The Walking Dead

Last weekend, during PAX Unplugged, Skybound Entertainment demoed two new titles from its Skybound Games line. The Walking Dead: Something to Fear is a new competitive card game for 2-5 players where players must form uneasy alliances and work together to survive while at the same time, competing to secure their own position in the group. The game is designed by Derek and Lizzy Funkhouser with art by Justin Chan. The Walking Dead: Something to Fear is set for a retail release in Q1 of 2019.

The other game, Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak is a roleplaying board game for 2-6 players. One player plays as the evil wizard Mordak, while the rest form an alliance of heroes who must stop the scheming wizard from completing his dastardly deeds. Each game of Valor & Villainy is different due to a random board, minions, and spells. James Van Niekerk is the designer and illustrator of the game, which will be heading to Kickstarter in Q1 of 2019.

Mantic Games is poised to expand the universe of the The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game with the new Here’s Negan! expansion with a scheduled release in November of 2018.

Reputation is everything as you experience the untold story of how Negan and the Saviors cleared the Sanctuary.

Here’s Negan is a will be a co-operative expansion to the board game with a competitive element for up to five players. Each of the 12 included scenarios will help tell the story of how Negan originally cleared the ‘Sanctuary’ and become the tyrannical leader of the group known as the Saviors.

Mantic Games CEO Ronnie Renton pointed to the success of the original game when announcing plans to release this follow up expansion.

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is our most successful retail product ever and we’re delighted to be working with Skybound Entertainment to explore this untold chapter of Negan’s history. Here’s Negan is a totally unique game that sees players working together but also gives them the opportunity to screw over their teammates to impress Negan. It’s co-operative and competitive so you’ll need to watch your back!

In the new expansion, each player will take on there persona of one of Negan’s lieutenants, either Sherry, Dwight, Laura, John or Tara. In order to win Negan’s favor the players must clear the Sanctuary of all of the threats, including some that might not be Walkers. Successful players will impress Negan and reap rewards. Those who fail will face the wrath of Lucille.

In addition to the scenarios and rules, the expansion will come with:

  • 19 detailed, pre-assembled plastic miniatures
  • 16 double-sided game tiles
  • All the dice and tokens required to play.

The Walking Dead: All Out War

Published in 2016, The Walking Dead: All Out War base game was a tactical head-to-head miniatures board game set in the Georgia countryside and is based on The Walking Dead comic series. Groups will be pitted against each other in a fight for both supplies and survival as walkers roam the countryside. There’s nothing in the game that might not want you dead.

Playable 2 player or solo, each player will control a group of survivors made up of the characters from The Walking Dead storyline, such as Rick, Shane, Michonne and more. Each upgradeable survivor is represented by a miniature as well as a character card. Using a measuring stick survivors will wander the board attempting to sneak up on other survivors, raid camps, and get supplies. A game controlled AI system will send walkers your way whether you are playing against another player or solo.

The original base game includes campaign rules as well as guidelines to build your own survivor characters.

The original game was nominated for the 2018 Origins award for best miniatures game.


Mantic Games is looking to tap into the vast following of the Walking Dead series by bringing it to the tabletop, but you aren’t just fighting zombies this time.  In The Walking Dead – All Out War you will be surviving in the barren zombie wasteland that is Georgia, fighting off not only zombies, but other survivors too.  You will take on the persona of characters from the comic books with favorites like Rick, Shane, and Michonne being available to choose from.  More characters are already being planned for release over the coming months so if you end up enjoying the game, more content is already on the way.  The game can be played solo or head to head with your opponent playing an opposing band of survivors, working to take you out.  Look for this new miniatures game to hit stores this month, and look for the character packs to be released each month after.

no sanctuary

Walkers are coming at you from all sides.  Your group has handled worse, but you’ve made some questionable decisions and you’re not sure they still trust you.  Will they run or fight beside you?  WILL YOU SURVIVE???

If you are a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, you know how tense things can get when you are in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.  Cryptozoic Entertainment‘s The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary will simulate those tense moments as you play as some of your favorite characters from the television series, such as Daryl, Glenn, Andrea, and of course, Rick Grimes (“Coral!”). The Kickstarter campaign for this game just launched last week, so you still have time to back it and help the campaign reach all of it’s stretch goals, like more minis…including Shane!

no sanc compon

Designers Adam and Brady Sadler (whose previous works include Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, and Star Wars: X-Wing) bring you this exciting co-op game that puts 1-4 players in situations taken directly from the show against many different enemies–both alive and dead–all with distinct movements and motivations.  With the new leadership mechanic each player will get a chance to lead at some point in the game, which can greatly alter the team’s strategy.  If players trust the leader, they can utilize some unique abilities; however, if they lose trust and defy the leader, stress and decreased morale can add to the dangers all of the survivors face.

Retail game components will include:

  • Over 30 miniatures, including walker figures and survivor figures based on characters from the show
  • Character boards and decks for each survivor that reflect their personalities on the show
  • Over 200 cards, including Event Cards, Search Cards, and Location Cards
  • 12 double-sided map tiles that create memorable locations from the show
  • Over 100 tokens
  • 10 custom dice

The Kickstarter campaign unlocks even more content, including many more miniatures, cards, and two expansions:  “The Killer Within” prison expansion and “What Lies Ahead” farm expansion.  So what are you waiting for?  Go back this amazing game on Kickstarter now!

For more information on this and other products, click here.



Adding to a growing list of popular licensed games USAopoly will be releasing new versions of Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Jenga in July.

Monopoly: Attack on Titan:

Inspired by anime series Attack on Titan, this game features people, banners and events on the board, replacing the usual location themed spaces. This game also includes Command and Tactics instead of Community Chest and Chance cards, and custom Wall Sections and Gate Marias replace houses and hotels. Six collectible tokens include Sword, Key Necklace, Supply Wagon, Cannon, Flare Gun, and Omni-Direction Mobility Gear.

ghostbuster slimer

Yahtzee: Ghostbusters: Slimer

This version of Yahtzee will feature custom green dice displaying Ghostbuster items Ecto-1, Proton Pack, Trap, PKE Meter, Goggles, and Ghostbusters Logo. The set also will include a Slimer shaped dice shaker cup, custom score pad and pencil.

Yahtzee: Fallout: Vault Boy

This Fallout edition of Yahtzee will include dice with six factions from Fallout 4: Railroad, Vault-Tech, Minute Men, Atom Cats, Brotherhood, and Institute. Also included is a Dice cup shaped like the head of the Vault Boy, custom score pad and pencil.

Jenga: The Walking Dead

This edition contains 54 wood blocks. With a twist on classic Jenga, printed on the blocks are specific tasks the players must complete. There is also space for player created custom actions.

walking dead prison

Some of you may remember the Kickstarter for The Walking Dead: The Prison last year. But the Kickstarter was canceled, because the creators got a distribution deal. This year, MegaGigaOmniCorp, a board game publisher that focuses on film board games, is releasing the game in May.

walking dead prison stuff

The Walking Dead: The Prison is a standalone sequel to the original game, The Walking Dead: The Board Game. In the game, 1-6 players work together to survive while also struggling to gain leadership over the rest of the survivors.

In The Walking Dead: The Prison, players must work together to fight their way into the prison and secure a safe place to live, while also struggling against each other for leadership of the group of survivors.

Based on the events in issues 13-24 of the comic series, play as Rick, Michonne, Tyreese and other fan favorites as you explore dark rooms, kill zombies, rescue followers, and fight for resources. Gain the most leadership points by the time the prison is secured, and you take the leadership role and win!


Dice Tower News has been very busy handling all the new information from Las Vegas for the past several days and this first day of Spring is no exception.


The Walking Dead version of Bang! The Dice Game is coming! This reskin is based off the comic… Wait let me back up. The original Bang! card game came out over ten years ago and became popular due the hidden roles component and fun, accessible play. In 2014 a dice version with the same hidden role component but now with a Yatzee-esque push your luck component came out called Bang! The Dice Game. Next with the popularity of the comic series and TV show of same name, Bang!: The Walking Dead arose. Can you guess the natural progression? That’s right, enter The Walking Dead version of the dice version!

Too many reskins? Gone the way of the Love Letter? Not in my estimation. Any version that may bring a non-gamer into the gamer world is aces in my book. On top of that, I’m really interested in what some of the die faces will be when taken from the Western theme to now zombie apocalypse. Gatling gun for chainsaw? Dynamite for um dynamite? We (and the zombies) shall see.


Portal is a video game phenomenon. I cannot claim full knowledge of this phenomenon but my son sure can. From what I can tell, you walk around, solve puzzles employing technology lying around a testing facility, and are pleasantly threatened by a computer voice that used to be your mom, or something. What I gleam is that it is a smart, well designed pair of video games with a huge fan base. To get a sense of the dry wit of the video games, the title of the board game is Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game. And there is indeed cake. Color me very interested in this, I think it will be smart, fun and humorous just like its video game parent. Expect to see this coming at you Q3 of 2015.


I am going to directly quote Tom’s tweet for this one:

IDW announces they have the Godfather license. At least three games coming with that license, including a large “dudes on a map” type.

A mafia Risk? You talkin’ to me? I mean, now you are talking to me. According to Nicole Bunge’s ICv2 article :

The first game will be a deductive party card game, similar to Werewolf or Mafia, due in August.

The second game will be the area control game that Tom mentioned and there are few details to find about the third planned game. Who can refuse?

Level 99

Level 99 confirmed a Black Box edition of the game Noir is due in April or May 2015. Noir was originally part of the “Minigame Library” Kickstarter back in 2012. This card game is a light deduction game that had 4 modes to play for 2-4 players. With this new deluxe Black Box, you will get all the original box had but now there will be 6 modes of play total and some modes will now accommodate up to 9 players. One of these new modes sounds like a “one vs. many” version. A full content list per the publisher follows:

50 Suspect Cards
50 Innocent Cards
24-page rulebook
35 Role Cards
Various tokens for different play modes

So much gaming goodness new from Las Vegas!

walking dead dont look back

The Walking Dead: “Don’t Look Back” Competitive Dice Game

Kat Metzen reports that Walkers have clawed through a board game, card game, and now a dice game.  Themed around AMC’s hit television show The Walking Dead, players will take on the role of Rick, Daryl, Michonne, or Glenn and compete to survive and score the most Walker kills.

Don’t Look Back is expected to release on August 13 and components include 4 over-sized character cards, 4 pawns with bases, 24 cards, 7 dice, a game board, 4 location tiles, and 25 tokens.


Naruto Shippuden Deck-Building Game

Metzen reports, here, that the first edition printing will be ready soon and the special promo card, Minato, is available to pre-order.  In this card game, players use their character’s specialized ninjutsu powers to defeat their enemies.  The game also introduces a new source of energy, Chakra Points, for characters.  Components include 7 over-sized character cards and over 200 cards.  Naruto Shippuden will be available on August 20.


In April, The Woodbury Expansion will be released from Cryptozoic Entertainment. This expansion is for their 2013 release The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense.

The Best Defense is a cooperative game where players take on the role of characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead and defend four locations from Walkers. The Woodbury Expansion will bring Woodbury as a new location for the survivors. In addition, the Governor will now be moving around the game board, each turn arriving at a new location causing chaos.

In the base game, players could experience two different modes, beginner and expert. The expansion will introduce a versus mode. In this mode, one player will play as the Governor, working against the other players. If they don’t win as a team, then the Governor wins.