The Brady Bunch Party Game

Target are making a strong investment in board and card games and have signed up 95 exclusive releases to draw in hobbyists and the casual audience alike. They plan to fill shelves with over 130 new board games.

“There’s something special about breaking free from screens and spending real, face-to-face time with family and friends—and that’s why our guests are loving the ever-growing board game trend. We’re out to make Target their go-to destination for great games, so over the past couple of years, we’ve more than doubled our assortment and we’re constantly working with the nation’s leading game makers to create even more unique, exclusive games for our guests to enjoy with those they love.” -Kelly Caruso, senior vice president of Hardlines, Target

Some “Throwback finds” aimed at the more casual market include Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart, Superfight ’90s Deck, The Golden Girls: Any Way You Slice It, and Target exclusives, MacGuyver: The Escape Room Game, and The Brady Bunch Party Game.

The entry level hobbyists can find what they call “brain strainers” such as Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger, the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, Hackathon, and Target exclusives, Ticket To Ride: New York, Ryan and Majorie Lauket’s Megaland, and The Oregon Trail Game: Journey To Willamette Valley.

More casual, party games (dubbed “family face-off” games) include Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition, Spin Off, A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King, and Target exclusives, Blank Slate, YeahNOPE, and Rustic versions of Sorry! and Battleship.

Kids games include Chow Crown, Pie Face Cannon, Yeti Set Go, and Target exclusives, LOL Surprise: The Water Surprise Game, and Tic Tac Tongue.

With a growing list of exclusive titles it shows that Target sees enough potential in the board game market to make it worth drawing hobbyists to its stores.

Big G Creative is taking us back in time and bringing us the nostalgic shows, movies and even breakfast foods of our (or your parents) past! These fun loving games bring to life the characters, fun and even mischief of such characters as the Brady Bunch and Count Chocula.

Have you always wanted to be an artist on par with Bob Ross? Or maybe your artistic ability leave much to be desired?  Well in this game there are no mistakes – just Happy Little AccidentsHappy Little Accidents is an art based party game for 3-6 players ages 10 and up. Turn your abstract doodles into charming works of art! Then players award points based on their individuality and creativity

Play your favorite cereal character in Monster Crunch: The Breakfast Battle Game. Who can eat more cereal – Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Fruit Brute, Fruity Yummy Mummy or Franken Berry? That is your goal in this fun-loving, take-you-back card game. Collect the most cereal in your bowl using your monster’s special ability, and milk tokens to take bigger bites. Eat the most cereal and win! For 2-5 players ages 9 and up.

Play one of those scheming Brady kids and start some mischief while avoiding Alice in The Brady Bunch Party Game In this one-against-many card game will the Brady Bunch team up or will they tattle on each other. Will they evade Alice or help her? The choice is yours in this throwback family game for 3-8 players ages 9 and up.

All alone for Christmas, and there’s trouble on the horizon. In Home Alone The Game play as Kevin the 9 year old who’s all alone and thwart the burglar’s efforts, or play as the Wet Bandits to steal the loot. Can Kevin’s innovative devices stop the deviant burglars? Or will the Wet Bandits triumph despite them? For 2-4 players ages 8 and up.