The board game

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Space Invaders, the officially licensed board game is on Kickstarter. This is the real deal, unlike a few other games in past years that have tried to replicate the same feel of the arcade cabinet. 2 to 4 players will move their cannon and shoot aliens competing for points in this deck-building-driven adaptation. Shooting aliens gives you upgrades, bunkers protect you from retaliation, and the player with the highest score at the end of it all will be deemed the best moon defender.

“As long time fans of tabletop games and electronic games alike, we were astounded that, during all this time, nobody had yet developed a genuine SPACE INVADERS board game. […] Our primary goal is to create a fantastic board game experience while remaining true to the original game’s visual presentation and atmosphere.”

While this isn’t an average video-game adaptation, it’s not an average deck-building game either. Really this is as thoughtfully produced and designed as modern board games get, and I justify that statement based on the excellent 8-bit graphic design, the appropriately-jagged components (especially the translucent deluxe edition pieces), and the palpable sense of fun from seeing waves of enemies get wrecked in demonstration. At the time of writing this the project has already funded and is already working towards stretch goals for both it’s standard and deluxe editions, and there’s a commemorative diorama available for purchase for super fans of the arcade classic. If you’re interested in learning more about Space Invaders – The Board Game, check out the Kickstarter page for more images, rules, and updates.

Crusader Kings and Crusader Kings II are some of the heaviest strategy computer games on the market. They are built to swallow you up into a medieval pit and if you know how to swim in those dark waters you are rewarded with some of the best brain-tingling challenges that gaming can offer. Every inch of the crusades is explored, the turbulent time spurned on by indulgences offered by the church to take back the holy land and the families that devoted everything to the cause for societal, spiritual, and political expediency. Yet even this intricate design and storytelling mirrors some aspects of modern board gaming mechanics and so it is great to see this series make it to tabletop via Kickstarter. As described via it’s campaign page:

     “Crusader Kings – The Board Game captures the essence of the Crusader Kings experience, in a physical tabletop format. This is a strategy game at heart, but with a special focus on characters, intrigue, and juicy medieval drama. To win, you will need to groom your family, build mighty castles, develop your dominion, be shrewd in the realm of diplomacy and intrigue, and use your vassals wisely to grow your wealth and military power.”

3-to-5 players will have the chance to develop their own dynasty into one for the history books, leveraging every resource and person at their disposal, waging conflict on the battlefield as well as within the privacy of their own homes and territories. I have no doubt in my mind at all that this adaptation, while probably losing a bit of depth by necessity, will still be a rich experience in it’s almost legacy-like emergent gameplay at least. At the time of writing this, the game is already well-funded and has broken most available stretch goals, meaning that I am definitely not the only one who believes so as the support and community is certainly there. If you are interested in learning more about Crusader Kings – The Board Game, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for the rules, FAQs, reviews, previews, and updates.