The day has come, the final two decks have been released for the popular living card game Ashes: Rise of the PhoenixbornThe Grave King and The Protector of Argaia join the ranks of the other deck archetypes. With these last two marks the end of the series as we know it, as these Phoenixborn complete the remaining combinations of dice among the six schools of magic within the game. The story has finished, the game has been rounded out, and the end of the era is here, but Plaid Hat is very proud of this long-running LCG and has a proper send-off in mind. Along with these last two decks is the announcement of a reprint of the base game and one final tournament to rule them all.

“To celebrate all that Ashes has given our studio and fans, we’ve organized to have one last no-holds-barred tournament here in Dallas, Texas. In association with Common Ground Games, we are pleased to announce that the Ashes Complete Your Collection Tournament will take place on Saturday, June 22nd from 12:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. There will be participation prizes including one limited edition neoprene playmat for each participant, as well as several all-new alt-art Phoenixborn cards. The winner will receive one playmat for each of the original seven Phoenixborn as well as an Ashes poster signed by designer Isaac Vega himself.”

To participant in this tournament, there is a survey you must complete which is a fine investment for the chance to be a part of the history of this game. Collectors of this series can finally complete their collections by buying these decks right now through Plaid Hat’s website or by waiting a few days to pick them up from their favorite retailer. It may be a bittersweet end to the series for some, but it an ideal one that Plaid Hat has prepared for knowing this is the best time to do it. If you are interested in learning more, check out the release on Plaid Hat’s website for details about these new decks, the tournament, and future related announcements.

Last year there was quite a bit of controversy created in the Magic the Gathering Tournament community when it was revealed that one of their active judges was on the sex offender registry.  The backlash was hard and fast against Wizards of the Coast and the Wizards Play Network that supplies judges for the tournaments, with many people saying they didn’t feel safe knowing that person was there.  Wizards of the Coast when faced with this ire decertified the judge immediately with the promise to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  Fast forward to today and the latest changes to the Terms and Conditions for the Wizards Play Network implements those promised changes by requiring background checks on all staff and volunteers related to the tournaments and within stores.  It also goes on to say that if they “appear on a sex offender registry (or its international equivalent), and/or have been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction for a violent sexual offense or a crime against children“, they can not be a judge or hold any other position which requires interaction with the public.  Hopefully this change will assuage people’s fears and help to make the tournament scene more warm and welcome.  You can read the full changes and a message from Wizards of the Coast on the WPN website.

A new year, and a new chance to prove that you (yes you) are the best of the best.

Starting in April, the Unrivaled tournament gives everyone a chance to show their board gaming prowess in the Largest Tabletop Tournament of the year.

Fighting your way through the Satellite competitions in local stores (over 240 nationwide), then the Regionals (staring in July), leading to the Finals in Las Vegas in October, the winners will be crowned National Grand Champion and will pick up a very tasty $10,000.

So if you have the taste for adventure and daring-do, then sign yourself up for one of these games

  • Munchkin
  • Ascension
  • Epic Spell Wars II: Rumble at Castle Tentakill
  • Nevermore
  • Villagers & Villains

Oh, and for those of us not lucky enough to compete (or make it through the feeder rounds), the final will be broadcast live on Oomba TV

A Magic: The Gathering judge is running a single-elimination tournament to determine the best Magic: The Gathering card of all time.
All black and silver bordered cards printed 2016 or prior are included.  This makes 16,343 cards (a perfect 14-round bracket would be 16,384).  There are 41 first-round byes to make up the shortfall.
A new poll is posted daily with 32 matchups for people to cast their vote. The bracket is currently on round 100 and will take approximately two years to determine the winner.
Visit The Magic Bracket to learn more about this tournament, follow, and vote for the best card!

Tabletopia has announced that they will be hosting an International Keyflower Tournament in cooperation with R&D Games, publishers of Keyflower.  The winner will get a copy of Keyflower autographed by the authors and an opportunity to play the game online with Sebastian Bleasedale, the co-author of the game.

All quarter-finalists, including the winner, will be awarded a 6-month premium Tabletopia subscription (worth $60).  Entrants must be 18+ years of age to participate, and no Tabletopia account is required.

Keyflower is an economic strategy board game with tile and worker placement mechanics in which players create and manage New World colonies.

For more information, visit the Tabletopia page here.

bushiroad banner

Bushiroad has announced this year’s major tournament series to be held in a record 25 cities. Starting in August, tournaments will be held worldwide including newcomer hosts Chile, Surabaya, and Indonesia. Players will have a chance to win exclusive, first ever English edition promotional goods, including a vertical deck case, cards, and lapel pins.

There will be four English edition Trading Card games featured in the World Championship, including the first appearance of Bushiroad’s newest TCG Luck and Logic, as a side event. The other games will be Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, and Future Card Buddyfight.

The World Finals will be held in Tokyo, Japan following the regional and continental level tournaments. In addition, there is a new Store Championship Circuit in the United Kingdom and Germany that will offer winners a bye in the first two elimination rounds of the regional level tournaments.

For more details visit Bushiroad’s website.


This weekend in the Bad Nauheim area of Germany, Pegasus Spiele is co-organizing an event called BAD NAUHEIM SPIELT! where people will have the ability play all sorts of games at the Sprudelhof, the largest center of Art Nouveau in Germany .  Admission will be free and if the weather is nice a lot of the gaming will be happening outside, and with a library of over 500 games being brought in from Pegasus Spiele, there won’t be a shortage of games to play.  Also of interest will be some national tournaments being put on for the games Istanbul, Village, and Mage Wars, as well as a qualifying tournament for Krosmaster Arena.  So if you have time and are in the area, I recommend stopping by.

mutant chronicles

Entertainment media outlet reported this week that Modiphius, makers of role-playing games such as Achtung! Cthulhu, Conan, Mutant Chronicles and Infinity, plans to launch a new type of organized play for its RPGs.  This will be in the form of “living campaigns” called Frontiers, and will include regularly-released scenarios and missions the players will experience.  Players will then report their results to Mophidius, who will use this data to shape the future focus of the campaigns.

Dragonmeet Tabletop Convention in London in December, 2016 will host the first living campaign events, and local game stores will also be included via organized play events.  Stores have the opportunity to complete a survey on Mophidius’ website to share their opinions and ideas.

For more information, visit the article on or Mophidius’s press release here.

tash kalar contest

Czech Games Edition is running the first official World Championships for Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends. The tournament, open to everyone, will be played online at The tournament is for bragging rights and fame, but CGE will have a prize package of games for the top players.

10 different qualifying rounds begin on July 23rd and 24th, but players can only register for ONE of the series—multiple registrations will disqualify a player from the tournament. The qualifying round will be 3 games for each player using a Swiss System. Games will be 2-player High Form. The top 20 players from each qualifying tournament will go to semi-finals played on July 27th and July 28th using the same format. The top 20 from the semi-finals will play for the championship on August 10th. The qualifying tournaments can be found here . Information from CGE can be found on their site here.

ffg world

Are you the galaxy’s greatest starfighter ace? Can you slip through corporate servers like a ghost? Or, perhaps, you’re ready to make your bid for the Iron Throne…

Whatever your game, the FFG World Championships are your chance to prove yourself against the world’s best!

This year, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is hosting its World Championships on November 4-8, 2015 at Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN. For five days (one day longer than previous years), players will be competing in the following games:

See the schedule for the tournaments here.

ffg world champ 2

Anyone who attends will get a bunch of swag – a t-shirt, deck box, and an alternate art card for each game. Anyone who plays through the full Swiss rounds of a World Championship tournament will also get two additional copies of the alternate art card for that specific game. The winner of each tournament will win the chance to work with the game’s developers to design a card for future release! Also, the top players of each event will get custom prizes.

In addition to World Championship competitions, FFG has Organized Play for its various games, as well as a variety of side events. There will be warm-up tournaments, wrap-up tournaments, draft tournaments, X-Wing Epic Play, and more, all with additional prizes and giveaways!

In order to attend, you must pre-register; there will be no on-site registration. FFG will be reserving seats for World Champions and Regional Champions, so you’ll need to act quickly if you want to get a pass. Passes go on sale starting 12:00 PM CST on June 15 here.

For more information about the FFG World Championships, including more details on registration for specific tournaments and for Regional/National Champion registration, check out Fantasy Flight’s website here.