Super Dungeon: Arena

Ninja Division have not been fan favorites recently due to their recent financial troubles which blocks fulfillment of their Super Dungeon: Legends, Relic Knights 2nd Edition, and Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures Kickstarter projects. Admirably, they are trying really hard to fulfill on their Kickstarter promises by finding new streams of revenue. The Humble Tabletop Bundle is one of these opportunities, and also serves to help the Hospice of the Northwest charity with funds raised. The Humble Tabletop Bundle has 3 Tiers consisting of Player vs Player (PVP), Print and Play (PnP) games, worth over $300.

For $1 you can get Way of the Fighter: Turbo, Way of the Fighter: Super, and Karate Fight: Takoashi University.

For $8 you also get Relic Knights 2nd Edition (with printable standees), Super Dungeon Expansion: Emerald Valley Warband, Way of the Fighter Fighter Packs (Brahm vs Cobalt Fighter Pack, Way of the Fighter Packs (Mbirau vs Ying Pei Fighter Pack), and Rail Raiders Infinite.

For $15 you also get Super Dungeon Arena, Ninja All Stars, Super Dungeon Expansion: Dragonback Peaks Warband, Super Dungeon Expansion: Claws of the Wyrm Warband, Super Dungeon Expansion: Stilt Town Warband, Way of the Fighter Fighter Packs (Tala vs Victoria Fighter Pack), Way of the Fighter Fighter Packs (Aya vs Ranveer Fighter Pack), and Way of the Fighter Fighter Packs (Khubulai vs Wattana Fighter Pack).

Note that the Super Dungeon Expansion modules require models from the Super Dungeon Explore base game to play. The bundle will be available until the 28th of May, 2019.

Crystalia the land of Super Dungeon has some new characters both heroic and mischievous! Super Dungeon has a collection of different games for many modes of play. You can work together as a cooperative team in Super Dungeon: Arcade,  you can play one against many in Super Dungeon: Explore and you can have an all out brawl in Super Dungeon: Arena. all using the same miniatures – so its exciting to add new characters to the clans of Kagejima!

Clan Tanchyo love their forests and are sworn to protect it from the humans. They have close connections with the spirits that live in them. Karura is a tinkerer, building contraptions that help him move through the trees with speed and agility. The Moon Princess is cunning and powerful and loves an adventure- even if dangerous! The Dark Kitsune are wandering drifters using their herbalism and magic to make a living- even working with villains if necessary. The Tengu trade their magic/martial services for gold or other oddities they may be interested in.

Super Dungeon: Arena is available now to buy while the others in production. Super Dungeon: Explore and  Super Dungeon: Arcade are both available in the links above as a print and play.