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Bézier Games was excited to announce a collectors’s edition of their popular tile-laying game Suburbia will be released this fall. Players can expect the same fun hex-shaped tiles in a larger size with new three-dimension art. There’s also a giant tile tower which the company used images of to tease the game last week.

Suburbia Collector’s Edition will come with ALL previously released expansions, as well as a brand new expansion called Nightlife. In this newest expansion players will utilize buildings and locations that are more active at night.

To keep everything neat and organized, the game will also game with custom Game Trayz for easy set up and storage.

Keep an eye on Kickstarter later this month. Bézier Games plans to initially launch this game on crowd-funding platform January 14th, with retail copies expected to be available this fall.

Arraial is a tile-laying game where players create a diverse party and compete to attract visitors.

“Arraial” is the name given to traditional Portuguese summer celebrations during which people take to the streets eating, drinking, and having fun in the old neighborhoods that are bedecked with arches, colorful balloons, popular music, and the aroma of sweet basil. [source]

Arraial is published by MEBO Games, designed by Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade (who have also designed Madeira and Nippon), and features art by Nuno Saraiva. Its a game aimed at families and supports 1-4 players, aged 8+, and plays in about 30 mins.

In Arraial, players take turns placing tiles in their neighborhood with tiles which fit perfectly with previously placed tiles. The central board, from which players obtain their tiles, rotates, which means that a player’s position at the table has an impact on game play.

Tom Vasel really enjoyed the game, even though he was unsure of it when it debuted on Dice Tower Tonight, and you can see his review to see why he said, “The game is fast, it’s simple, it’s fun.  I actually like it better than Uwe [Rosenberg]’s entire trilogy.   I like it better than Cottage Garden, Indian Summer and Spring Meadow.  I just like this one alot.”

If you’re fortunate enough to make it to Essen Spiel 2018, you can get Arraial from Portugese publisher Mebo games, and from Pandasaurus Games early next year.

Queen Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for all their Essen releases.  The Kickstarter campaign supports Bastille, Skylands, and Franchise.  Like all their Kickstarter campaigns, “Queenies”, or expansion modules, are included with each game, and the pledge levels include the option to support one, all, or any combination of the games.

Skylands is a tile laying game where the players build the Skylands kingdom, a kingdom composed of mystical floating islands. On each turn, a player will select one of four actions: Explore, Harvest, Build, or Collect Energy.  Reminiscent of Puerto Rico,  all the players get to take the action, but the player who selected the action gets an advantage.  Players build the kingdom on their tableau, placing forests, mountains, crystals, and cities. Harvesting resources allow for the creation of more islands, power cities, and build special buildings.  The game continues until a player has completely field his or her tableau or until all the tiles have been placed.  The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

Skylands plays 2-4 players, ages 8+ in about 30 minutes.  Contents include 4 action boards, 4 double-sided player boards, 1 supply board, 4 starting islands, 4 wooden player tokens, 4 player markers, 88 island tokens, 32 special island tiles, 60 wooden inhabitants, 1 scoring pad, and 24 victory point markers.  The Kickstarter campaign supporters will also receive 5 Queenie expansions for the game.

In Franchise, players are business owners in the 1960’s expanding their business by establishing franchises across America. While each new franchise adds wealth to the business, it costs money to establish a new franchise, and not all franchise locations are equal.  The cost to add a franchise varies from location to location and the revenue earned, likewise, varies from location to location. Meanwhile, competitors cut into the revenue available from a location when they move into the same city.  Designed by Christwart Conrad, Franchise is a revised edition of his earlier game Medieval Merchant, with updated artwork by Ian O’Toole, whose artwork has been featured in The Gallerist, Lisboa, and Vinhos Deluxe Edition.

Franchise plays 2-5 players, ages 14+, in about 90 minutes. Contents include one gameboard, 5 player boards, 10 income charts, 25 city tiles, 10 region tiles, 20 bonus tiles, 55 dollar cards, 200 wooden franchises, 6 expansion markers, and 5 influence markers. The Kickstarter campaign supporters will also receive 3 Queenie expansions for the game.

Bastille is a bidding game where players are leaders of revolutionary factions in France seeking to strengthen their faction before the revolution begins.  Each player has three influence tokens which they can place in one of seven buildings around Paris. Each building provides a different benefit ranging from money, recruits, allies, missions, or other means to advance closer to the revolution and increase influence.  The player with the most influence in a location receives the benefit of that location. Victory points are earned each round based on the random mission requirements for the revolution.  After eight rounds, the revolution begins and the player with the most victory points is the winner and leader of the Revolution!

Bastille plays 3-4 plays, ages 12+, in about an hour.  Content breakout has not been provided yet, but stay tuned to the Kickstarter campaign for updates. The Kickstarter campaign supporters will also receive 3 Queenie expansions for the game.

The Kickstarter campaign for all three games runs through September 14 with an expected delivery in November 2018. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to learn more.


Plan B Games has announced Azul, a new tile collection and placement game from designer and Speil des Jahres winner Michael Kiesling (Tikal, Torres). Based on the gorgeous Moorish tile artistry in Spain and Portugal, Azul has 2-4 players gathering colored resin tiles from central factory spaces, and laying them on their player board trying to complete rows.


Completed rows allow players to transfer a single tile to their growing mosaic for points. Any collected tiles which cannot be placed in rows go into the floor line, and represent tiles dropped on the floor, costing the player points. The game comes with 100 gorgeous resin tiles in 5 colors, and plays in a quick 30-40 minutes.

Azul will be available at Essen Spiel in October 2017, and should be available in game stores shortly after. Read more about Azul on Plan B’s website here.

Z-Man Games has announced a new puzzle game for 1-4 players, NMBR 9. In NMBR 9, a card is drawn dictating which number shaped tile, labeled 1 through 9, must be placed onto a growing structure.

Tiles can be placed on the same level as existing tiles, in which case they must share an edge, or the tiles can be placed on top of existing tiles, and must overlap at least 2 other tiles. Points are scored for the value of the tile and how high the tile is on the structure. Counting the base level as level 0, a tile’s score is the height of the piece multiplied by the tile number, so an eight placed on level 2 (3 tiles high) would score 16 points. You can read more about NMBR 9 on Z-Man’s announcement here.

Pelta Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for an abstract tile laying game, which loosely mimics gender and neural networks, PeltaPeeps. The PeltaPeeps are round wooden tiles with male and female jigsaw-like connectors of two types extending from some sides, and eyeball designs on the front. Players put one of their PeltaPeeps into the ever growing network of tiles, making sure to connect to an existing PeltaPeep. After placing, players can either move or flip an opponents tile. flipped tiles are blank and do not show the eyes, and therefore score less points. The game ends when one player has placed all of their PeltaPeep tiles, or when a player cannot play a tile. Players score points for each face up tile, for each connection on their tiles, and bonus points if they connect to their own color.

The Kickstarter Campaign for PeltaPeeps continues through March 14, and is expected to deliver in June 2017.

Cryptozoic Entertainment is releasing the DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box, a large 3 channel card storage box to store all of the DC Deck-Building Games released thus far. The box will fit cards with standard sleeves and comes with foam blocks to hold the cards in place. Included are 20 tabs to organize all sets through the Crossover Pack for Birds of Prey, due out later in 2017. 33 new cards will be included in the Multiverse, including Braniac, Telos and Deimos. Cryptozoic is being a bit… cryptic about which DC event this expansion will be themed around, but they do say that rules for creating multiverses will be available in a few weeks. The DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box is due out in mid-2017.

Stronghold Games is releasing Ghost Catchers, a unique card game where players use see-through cards to match ghosts up with their shadows. Sharp eyes and fast hands will help a player achieve victory. The game includes many variations to scale the difficulty from children to adults. Ghost Catchers is due to be released in June 2017.

Cottage Garden, the popular tile laying game by Uwe Rosenberg, is seeing a US release by Stronghold Games. Cottage Garden uses a similar mechanic to the 2 player Patchwork to have players place various shaped flower tiles from the market efficiently into their two garden beds. Players receive a new flower bed whenever they complete an old one, and once a certain number of tiles have left the market, the player with the most points from their completed gardens is the winner. Cottage Garden is due out in June 2017.


Magellan Entertainment has started a Kickstarter campaign for Jackal Archipelago, a pirate themed tile laying game for 2-4 players from designer Dmitry Kibkalo and artist Tatiana Maifat (Nefarious). In Jackal Archpelago, player move their 3 pirates across an unexplored island made up of face down tiles, exploring and trying to find the Jackals hidden treasure. Their sailors can collect loot, fight enemy players, confront wild bears, and use their newfound loot to gain unique abilities. Players can even use their custom crew in future games. Jackal Archipelago is a fast paced tactical reimplementation of the best-selling Russian game Jackal, with a gentle learning curve. The Kickstarter campaign comes with 66 terrain tiles, boat tiles, wooden pirate, missionary and bear tokens, Coins, Messages in a Bottle, Ability Cards and Stickers.

The Jackal Archipelago Kickstarter continues through March 11, 2017, is available on Tabletopia now, and is due to deliver to backers July 2017.

Atlas Games has released a 7 minute video teaching people how to play their new game Hounded. Hounded is a two player tile game, in which one player plays a fox and the other plays a hunting party with a group of varied hounds, each with its own special ability.

The video is on YouTube

or can be downloaded from Atlas Games here.

Lamp Light Games, creators of Space Junk and Nautilus Industries, is going to be launching the Kickstarter for their latest game, Whelps to Wyrms, this Friday the 24th.  Whelps to Wyrms is touted as a “dragon-based tile exploration game that bites back!” where you take on the role of a newly hatched dragon as it seeks to build it’s first treasure hoard.  In the game you will be exploring different tiles where you will be able to gain loot to grow your hoard, or eat livestock and people to gain experience points and grow in size.  As you grow in size you will get access to new abilities to customize your dragon, but be careful, the people of the land won’t sit idly by, they will be fighting back and trying to take you out.

The game sounds pretty good and with the art they have shown so far, will look pretty good too.  It will also come with a modular board so each game will be a little different.  Look forward to the launch of the campaign on Friday, June 24th.