The Force Awakens

GenCon has passed, and with it big announcements were made, and Fantasy Flight Games didn’t skimp on theirs.  First on the list is the game RuneWars, a two player head to head tactical minis game based in the world of Terrinoth.  This game will feature gameplay similar to FFG’s other tactical miniatures games, like X-wing, but will be different in key aspects like what you program each turn and unit grouping.  An example of unit grouping is that while giant characters will take up only a single block, a basic unit can be grouped in sets of 4, 8, or 12 where they move and attack as a unit.  The system looks amazing and you can check out the preview on the FFG site while we are waiting for it’s release in Q1 of 2017.

wave 5 armada

Next is wave five for Star Wars Aramada which will consist of 4 new expansion packs.  First is the Phoenix Home Expansion Pack which includes the mini and cards for the large Pelta-class frigate called the Phoenix Home.  Next is the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack, this one is an addition from the Star Wars Rebels tv show and is a smaller and lighter compared to a Star Destroyer, but it still has many uses.  First of the two smaller ship expansions is the Rebel Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack which includes several smaller ships and fighter squadrons.  Included are two Z-95 Headhunter Squadrons, two E-wing Squadrons, as well as two each of the Shadow Caster and the Ghost.  Last, and certainly not least, is the Imperial Fighter Squadrons II Expansion Pack, also featuring several smaller ships to add to your fleet.  Like the rebel version this pack includes two copies of the Lambda-class Shuttle, the VT-49 Decimator, TIE Defender Squadrons, and TIE Phantom Squadrons.  Check out the preview of FFG’s site to read all about the ship sets and look forward to their release in the 4th quarter of 2016.

x wing quad

Not to be outdone, FFG is also releasing wave 10 for the Star Wars X-Wing game which includes three new ships.  First is another addition from the Star Wars Rebels show with Sabine’s custom painted TIE fighter.  The other two ships come straight from The Force Awakens with the Upsilon-class Shuttle and the Quadjumper.  Both ships were featured in the movie but I imagine people will remember the shuttle more as it is what Kylo Ren made his entrance on.  You can read more in the FFG preview, and look for this on store shelves in the 4th quarter of 2016.


Next are expansions for the Star Wars Imperial Assault game with Jabba’ Realm and 4 new hero/villain packs to go with it.  In Jabba’s Realm you will have a new full-length campaign to go through which will take you out to the desert planet Tatooine.  Players will still have to be careful because even though the empire is barely there, you have to contend with Jabba the Hut and his minions.  In addition to this box of awesome there are 4 new figure packs in the form of the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack, the Alliance Rangers Ally Pack, a Captain Terro Villain Pack, and a Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack.  Each pack comes with the figures and cards you need to play with them.  You can check out the expansion here, and the figure packs here, and look forward to their release in the 4th quarter of this year.


Last is an expansion to the stress inducing game XCOM, called XCOM Evolution.  This expansion brings new things to the game on both sides with the EXALT infiltrators working against you, and the discovery of MELD to help you.  With EXALT being a group of humans trying to take advantage of the chaos, they will be working from within, causing new challenges and problems.  But with the discovery of MELD, you will have access to new avenues of research which can result in the ability to deploy the powerful MEC Troopers.  Look for this expansion in the 4th quarter of this year, and you can read more on FFG’s preview.

Just arriving out of hyperspace following on from the new X-Wing “Force Awakens” core set comes two new expansions the T-70 X-Wing and Tie/fo to boost your squadrons as part of wave VIII. The T-70 comes with five upgrades and four ship cards, including some elite pilots.  One of these pilots is “Red Ace” who has an uncanny ability to shake off incoming fire by gaining an evade token whenever he loses a shield token in each round.  The Tie/fo has six ship cards and two upgrades and also includes some elite pilots who can modify defenders die results built around a mechanic of using evade tokens and one of the new tech upgrades, the Comm relay that allows evade tokens to be saved from one round to the next.  A very handy diagram also illustrates how these new factions work with the original X-Wing factions, so head over to the Fantasy flight website for more in depth information – the fate of the galaxy may depend on it!

force awakens FFG

Revealed on Force Friday, the new X-Wing Force Awakens core set contains exciting new Resistance and First Order ships.  This latest article at Fantasy gives a closer look at the Tie/fo fighters.

Designed to take advantage of swarm tactics and numerical superiority, the TIE/fo fighter is an extremely agile, mass-production fighter designed for swarm tactics. However, it’s not quite as fragile as the TIE fighters that were flown during the Galactic Civil War. Instead, its hull and shields were reinforced to improve survivability. The result is a more durable First Order fighter with two attack, three agility, three hull, and a point of shields.

ffg tfa maneuvre

The ship features a number of manoeuvring options, including a speed “1” turn that the X-Wing can’t match and a fully loaded action bar.  As well as the Koiogran turn the Tie/fo can also execute Segnor’s loops with both manoeuvres giving a stress token.

The TIE/fo fighter is always a fast, slippery ship, no matter who’s sitting in its cockpit. Still, there are definitely a number of veteran pilots within the First Order who are simply able to get more from the ship than their colleagues.

The Force Awakens Core Set comes with nine different TIE/fo fighter ship cards, including three unique veterans. Identified by their call signs, these First Order pilots are able to handle their TIEs in ways that less experienced pilots simply can’t.

Featuring full compatibility with other ships in the series, set course for that galaxy far, far away in your very own Tie/fo fighter soon.

xwing force awakens

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that The Force Awakens™ Core Set has now arrived for X-Wing!

On Friday, September 4, 2015, Fantasy Flight Games released The Force Awakens Core Set for the popular X-Wing Miniatures Game in select retail stores, some stores even opening in the wee hours of the morning to sell this new core set along with lots of other Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise.

The Force Awakens Core Set includes a similar assortment of basic components needed to get your X-Wing collection started and to the table right away.  However, this new core set includes the following additions to the game:

  • New Resistance pilots and starships that can be combined with pre-existing Rebellion fleets
  • New First Order pilots and starships that can be combined with pre-existing Imperial fleets
  • Includes 1 Resistance T-70 X-Wing with new pilots and upgrades, such as the Weapons Guidance tech upgrade
  • Includes 2 First Order TIE/fo Fighters with new pilots and upgrades

xwing force awakens stuff

 All the components needed for a full game of X-Wing including:

  • 3 Plastic Ship Bases
  • 6 Plastic Pegs
  • 8 Ship Tokens
  • 3 Maneuver Dials
  • 11 Maneuver Templates
  • 1 Initiative Token
  • 4 Evade Tokens
  • 4 Focus Tokens
  • 6 Target Lock Tokens
  • 7 Shield Tokens
  • 3 Stress Tokens
  • 6 Asteroid Tokens
  • 5 Satellite Tokens
  • 6 Mine Tokens
  • 34 Assorted Tokens
  • 13 Ship Cards
  • BB-8
  • R5-X3
  • Proton Torpedoes
  • Weapons Guidance
  • Wired
  • 1 Poe Dameron
  • 1 Blue Ace
  • 1 Red Squadron Veteran
  • 1 Blue Squadron Novice
  • 1 Omega Ace
  • 1 Epsilon Leader
  • 1 Zeta Ace
  • 2 Omega Squadron Pilot
  • 2 Zeta Squadron Pilot
  • 2 Epsilon Squadron Pilot
  • 1 Range Ruler
  • 3 Red Attack Dice
  • 3 Green Defense Dice
  • 1 Learn to Play
  • 1 Rules Reference
  • 1 Mission Guide

Fantasy Flight Games will be publishing a series of articles over the next several days that will “more closely examine the Resistance’s signature T-70 X-wing, the First Order’s TIE/fo fighter, and what The Force Awakens Core Set means for the future of X-Wing Organized Play.”  Keep watching for these articles as Dice Tower News brings them to your attention, and on FFG’s website.

While this new core set is currently only available at select Force Friday locations, it is now shipping for wider release, and should be available later this month at your favorite local game store.  For more information on this new release, visit FFG’s website here.