Fans of deck-building and dungeon-delving will be delighted to hear that Alderac Entertainment Group will be launching the second Kickstarter for their celebrated game, Thunderstone Quest, on July 17th at 9:00 am PST.  Pursuing their goal of transitioning to traditional brick and mortar stores,  TQ will also be making its way into retail outlets in the fourth quarter of 2018.

New to this Kickstarter will be:

  • Both solo and co-op rules (which will also be available on print-and-play)
  • A 6th quest
  • An add-on for more than 4 players
  • A new (second) storage solution, as the old Champion box, massive as it was, “is effectively full if you sleeve and have Epic”.

Backers can purchase everything offered the first time around.  The base game or the Champion level rewards (identical to the 1st Kickstarter) will both be available,  or they can back for the new content only. Those who backed the Adventurer level the first time can get an add-on pack, giving them the content from the Champion level. The Champion level will feature the same 5 quests as before and Kickstarter will be the only place that someone can obtain the 2nd quest, Total Eclipse of the Sun.  The retail version will not contain this quest.

The solo and co-op rules system will be bundled together with the 6th quest, What Lies Beneath, as a single add-on.  Solo and c0-op will both use the same set of cards as the base game.  The new solo and co-op rules will also be available in print-and-play, so it will be interesting to see what extras this add-on will have.

Regarding the new solo and co-op system, AEG stated,

The Thunderstone community also strongly communicated that they wanted a Solo & Co-Op experience for the game. Our design team has been working on a game experience that is way beyond just a simple set of rules and represents an entirely new way to experience Thunderstone. We think it is AWESOME!

Delivery for all backer levels is scheduled for “no later than April 2019“.

Timelines for retail releases:

Q4 2018:

  • Core starter set, which, along with basic components, will contain Quest 1, Mirror in the Dark and Quest 3, Rise From the Mire
  • Quest 4, At the Foundations of the World

Early 2019:

  • Quest 5, Ripples in Time

Second Half of 2019:

  • Quest 6, What Lies Beneath

Lastly, retailers joining the Kick It Here program can back the Champion Reward and the Solo/Co-op system with Quest 6 and have it before the regular retail release.

To see reviews and a playthrough of TQ, click here.  For more TQ information and updates prior to the Kickstarter, click here.



The newest iteration of Mike Elliott’s best-selling Thunderstone deckbuilding game is now on Kickstarter. Published by AEG, Thunderstone Quest is an adventure deckbuilding game where 2-4 players compete to see who can score the most victory points when the game ends. The game takes about 90 minutes to play and creates a dramatic campaign feeling as your heroes grow stronger and ultimately encounter the Guardian.

Thunderstone is one of the most successful games AEG has ever published. Our team has been talking about the next stage in its evolution for quite some time. When we brainstormed ideas for the next version of the game it was clear that we had a lot of wide open design space to transform the Dungeon system into something really special.

The new Quest system gives us the ability to offer you a modular adventuring experience so that the game is always fresh and challenging. We incorporated lots of player feedback about other game systems including weight and light. And we worked to make the climax of the game dramatic and exciting for every player, every game.

The campaign ends on March 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM EDT. To learn more, visit the Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter page.

Thunderstone is a long running, unique deck building series that has grown, been redesigned, and fallen to scarcity. Now that the latest line of Thunderstone: Advance expansions has gone out of print, many have wondered what will come next for the series. Now we know, as a small amount of press-privy information and a BGG entry have snuck out from the darkest dungeon revealing scant details of Thunderstone Quest. This new set will be coming to Kickstarter on the 21st of February and will overhaul the rules and cards dramatically. As described by AEG:

 “Thunderstone Quest brings new play modes to the table. The game will tell a specific story with a series of pre-set dungeon tiles, monsters, heroes and support cards. Each will come with a series of mini-adventures and a story booklet that tells players what happens as they progress through the scenarios.”

One interesting confirmed piece of information is that this new set will not be compatible with previous Thunderstone cards. The new cards and dungeon tiles presumably alter the game beyond what would allow older cards to be functional, and by the description they do suggest a much more robust dungeon to explore instead of what players have been used to. While it’s a shame for players like me, who have amassed an impressive collection of Thunderstone sets for Epic play, to know that those cards won’t be useful in the future of the series, it’ll be very exciting to see how the new campaign model and robust dungeon tiles compare to and differentiate from the game we’ve known and loved. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the BGG entry and keep an eye out for the Kickstarter campaign when it goes live February 21st.


Did you get any board games for Christmas?  Or is that a rhetorical question?

Clever Move posted an article last week offering seven possible categories of gifts board gamers tend to get at Christmas.  Quite interesting and admittedly humorous, I found myself relating to some of these.  Examine your board game gift assortment from last week and see if anything falls into any of these categories (the one in parentheses is the example from the article):

  1. The Perfect Little Game (Hanabi)
  2. The High-Priced Game (Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary)
  3. The Expansion You Didn’t Want (Dominion: Alchemy)
  4. The Expansion You Did Want (Settlers of Catan: Traders & Barbarians)
  5. The Game You Already Have (Carcassonne)
  6. The Expansion for a Game You Don’t Own (Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane)
  7. Monopoly (self-explanatory)

Check out the full article here.