Tiny Wooden Pieces

batman cartoon

Tiny Wooden Pieces is a weekly web comic written by Colin O’Mahoney and illustrated by Aileen Cudmore about board games and the people who play them. Every Friday they put out a new comic with a short blog like write up. I’ve been following them for a while now and find their comics entertaining and their short write ups equally so.

This past Friday they ran a comic about the latest version of the very popular game Love Letter: Batman Love Letter. In Batman Love Letter instead of chasing the Princess  you are chasing the various criminals including the Joker. The comic shows their take on how this unusual combination of Love Letter and Batman possibly came about.

I would highly recommend stopping by on Friday’s and seeing what they’ve come up with each week, so far I haven’t been disappointed. You can visit their site here.

tinywooden star realms

Tiny Wooden Pieces, from the creators Colin O’Mahoney and Aileen Cudmore, is a webcomic about board games posting new comics every Friday.  Along with each entertaining comic, the creators project interesting “behind the comic” thoughts.  In this particular piece, Colin assures the readers this is not a slight towards Star Realms, a game he rather enjoys.

Visit Tiny Wooden Pieces to read this and more comics from the Archives.

Tiny Wooden Pieces is web-comic site that releases some funny board game related comic strips. The latest one titled, A Vicious Circle, takes on something we in this hobby know all too well: acquisition disorder (A term I have heard used often on the Secret Cabal Podcast).

tiny wooden pieces comic
If you are into CCGs or LCGs and now DCGs (dice collectible game) this will be a pretty accurate account of what goes on when you visit your gaming store. Enjoy!

To check out this and more of their great comic strips click here.

settlers of catan

This blog post, over at Tiny Wooden Pieces, looks at the Settlers of Catan and the dynamics which make it such an evergreen.  It’s discussed how it is not necessarily the most modern game containing the fancier new mechanics we have seen.

Head over to their site to see this very interesting blog post here.