rampaging jotunn

Lost Cog would like to announce their current project to fund a new two-player Viking-themed strategy board game that “pits players in a competitive contest of tactics and supremacy.”  The objective of the game is to survive the Jotunn’s Rampage by influencing the Jotunn towards your opponents’ armies and villages.

Players will each control three villages and two Viking armies, and will be using their armies to protect their own villages while attacking their opponents’ villages.  As they do this, the Rampaging Jotunn is the real threat as he moves across the island destroying everything he touches.

The game is easy to learn, but with deep strategy, and has high replay value due to its modular board that changes with each play.  The game has been in development for 6 years, and has received extensive play testing.

rampaging jotunn comp

A copy of the game includes:

  • Rulebook
  • 1 Center Hex
  • 2 Defensive Line hexes
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Jotunn Marker and Stand
  • 2 Blue and 2 Red Viking Markers and Stands
  • 6 Wooden Long Houses, 3 in each player color
  • 2 Terrain Cards
  • 6 Movement Cards, 3 in each player color
  • 73 Rampaging Jotunn Cards
  • 12 Unique Land Tiles

For more information and to support this project, visit its Kickstarter page here.


Queen Games is currently running a Kickstarter project for the fourth expansion for the game Kingdom Builder by Donald X. Vaccarino: Harvest.

harvest comp

This new expansion features the following additions to the game:

  • 4 new board quadrants
  • Some Castles replaced with Silos
  • 16 location cards with 8 new abilities and 8 new summary cards
  • 6 new Kingdom Builder cards

A new terrain type is featured on the new board quadrants, Farmland.  This new terrain type is difficult to settle, and requires special actions to do so.  The eight new location types include the Bazaar (reuse one of your abilities on the same turn), Cathedrals (decide whether to take a chip or return any number of chips and place that many extra settlements on the current terrain) and the Cabin (allows you for one turn to place two neutral scouts on the board, adjacent to one of your settlements).  Some of the Castles have been replaced with Silos, adding new twists to the end-of-game scoring.  Lastly, six new Kingdom Builder cards have been added: Mayors, Halfling, Adventure, Rangers, Innkeeper, and Rovers.

This project includes various pledge levels, including options for the Kingdom Builder Big Box set.  This project will fund on Friday, March 18, 2016.  For more information on this project and to support it, visit the Kickstarter page here.



Now on Kickstarter, Rainn Studios is bringing you the second set of their successful tabletop terrain system, TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers. TerraTiles is a tabletop terrain system for all your Tabletop Miniature gaming needs that is affordable and portable, with no painting, flocking or assembly required. Made of cardboard hexagons measuring 9 inches each, you can set it up quickly and easily with plenty of room for all your miniatures and other standalone terrain pieces, with beautiful illustrations of rivers, grasslands and coasts among many other terrain features. Coasts and Rivers is the followup to the original Misty Moorlands set of TerraTiles, which is also available to backers of this campaign. Be sure to check out the full campaign here!