The Golden Ages

demo copy program
As you may know, the board game industry has changed this April, with Asmodee North America (ANA) implementing new policies for distribution of their games.  According to ANA, the central concept for the changes is:
It’s important to support brick and mortar retail stores since they help grow the audience and build the hobby.
Following this idea, Stronghold Games is announcing a new Demo Copy Program. Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS) will be allowed to get heavily discounted and/or free copies of board games for demos and playing. If you have a favorite FLGS, fill out the request form so you can let them know which games you’re interested in trying out.
There are also some new promos available on the Stronghold Games site (for 504, The Golden Ages, and Space Cadets: Away Missions, , as well as some games on preorder.
NOTE: Upon publishing this, Stronghold Games provided an update:
Our Sales & Marketing partner, PSI, indicated to us late yesterday that they would like to roll out the Demo Copy Program more slowly, ensuring that everything is working smoothly.  This slight correction takes place immediately:
PSI will begin the Demo Copy Program
during the last week of April
To ensure that we can provide the best service possible, the official start date of the Demo Copy Program is being moved to the last week of April.
At that time, demo copies will be available directly through our partner, Publishing Services Inc (PSI).

Stronghold Games has announced they will be releasing The Golden Ages a euro-style civilization game. The Golden Ages was originally published by Ergo Ludo Editions for Speil 2014 and garnered high acclaim and designed by Luigi Ferrini with artwork by Alexandre Roche and Stronghold Games has acquired worldwide English rights.

In The Golden Ages 2-4 players will lead their civilization through 4 different ages. During each age their civilization will develop technologies, fine art, and build wonders and buildings. They will explore continents, establish cities and conduct battles.

The board for the game is a map that could look exactly like a world map. I say could because the map is broken up into tiles and when players explore they place a tile on the board with the only rules that land must touch land and water must touch water. So while the map could turn out to look exactly like a map of our world it probably wouldn’t be the case. It certainly helps make every game of The Golden Ages unique.

The game also has many paths to victory with the arts, wonders, technology, military and more all adding to the victory points players need to win the game. You can watch a review of The Golden Ages by Tom Vasel here.

Perhaps what has me most excited for The Golden Ages is the 90 minute play time. A game that plays like a Civ game in only an hour and half sounds fantastic for those days I don’t have 4 hours or more to play. Add in the fact that Stronghold Games has a fantastic reputation for bringing some excellent games over from the European market they are one of my top favorite publishers. The Golden Ages was also nominated for the Dutch Game of the Year.

Civilization style game in 90 minutes from a top industry publisher that has already garnered many accolades for a limited print run including a nomination for Dutch Game of the Year…yes I’m interested. If you are too then head to you favorite FLGS/OLGS in October 2015 (tentative worldwide release date) to grab a copy of The Golden Ages.