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The Daily Worker Placement has conducted a series of surveys of board gamers, and their second survey asked questions pertaining to the people that gamers’ play with.  As a premise for the survey, The Daily Worker Placement stated that “much of the importance of board gaming [a]s a hobby is the fact [that] it gets us playing with our friends, family, and even strangers. Games are a unique way to mediate the world and to have fun with other folks at the same time.”

A basic summary of the results is as follows:

  • Do you have a gaming partner?  79.2% YES
  • Do you game with family members?  Nearly 75% YES
  • Do you play games solo?  Nearly 45% YES
  • Outside of family, who do you play games with?  85.8% FRIENDS

Other results revealed that most people game between 6-10 hours per week, and that most people find time and life responsibilities of various kinds prevent them from playing as much as they’d like.

For the entire results of the survey, see the full article here.

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Game Designer Gil Hova originally wanted to be a video game designer but instead brought games like Battle Merchants to the board game community. He also has a game called Bad Medicine that was funded on Kickstarter coming out later this year.

You can read more about Gil, including how the idea for Battle Merchants and The Networks (one of his current prototypes) came about on The Daily Worker Placement blog here. The Daily Worker placement is a blog based out of Toronto that has reviews, interviews, and news from and about the board game community. They are doing a great job and are definitley worth checking out.

Vacations are the best time to get some quality game-time in. Nicole from The Daily Worker Placement recently went on vacation to Seattle, which has a very good gaming community. During her vacation, she checked out three of the local gaming cafes.

Card Kingdom/Cafe Mox: Card Kingdom is a retail space with gaming tables and tournament room, and it’s attached to Cafe Mox, a cafe/bar with booths, tables, and a patio. Their library is behind the counter at Card Kingdom. There’s no cover charge for seating or renting games, and the space is nice and cozy. They hold regular small event nights for games, D&D, miniatures, and card games. There’s also a variety of food on the menu, including vegetarian/vegan selections.

Mox Boarding House has a much larger space – more retail, more cafe seating, event space, and private rental rooms. There are also a bunch of decorations – art deco and cool stuff mounted on the walls. The game walls are organized into categories, and there is plenty of room open for gaming, but the library is behind the counter like at Card Kingdom. There is a lot of variety on the menu (food and drink).

Meeple Games has a cafe space for players to sit and play games from their library for free. The library is behind the counter and is smaller than the other two, but enough to support casual gamers. There is a weekly open gaming event on Thursdays where people try games from the library or bring their own games. There’s plenty of well-lit space for a large group. Meeple Games also regularly hosts events in their tournament space. The menu has a variety of food, including vegan and gluten free options.

Next time you go on vacation, consider checking out Seattle and its great board gaming community! Check out Nicole’s blog post to read more about her vacation.