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Shoot Again Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for their new action selection, area control game Born to Serve, by designers Nick and Diane Sauer, including beautiful comic book style art by Ryan Browne. In Born to Serve, 2-5 players take on the role of out-of-work superheroes, forced to compete for tips in a restaurant. Players take turns placing their service markers at tables to compete for tips, or on employees to gain special favors from the staff. At the end of the round, the player with the most service markers at each table earns that table’s tip, while other players earn a fraction as much. Winners, however, lose their service markers, making future rounds more difficult. New customers fill finished tables each round, and after all customers have been served, the most tips wins the game. The game comes with 10 different superheroes, each with 2 special powers usable once per round. The Kickstarter Campaign for Born to Serve continues through January 31, and the game is expected to deliver in August 2019.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a highly rated superhero card game that has been running for 5 years now, but the game is coming to an end.  Now not to worry though, the game continues to be printed, it’s just that the next expansion to be released, Oblivaeon, will be the last in the Sentinels line.  So to celebrate that, Greater Than Games is helping people complete their collections by offering a Hero Variant Pack that includes every hero card and variant that has ever been printed.  No more hunting for the highly limited exclusive ones or paying top dollar for them, now you can get them all, with brand new art, in one package.  But even more special, in a limited print run they are offering all these cards in foil form, meaning you can have all the heroes with a nice shiny finish to them.  The regular non-foil version of the set will come later, but for now you can pre-order the foil version while supplies last at your local game store.

capes and villians

Capes and Villains is a scaleable 1-12 Player Dice and Card Game with several modes of play including Solo, Tag Team, Multiplayer, and Versus! In Capes and Villains, you are already in the heat of the battle. There are no preparation or equipment phases, no pre-planning or gradual movement into battle. Nope, you are there, getting your cape tightened around your neck or dishing out the pain yourself. With various modes of play and a large roster of characters at your disposal, Capes and Villains offer up great re-playability and a mashup between great comic book lore and an arcade feel!

capes card set up

The closing date on Kickstarter is June 6, 2014, the current pledged amount is $21,076 and the funding goal for the project is $25,000.  Pledge $35 to get one copy of Capes and Villains as well as all unlocked Stretch Goals. Add $15 USD to ship outside the US. The estimated delivery date is Dec 2014.

Sentinel Tactics

A New Sentinels Product Being Kickstarted

Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom is the hex-grid based tactical combat game for 2-8 players set in the world of Sentinel Comics! Sentinel Tactics puts you in control of one of the many super-powered characters from Sentinel Comics. Whether playing in tournament-style skirmishes or playing through the storyline of The Flame of Freedom in the included scenario comic book, each player controls one of our familiar heroes or villains, each with their own powers and abilities!

sentinel tactics board

Combat takes place on a hex-grid map, and attack and defense is based on the rolling of six-sided dice. Whereas the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game is a fully cooperative game, Sentinel Tactics is a team based game, pitting groups of heroes and villains against each other. Groups of players will cooperate against either a villain player or players, or against another team of players! Sentinel Tactics is a competitive game, but cooperation and teamwork are still vital to the gameplay!

The closing date on Kickstarter is April 24, 2014, the current pledged amount is $77,623 and the funding goal for the project is $50,000.  Pledge $50 to get Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom. This contains everything you need to play Sentinel Tactics, including two environment maps, nine characters, and nine villain scenarios. (Domestic Shipping Included.) Estimated delivery: Dec 2014

heroes wanted

Heroes Wanted is a tactical board game for 1-5 superhero hopefuls, attempting to fulfill their dreams of becoming a member of Zeta City’s exclusive crime fighting super team: The Champions of Zeta City. Each time you play, you will create a unique superhero comprised of two hero cards. You will then choose a scenario and face a different villain (or villains), but the objective remains the same: gaining as much fame as possible by KO’ing minions, completing headlines, and thwarting the villain. At the end of each game, the superhero with the most fame is the winner and joins the prestigious ranks of The Champions of Zeta City.

heroes wanted components

Heroes Wanted is the first offering from Action Phase Games, and the second from designer Travis R. Chance (Infamy). It has presently funded with $34,000 raised on a $28,000 goal.