Game-Ovations, LLC has launched their first Kickstarter in an effort to make transport and storage of board games easier and in less space. The premise for the design is that game boxes contain, on average, more than 50% air and are not uniform in size. What they came up with is the Bitbox. This system is designed to store ‘bits’ – cards, tokens, markers and meeples, cubes, coins, boards, etc – in one ‘game drawer’ section of the system, and rule books, boards, player mats, etc in a ‘board sleeve’ section. Each Bitbox can store up to 16 games.

The Bitbox, solves the storage problem like Bitbox Mobile solves the transport problem. Bitbox Mobile is a carrying case that can hold up to 8 games by removing the drawers and sleeves from the Bitbox, and placing it into the Bitbox mobile. Upon returning from game-night, a convention, or wherever else you game, simply reverse the process and your games are neatly stored and organized. The system is designed to be able to label as simply as using a marker on the pre-printed label area, but a template is also available to be able to print custom labels with neat text and/or graphics.

For more information about dimensions, construction, and any other details you’re curious about, head over to their Kickstarter page before Aug 24th when the campaign ends.




Planes puts you in the role of a group attempting to push your way through a crowded airport to reach your plane before takeoff. Other players’ families or groups, as well as neutral travelers, will cause all sorts of congestion in the terminal and may keep you from boarding.

With cards that affect play and allow bonus scoring, in addition to variable airport maps, Planes is the next phase in global travel from AEG, publisher of Trains.

Last week on their Facebook page, they posted:

Here’s your first look at the cover of Planes, coming this fall from AEG as part of our new “Destination Fun” line, featuring Trains, Planes,… and possibly others in the future.