races, and more market items, including a brand new item type, scrolls.  But what makes this expansion great is that now you take this character you crafted, and put them up against monsters like bugbears, goblins, vampires, and dragons.  Hopefully the character you created is up the snuff or he may be taken out.  You can check out the Kickstarter here, which is well past funded and blown through many stretch goals.


Playroom Entertainment’s best-selling party game, Geek Out!, is getting a fourth edition based on the popular comedy sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Warner Bros. Television and Cryptozoic are teaming up with them to bring this latest installment to the table with all the quality and humor that fans come to expect from both the Geek Out! series and the hit CBS show. For those unfamiliar with Geek Out!, it is at default a trivia game that asks players to list as many things that they can pertaining to a given category, such as Comic Books, Science Fiction, and Games among many others. The two editions of Geek out that have spawned from it’s original release, Pop Culture and TableTop, further delve into those particular categories. As announced in the press release, the addition of The Big Bang Theory to the series is almost a no-brainer:

 “With subjects including, Comics, Games, SciFi, Fantasy and questions about Warner Bros. Television’s hit comedy series, Geek Out! The Big Bang Theory edition will be great for the show’s fans and those knowledgeable about tons of geeky subjects. […] Using the simple, yet competitive game mechanic, Geek Out! lends itself to amazing social interaction play that is perfect for fans of The Big Bang Theory.”

It’s not easy to say where the series will go from here, but it is a very entertaining idea to mix all the sets together to form an interesting challenge for those seeking to out-geek one another. It also calls to question what other franchises might we see for Geek Out! in the future…but only time will tell. For further information, check out Playroom’s and Cryptozoic’s website for  updates on Geek Out! and similar upcoming products.


The giant search engine has decided to put some of the most popular search queries into a deck of cards, creating something a bit difficult to use.  The deck of cards is a normal 52 card deck, but each card only shows the suit and a general knowledge type question which indicates the value.  An example is “_____ Kong, last seen climbing the Empire State Building” for the king card, or “Heath Ledger in Batman” for the joker.  While these cards aren’t for sale, I find it interesting that you have a bit of a trivia game added to the cards, meaning if you can’t figure out the answer, you don’t know what you are holding. You can read about it here.

Those who have played Terra and Fauna will recognize this game as another in the line, this time with a specific focus on things in America.  In America you have three different types of answers for each question card, there are questions that have a number answer, ones with a year answer, and ones with a state answer.  As before you will have cubes to make guesses as to what you think the answer is and you get points for being right and fewer points for being close, and now also options for points on no one getting it right or getting even close.  But be careful with your choices because you only have a set number of cubes, and cubes on wrong answers get temporarily taken out of the game.  At the end the person with the most points wins and claims the title of America Know-It-All!  Well, maybe they don’t get that title, but they do win.  Below is a list from Ted Alspach on changes between America and Terra/Fauna and look forward to it’s release at GenCon in August of 2016.


This is an evolution of the Fauna/Terra system, designed to make it more accessible and fun than its more serious lineage. If you’re familiar with Terra, here are some of the key differences in gameplay:

1) Only two “bars” instead of three. The Length/distance bar has been removed.
2) Bars have been changed to be inclusive of the number on the square (for instance, placing on the “100” square is the only correct square for answers ranging from 100 to 149.9999).
3) No ocean/non-USA locations
4) Each “region” is exactly one US state.
5) New “No Exact” and “No Exact or Adjacent” squares for the two bars and the “states” section: Players get 3 points if there are no cubes on the correct answer (“No Exact”) and/or 7 points if there are no cubes on the correct or adjacent answers (“No Exact or Adjacent”).
Here is an example of one of the America cards:
Key changes:
1) The three categories on the card correspond to the year/state/number bar/region/bar on the board on EVERY card.
2) There are 5 major categories of cards: Entertainment/History/Food/Products/Sports, indicated by the color of the ribbon on the top of the card.
3) The “start player” chooses the card on either end of the box (*all* cards from the game are in the box), but is the last in turn order to place a cube.
4) Factoids are present for all three questions
5) The topic and picture are for all three questions; the state isn’t tied as closely to the topic as it was in Terra.
6) There’s a shaded version of the USA behind the state question that indicates if it is east or west of the Mississippi River.
7) All year, state, and number answers are singular. There are no ranges so there is always ONE correct answer.
A few other minor changes:
1) Players receive 6 cubes instead of 5.
2) Players always play six cards, regardless of player count.
3) The “back” of the board has states without labels, for a bit of an extra challenge.
4) Cubes that the player has at the end of the game are worth 1 point each (this helps to prevent ties, and discourages players playing all of their cubes on the last turn).

game of thrones trivia board

Fantasy Flight Games will produce the Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game based on the hit HBO television series. FFG has stated that the game should be available during the first quarter of 2016.

During the game players will attempt to take over various castles in Westeros by successfully answering trivia questions based on the show. On their turn a player will wager how much territory of a castle they want to capture. The higher the number a player wagers determines how many sections they will claim if they are able to correctly answer all the questions given to them. But, the number wagered is also the number of correct answers needed in order to be successful.

Each castle is split into seven sections. If a player attempts to gain two sections of the castle they must make a wager of two. In order to successfully claim the two sections the player must answer two trivia questions correctly. If the player is not able to answer both questions, they do not gain the territory.

Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game includes over 1,200 questions, labeled by season so that you can play in order of the series to avoid spoiling seasons for players who haven’t seen them all, or shuffle all cards together for an encompassing game. Most cards are double-sided with three questions on each side. The type of marker you place determines which questions you answer. Small markers compel you to answer the first (and usually easiest) question, medium markers force you to answer the other two, and a large marker, all three. By choosing what size of marker to place, you also choose the difficulty of your questions.”

The game will also come with an advanced variant where answering questions correctly will earn you resources that may be used to buy cards that represent characters from the show. You may also use the resources as a bargaining chip to gain alliances with other players. When a player can’t answer a question correctly they may offer the resources as a reward to try and get the other players to answer the question for them.

Your knowledge and cunning is what will guide you towards victory. This is more than a simple trivia game, this is the Game of Thrones.

Read more on the Fantasy Flight Games website.