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aqua sphere

Tasty Minstrel Games posted the concept art for Aquasphere, a new game from designer Stefan Feld that should be hitting Kickstarter soon.

Eric Martin, with BoardGameGeek, posted pictures from Origins here.

If you haven’t heard about this worker placement game yet:

The game board in AquaSphere has two main areas: A research station comprised of six sectors in which your scientist conducts experiments and a headquarters where your engineer supervises preparation of the bots. During each of the four game rounds, you take several turns, and on each turn you either:

  • Use your engineer in the headquarters to program a bot; each round you can choose from three of the seven actions.
  • Have your scientist bring a bot to a sector to perform an action.

Through actions such as improving your lab, sending out submarines, collecting crystals, and examining octopuses, you expand the abilities of your team or gather knowledge points, which are necessary to win. Additional challenges result from the limited size of your lab, which is your personal stock; you can increase the size of your lab, which makes life easier, but this costs valuable time.

AquaSphere is a challenging game of strategy and tactics with different paths to victory that requires planning in advance as well as skillful use of short-term opportunities.


Harbour is an easy to learn light-hearted fantasy board game from Tasty Minstrel Games and designer Scott Almes for 2-4 players that packs a punch in 20-30 minutes for only $20. Are you ready for the rising tides of Harbour?

harbour mats

HOOK – Easy to learn, easy to teach, still satisfying
LINE – The decisions of a heavier game in under half an hour
SINKER – Special player powers, innovative market, tons of replay ability

In Harbour, players are ambitious entrepreneurs in a light-hearted Fantasy port city. They collect and exchange goods, make shipments, manipulate the market, and purchase buildings as the waterfront community quickly develops.

The closing date on Kickstarter is July 16, 2014, the current pledged amount is $82,601 and the funding goal for the project is $15,000. Get your copy for just $20. Estimated delivery: Mar 2015.

harbour characters


Harbour is a small game chuck full of fantasy.  It’s a euro-game featuring worker placement and set collection tactics that is being Kickstarted by Tasty Minstrel Games (with such hits as Eminent Domain).  The game is being called  easy-to-learn, full of decisions, plenty of player powers, and quick to play. Harbour is set in a fantasy world where  you have goblins and dwarves all vying to make a living in this Harbour town.  It’s got some pretty neat artwork, is light-hearted and claims to play in about 20 minutes.  You can visit their Kickstarter page to download and read the rules.


Initially funding on Kickstarter back in February, raising $106,002 from 2,434 backers, Tasty Minstrel Games will release the grid movement, set collection, farming game Scoville in November.  Scoville  is designed by Ed Marriot (Dam It!).

The town of Scoville likes it hot! Very hot! That means they love their peppers – but they’re too busy eating them to grow the peppers themselves. That’s where you come in.

You’ve been hired by the town of Scoville to meet their need for heat. Your role as an employee of Scoville is to crossbreed peppers to create the hottest new breeds. You’ll have to manage the auctioning, planting, and harvesting of peppers, then you’ll be able to help the town by fulfilling their orders and creating new pepper breeds. Help make the town of Scoville a booming success! Let’s get planting!

scoville board

A round of Scoville consists of a blind auction, which determines player order, a planting phase, a harvesting phase, and a fulfillment phase. Each round, the players plant peppers in the fields. Throughout the game, the available opportunities for crossbreeding increase as more peppers are planted. When harvesting, players move their pawn through the fields, and whenever they move between two planted fields, they harvest peppers. If, for example, they harvest between fields of red and yellow peppers, they crossbreed those and harvest an orange pepper. Harvested peppers are then used to fulfill the town’s peppery desires!

this town aing big

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us is quick draw tile laying game. Each tile is made up of Fences to stake out land, and Brands to determine who the top dog in each area will be. On a player’s turn they will draw and play a tile, adding it to the map however they like. Players want to make sure that their brands are not alone, but also are not out numbered.

this town aint big pieces

This Town is the latest in the Tasty Minstrel Games series of Pay What You Want Kickstarter micro-game projects. The minimum pledge is $3 US, but they suggest a pledge of $5. This town has already far surpassed it’s $5,000 goal and has several thousand backers.