Take That Games

“EXTINCTION is a card game that’s been destroying friendships since the dinosaurs.”

The River Dwellers are bringing dinosaurs back in Extinction: A Dinosaur Survival Card Game, a new dinosaur themed take-that game from designer Benjamin Chong. In Extinction, 2-5 players try to guard their 6 eggs from the other opponents, avoiding inevitable extinction before the famous meteor strike takes players down. Players start with an herbivore habitat to shelter their growing dinos, but of course everyone aspires to obtain a famed carnivore habitat.  Card play involves growing your hatchling beasts into full-fledged terrors, attacking the other player, defending against attacks, stealing other players dinos, and drawing as many cards as possible. The winner is the player who can successfully guard their clutch of eggs and avoid extinction. The Kickstarter campaign for Extinction continues through August 8, and the game is expected to deliver in October 2019.

Fraud: The Game of White Collar Crime is a new satirical take-that card game, currently on Kickstarter, from designer Pete M Newman and featuring art from long time MAD magazine contributor and Beavis and Butthead comic artist, Rick Parker. In Fraud, 2-6 players try to hide away as much money cards in offshore accounts as possible, while attacking other players with Fraud Cards. Players can defend against these indictments using Defense Cards. After two indictments, players need to make a “perp walk” around the table, while the others heckle them mercilessly. The first player to bank $150 million before receiving 3 indictments wins the game. Fraud uses similar mechanisms to the classic card game Mille Bornes, scoring points while attacking opponents and defending against their own disasters. The Kickstarter Campaign for Fraud: The Game of White Collar Crime continues through April 25, and the game is expected to deliver in September 2019. For more details, check out the web site for Fraud here.

Looney Labs, the studio behind all things Fluxx, has just announced their new card game Time Breaker, by designer Andrew Looney and artist Derek Ring. In Time Breaker, players are security for the Time Repair Agency (TRA), hunting down the mysterious Time Breaker in a chase through time. The board is composed of 25 cards in a 5×5 grid, representing specific points in the past and the future, with the TRA taking the middle space. Each turn, players can move to the next point in time, placing their piece on the card from that specific date, regardless of where it is in the grid. Additionally, action cards can move the Time Breaker, move a players’ piece physically one space vertically or horizontally on the map, or generally cause chaos. The goal is to get to the Time Breaker and bring him back to TRA headquarters. Time Breaker plays 2-5 players in 10-40 minutes, and is due to hit stores on February 28. For more information, check out the Looney Labs webpage here.

War for Chicken Island is a new dice and card driven, area control, and take-that Kickstarter project from designer Ivan Escalante (Necronomicorp) and Draco Studios. 2-4 players each take turns helping to set up Chicken Island, a land of limited space, tight resources, and too many chickens, then each receives a brave chicken leader, a hand of cards, some starting resources, and 5 custom dice. On their turn, after gaining cards and rolling dice, players can build war machines for their army, travel across the land, and wage feathered war. The dice can add actions, regain resources, recover lost chickens or gain bonuses. In battle, defense and offense are compared, cards are played to add to the numbers, and the losing side takes a humiliation token from the winner. Players who manage to humiliate the most enemies emerge victorious. War for Chicken Island comes either with standees, or with a separate box of delightful chicken miniatures, including their nightmare inducing war machines. The Kickstarter Campaign for War for Chicken Island will continue through December 28, and the game is expected to deliver in October 2019.


“Gemma believes in Science. She’d love to come up with something one day, like LSD or DDT or PVC. So she spends her time experimenting, and for sure, if she keeps trying, she too will finally end up cracking a new molecule that can blow your mind out, kill or be used for building pipelines. In the meantime, green gas is oozing out of her test tubes. She probably won’t get high on it Saturday night though, the smell is so bad it could wake up the dead.”

This is the kind of carnage you will face in this small card game that is now on Kickstarter. A plague of zombies has fallen upon us! Each player is taken it as their responsibility to restart life by creating a base, where they will recruit like minded people to survive the Horde. After a draft phase, you’ll state playing cards in front of you. Character that belong to four factions: Punks, Hippies, Survivalists and Capitalists. These factions never see eye to eye. So you team of survivors will always be different, with their different still sets that will help you fight zombies or other players, get more cards or search for more survivors. And try not to have the cards at the end of a turn, as you will become the tastiest snack for the Zombies!

This is a quick playing, fun, tongue and cheek, tactical card game that has quite a few variants to make it easy or hardcore. You’ll be puzzling over your characters skills, which to use and which not to. Who will defend your base and who is expendable. As well as some take that elements that throw a spanner in the works, making it a struggle to survive while attempting to impose their ways of life for the new world to come…  Be the first to reach 7 points to win the game. But beware, the Horde can also win. So work together to keep their numbers down.

You can check out more of the Kickstarter here. Running until the 7th of November.

Atlas Games is set to release Cogs and Commissars from designer Matt Haga to your FLGS this November. Originally a Kickstarter Project from January 2018, Cogs and Commissars is a casual take-that style card drafting game, with the varied feel of a deck builder. 2-6 players each take on the role of one of the Glorious Communist Robot Leaders before the Robot Revolution, each with a unique ability, then either draft a deck of cards, or use a preset deck designed for that leader. The goal is to increase the size of your citizen army by gaining or stealing Proletariat (1 point each), Bourgeois (2 points) or Commissars (3 points) – thank you spell checker. Once a player has reached 15 points they can play their revolution card, winning the game. But be careful, powerful blitz cards can be played by anyone out of turn to interrupt actions, or send precious units to the Gulag. Each leader’s deck plays slightly different, and with 6 leaders to choose from, there is a high degree of replayability. The game comes with 192 cards, 84 cardboard tokens for citizens, and a deluxe version is available. For more details about Cogs and Commissars, and instructions on how to get promo cards at release, check out Atlas Games’ website here.

Deepwater Games has officially opened its doors as a new board game development and distribution company, and is starting by bringing games from the excellent company EmperorS4 to North America. The Taiwanese company EmperorS4 hit the scene strongly in recent years with such excellent games as Hanamikoji and Burano, and Deepwater Games has secured the rights to bring their next four games to the U.S.

Herbalism is a logic and deduction card game for 3-4 players, in which players try to figure out the right combination of ingredients to cure an ongoing pandemic. Players share information, but only one player will be crowned the “God Farmer”, so hidden information remains essential.

Shadows in Kyoto is a 2 player abstract game set in the same world as Hanamikoji. Using elements of Stratego, players need to gather information about their opponents pieces. Players move wooden pieces with hidden characteristics on a grid board, and win by capturing certain pieces, or by reaching the opposite end of the board. Cards with gorgeous art control movement, and add special actions to the mix. Shadows in Kyoto is a quick simple game, but with deep elements and plenty of room to tweak the complexity.

Crows Overkill is a light “take that” card game for 2-4 players. Players are trying to remove crows from in front of themselves, so that they can sleep in a little longer. Card play dismisses crows or moves them to other players, giving this party game a heavy “hurt your neighbor” feel.

Hanzi is a 2-5 player memory matching game, using 3600 year old kanji characters. Players will create new written characters which form the basis of modern Chinese culture, making this fun and engaging game also a valuable learning experience. Double sided cards show an old Han era character on one side, and the new modern character on the other. Players try to match their given theme by revealing the correct characters.

Deepwater Games is bringing these four games to America in 2018, and will be bringing certain American titles to Asia in a reciprocal deal. They have also stated that they will have 2 more titles coming from EmperorS4 in late 2018, as well as their own in-house developments. You can read the full press release from Deepwater Games on their website here.