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Outlander is a series that has been running on Starz for the past couple years and has been very popular, so why not make a game about it?  So that is what Toy Vault is doing, and they have come up with the Outlander Destiny Dice Game.  Just to get it out of the way, this game has no relation to the Star Wars: Destiny game being put out by FFG, the destiny in the title is related to the plot of the series.  In the game you are trying to bring two of the characters together, Jamie and Claire, through dice rolling and card play.  You will roll the dice Yahtzee style and you want to have more Jamie and Claire sides showing along with good support sides like Jenny or Dougal, and minimizing the bad sides like Black Jack Randall and Laoghaire Mackenzie.  After the rolling and subsequent card playing you determine who has the best “hand”, and that player gets to advance their Jamie and Claire pawns on the board.  First person to bring the two lovers together is the winner.

All together it seems to be an okay game meant for the fans of the series, so if you enjoy the series you can pre-order from the Outlander site and look for it to arrive in February of 2017.

fistful of credits

Firefly: Fistful of Credits is the next game using the Firefly universe and looks to be a vastly different experience than the original Firefly game.  Instead of an expansive pick and delivery type game Firefly: Fistful of Credits is a cooperative scenario driven game where each person is controlling a character from the Serenity crew as they try to complete a heist and earn the money they need to keep flying.  The game will come boxed with three scenarios you can run through, Intensive Care, The Derelict, and Paradiso Express, that are based off of episodes from the Firefly TV series.  Once you pick a scenario and set up it’s specific layout you then pick two characters, one to be the Big Damn Hero and the other to be your sidekick.  Finally you pick up some gear and then you are off on the adventure, trying to accomplish the objective in order to survive and hopefully make some money along the way.  Head on over to the site for more information, pictures, wallpapers, and a full download of the rulebook.

Toy Vault will be releasing “Firefly: Fistful of Credits” and “But Wait, There’s More: That’s The Best Part” expansion within the next month.  These two titles offer you something for a small group of friends or a big party.

Tom Vasel and the Party Gamecast have given very favorable reviews of But Wait, There’s More.  Tom’s review here.

Publishers description below

fistful of credits

Firefly: Fistful of Credits

Do the job.  Get paid.  Aim to misbehave.

Firefly: Fistful of Credits is a two-to-four-player cooperative game where players step into the boots of Serenity’s crew to pull off a series of dangerous heists and hopefully walk away with their lives and a tidy fortune! The game features 3 distinct heist scenarios inspired by the episodes Bushwhacked, The Train Job, and Ariel; each with their own highly-detailed board, tokens, and Heist card, which details unique objectives from the show that must be accomplished in order to win.

Players pair up any two of the nine crew members, forming unique teams that work with other players to collect gear, fight, and face both luck and misfortune while racing against the clock to complete the heist. Be careful: triggering an alarm, lollygagging around or sticking your nose in the wrong crate can open up a whole world of ugly – be it Reavers, Alliance, or the sinister Hands of Blue!

Fail and it’s all over…but succeeding means you and your crew walk away with more than a Fistful of Credits!

but wait theres more

But Wait, There’s More: That’s the Best Part expansion

Just when you thought you were the king of improvised pitching in But Wait, There’s More!, we’ve gone and created an all-new expansion, “That’s the Best Part!”

Are you such an expert But Wait, There’s More! pitchman that you can sell solar-powered ice to Eskimos? Then this is the expansion for you! A good pitchman is always prepared to answer any question from the audience, and that’s precisely what the “That’s the Best Part!” expansion puts to the test!

After each pitch, the next player plays their That’s the Best Part! card which contains a curious question such as “What happens if Grandma can’t lift it?” or “What happens if it induces vomiting?”. The pitching player responds with a confident “That’s the Best Part!” and has to continue his pitch, quickly improvising his or her answer!

This add-on expansion contains 40 brand new cards and brings a wonderfully entertaining new aspect to But Wait, There’s More! Requires But Wait, There’s More! main game to play.

firefly tall card

Toy Vault Inc has announced that they are releasing the Tall Card’s from the Firefly show.  This is meant as kind of a build your own game in addition to the rules that are included with the game as well.  If you understand how it worked on the show these were used as a way of passing time.  Including extra cards to be able to make your own game.

Toy Vault’s announcement below

Your cries have been heard, Browncoats – straight out of the Firefly ‘verse comes TALL CARD!With rules and artwork inspired by the game played on Firefly, TALL CARD will make you feel like you’re a fellow crew member aboard Serenity!

Each box includes over 45 cards, including the round ‘Tall Cards’ as seen on Firefly!

Also included are more than 50 additional cards so you can create your own games and pass the hours away as you drift from planet to planet.

Whether you’re just lookin’ to kill some time between jobs or you’re hoping to trade off some chores, TALL CARD is a must-own for any die-hard Firefly fan!