The City

Now on Kickstarter is a new, updated edition of Tom Lehmann’s The City, in English for the first time.

This 2-5 player simultaneous play game plays in 20-30 minutes as players act as rival builders competing to build the best city made up of homes, airports, malls, etc. and score the most victory points. A new card, The Factory, adds a new strategy, and 5 new cards have been added, as well as victory point tokens for better scoring.

Exclusively for Kickstarter, backers will also receive a free bonus expansion not in the retail version, that adds 33 more cards and expands the game to 6 players.

You can find out more about the Kickstarter here

Race for the Galaxy is a very popular economic style card game that has several expansions to it as well as many fans, so a new game in the same universe will have a leg up on other games.  That new game is Jump Drive, a re-implementation of the older game The City, with a theme switch to put it firmly into the Race universe.  The game will have a San Juan type economy where anything you want to build will have to be paid for in cards.  Some cards will enable you to be more efficient with building, others will get you points, while others will get you special abilities.  Rio Grande Games has said that the cards and interactions will be similar to the larger Race card game so that you can use Jump Drive as a launching point into the bigger game.  So be on the lookout for this game when it hit’s store shelves in January of 2017.