Summoner Wars

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn released in 2015 and struck out to shake up the living card game scene by featuring a unique dice-based resource system. Since then, Ashes has proven the strength of it’s innovation by it’s following, and it’s still standing out among Plaid Hat’s other head-to-head titles such as Summoner Wars and Crystal Clans. Like those other games, a large part of deck structure comes from a leader card who sets a tone for the deck, and while Ashes has had 13 phoenixborn and accompanying units and spells added to the game, there is still plenty of room to grow. Plaid Hat Games has recently posted a sneak peak at the two newest phoenixborn to enter the War of Ashes:

“Plaid Hat Games is pleased to announce the upcoming releases of the Demons of Darmasand the Spirits of Memoria, two exciting new expansions for the Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn card game! Both expansions provide two exciting new Phoenixborn to challenge your opponents, and each brings all-new cards to enrich and enlarge your deckbuilding options. The Demons of Darmas and the Spirits of Memoria will hit store shelves this August.”

The Demons of Darmas introduces Harold Westraven, an hunter who embodies victorian-era gothic horror – conjuring bats, wolves, and all the things that stalk the dark forests to break his opponent’s will, while marking targets for priority takedowns. The Spirits of Memoria adds cult-leader Sembali Grimtongue to your arsenal, who has adept control over the departed and will tax her adversaries conjurations for every unit that is removed from play. Both expansion will include more creatures and spells that will shake up the metagame and introduce interesting new combinations to this rock-solid card game. If you are interested in learning more about these expansions, and future Plaid Hat Games content, be sure to read the news post for all the details and check out their news section for future updates.

Crystal Clans, a successor if you will of Plaid Hats’ popular card game Summoner Wars, finally has a release date, and that date is March 29th.  This will be a simultaneous international release so you will be able to go to your local game store and pick up copies in English, French, German, and Chinese.  Crystal Clans is a new strategic card game where you are playing down cards as units, and then moving and attacking with those units on the board.  Each unit has different stats as well as different abilities based on which clan they belong, like the “adaptable Water Clan, the peaceful Flower Clan, the relentless Skull Clan, the innumerable Blood Clan, the wise Meteor Clan or the unyielding Stone Clan“.  You will fight hard in order to control the crystals on the battlefield, and with those be able to win the battle.  You can find out more on Plaid Hats’ website, including links to their many preview articles for the game.


Asmodee Digital continues to up it’s game by entering into a partnership with Playdeck. Four games that will immediately be transformed under the new brand are Ascension, Twilight Struggle, Summoner Wars, and Agricola.  Notice that these games aren’t new to the app space as they have been previously under Playdeck, but now they are under Asmodee Digital’s control.  Will we see new updates or additional versions of the games in the future?  Well we won’t know until Asmodee tells us about it.  You can download the games from your respective app stores, and check out each of the links above for more information on the individual game apps.

After an excellent Dice Tower Con, it’s time to get back into the swing of things with another Wallet Kickers post.

First is a nice addition to any gamer’s wall, and that is Scott King’s Gaming Calendar for 2018.  On this calendar you will be able to choose a standard calendar with pre-selected pictures, or a custom calendar where you get to pick your own pictures and add your own holidays.  In the standard calendar you will get twelve stunning pictures taken by the talented Scott King to look  at throughout the year of games like Sagrada, Tiny Epic Quest, and Junk Art.  Selecting the custom calendar allows you to pick from nearly 200 photos he has taken over the years of many poular games and gaming components.  Personally I already have the 2017 edition hanging on my wall and I am looking forward to one being there in 2018 as well.  Check out the Kickstarter today.

Next is a game ending in the next week and that is Wendake.  In Wendake you are the chief of a native american tribe, trying to build up your tribe to be the best in all aspects.  Actions are taken by a unique 3×3 grid of tiles where you activate a row, column, or diagonal, taking all the actions in that line.  After you take actions you will flip the tiles over, giving a different action as well as showing what tiles have been used.  This grid will be constantly cycling, and over the course of the game you will get new actions to slot into the grid allowing you to do more.  Some of the actions include movement, harvesting, fishing, hunting, placing out new workers and canoes, and even mask ceremony cards which act as a set collecting aspect to the game.  At the end you score for the lowest position on the two pairs of “wampum” tracks, and whoever has the highest combined score wins.  To check out this great looking game, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

After that is Legendary Creatures, a deck building type game, with no relation to the Legendary system, where you are competing for renown in four different realms.  In this game you will be drawing and playing creature cards to perform different actions.  The order you play cards and which cards you play and which you send out on expeditions makes a difference and makes for lots of great choices.  You will also get the chance to add new cards into your deck, in typical deck building style, giving you more options and combinations to toy with.  Then there are spells, amulets, gifts, and landmarks which give you extra bonuses and you have too many combinations to count.  At the end your score will be your position on the four realm tracks as well as any points you earned throughout the game, most points is the winner.  You can head over to the Kickstarter page to find out more and pledge for a copy.

Following that we have TMG’s latest deluxified game, Crusaders, Thy Will be Done, a roundel action type game about crusaders in the middle ages trying to get the most influence.  In the game you have a roundel of 6 actions and actions tokens on each one.  When you pick an action, you get as many action points of that action based on the number of tokens on that wedge.  Once you finish the action you will distribute the tokens in a mancala like fashion around the circle.  Different actions let you building buildings, muster troops, fight the enemies on the board, travel around the board, or just gain influence.  Plus, as you build more buildings you uncover spots on your player board, you will gain the bonuses depicted on the board, giving you some extra motivation to build them.  There are also individual player powers and ways to upgrade you roundel to make things more interesting.  So if this crusade themed game sounds interesting to you, check out the Kickstarter today.

Next is the latest in the tactical card combat category of games, similar to Summoner Wars, called Stonebound Saga.  This game features absolutely stunning artwork, and the player cards seem to be designed to show off as much of it as possible while giving you needed info.  In the game you will be controlling different characters, each with their own specific set of moves and abilities powered by speaking stones.  You will be moving your character around on the board, and launching attacks in the hope of eliminating the other team.  There are also 7 different classes you can chose from which have different ways of playing, from healers, to bards, to powerful warriors and even rangers.  Needless to say, if you enjoy games like Summoner Wars, this game deserves a second look for sure, check out their Kickstarter page.

Next to last we have the latest game from Isaac Childres on Kickstarter, and that is Founders of Gloomhaven.  Isaac’s previous game, Gloomhaven, has positively exploded and is an adventure game that has legacy elements as well as being just a great game.  So you might be surprised to find that he has gone a different direction with this game and has created a tile laying euro game about building the city of Gloomhaven.  In this game you will be working to build up your prestige so that when the city is finished, you are the most prestigious race of them all.  But, lest you think this is a purely competitive game, there are actually elements of the game that require cooperation to achieve.  Each race has a certain element they produce, but in order to create the more advanced resources, you have to combine with other races, meaning you won’t be able to go it alone.  Add in a myriad of different action cards to choose from and a voting system to determine which point scoring buildings get added, and you have a euro style game with a Gloomhaven theme and feel.  Check out the Kickstarter today to pledge for you copy.

Lastly we have a lightning quick campaign, and that is Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin Special Delivery.  This box is another in the ever growing line of curated boxes that you blindly buy, and find out the contents on arrival.  One difference from the others is that this is just for one box, not a subscription, and you at least know it will contain the Munchkin base game.  Other things contained in the box include several different expansions and/or boosters, Munchkin accessories, a special rule printed in the box, and even Steve Jackson’s signature (while supplies last).  So if you want to gift Munchkin, or want to jump into the game with some hand picked extras, give this Kickstarter a look before it ends on the 16th of July.

8 summoner bundle

Summoner Wars, the head to head magical army battling card game is getting more second summoners to expand the already impressive line-up.  This set of second summoners will include everything you need to play with these new decks, given that you have a base set to go with it.  This will also expand the number of cards you have for each of the factions to be able to build your own decks and increase variety.  The factions being released are:

All of the decks are currently up for pre-order on the Plaid Hat site, and if you pre-order the whole set they will also include copies of the 4 promo champions that have been produced.  As for when they will arrive in stores, that should be very soon as they are currently on a boat from the factory.


MK Games has their first game up on Kickstarter, Barrage Battle, and it brings a bit of a twist to the typical fantasy warfare game.  At first it seems very similar to Summoner Wars in the aspect of deploying units, moving the units to be able to attack, casting spells, and trying to take out your opponent’s king.  Where things start to diverge is in the battle resolution, instead of just rolling dice to get a number, you have to deftly throw the dice at the opponent card and land it on the card.  Will good strategy win out over nimble fingers?  You will have to play to find out, so head on over to the campaign page to pledge for your copy.

barrage battle in box

Plaid Hat Games has announced that the remaining eight Second Summoners for their flagship game Summoner Wars will be released at Origins this summer. They have also provided a smash-up picture of all the new characters.

Summoner Wars, the initial title of Plaid Hat Games and designed by the company’s president Colby Dauch, saw a major release earlier this year with their Summoner Wars: Alliances box set. Before this release Plaid Hat had been slowly trickling out their Second Summoners collection, which contained extra fully playable decks for each of the game’s factions. This news promises the release of the remaining eight packs to complete the collection.

With this news release also comes another story set in the Summoner Wars universe.

You can find the teaser photo, as well as the in-game lore story, by clicking HERE.


Big announcement from Plaid Hat Games today, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn will be going up for pre-order on April 9th. Plaid Hat Games is the publisher that brought us exciting titles like Summoner Wars, Mice and Mystics, and last year’s huge hit Dead of Winter. They look like they may have another hit on their hands with Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn designed by Isaac Vega who also designed BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia and was a co-designer of Dead of Winter.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is an expandable card game that will allow 2-4 players to take the role of one of the Phoenixborn, powerful demi-gods and magic wielders. Players will battle it out in a back and forth battle summoning terrifying creatures and loyal allies to become the last one standing. Player turns will be short and quick and will leave them with the chance to adjust as the round progresses. Players will be able to carefully choose their targets and easily react to their opponents actions. This should provide a unique game play experience with constant back and forth action. If that doesn’t sound exciting enough you can also say goodbye to mulligans because Ashes will allow players to choose their starting hand of 5 cards! Personally I don’t know of another game like this that gives you the choice of what cards to start with. This alone has my interest in the game at the maximum level.

ashes cards

Ashes will not be limited to just cards though, players will also have a dice pool that will give them the resources needed to fuel their magic and summon creatures as well as provide interesting powers on their own. Plus the dice pool should provide enough resources to start casting powerful spells immediately. Combined with the ability to choose your starting hand Ashes should deliver the all the thrills and excitement of a magic duel right from the start, no build up time needed.

If all that doesn’t have you ready to throw your money at the screen (don’t bother I tried it and it doesn’t work) then maybe this will help. There are three ways you can play Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn:

  • Choose a pre-built deck – Ashes will come with 6 pre-built decks and assigned dice, just jump right in and start playing.
  • Build a deck – choose from over 247 cards and 40 dice. Your build options will be nearly limitless.
  • Draft a deck – the drafting rules promise to allow players to build fun and interesting decks quickly.

You would think all that would be enough and Plaid Hat Games would stop there. But in their typical fashion they left nothing to be desired and had illustrator Fernanda Suarez create some absolutely stunning artwork for the game. Fernanda did a terrific job on last year’s Dead of Winter but she really outdid herself on Ashes. The box alone could be framed and the artwork on the cards is some of the best I’ve seen. She is truly making her name known in the board game world.

So if you, like me, think that a magic dueling card game with dice that has you immediately casting powerful spells while providing three ways to play, quick paced act/react turns, a truly innovative mechanic that has you choosing your starting hand, and mind-blowingly gorgeous  artwork sounds like your kind of game then keep an eye on your FLGS/OLGS and be ready to pre-order Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. You’ll just have to get in line behind me.








summoner wars digital show down

If you’re a Summoner Wars fan, you’ve no doubt found the digital app from Playdek.  Well now you can watch the best Summoners from around the internet duke it out live.  Plaid Hat Games, creators of Summoner Wars, have teamed up with BoardGameGeek and Playdek to bring you the Summoner Wars Digital Showdown, streaming live on Twitch TV.  The schedule appears below.

– Top 8 Day 1 (A & B): Dec 11th, 2014 – 9pm to 11pm EST
– Top 8 Day 2 (C & D): Dec 12th, 2014 – 9pm to 11pm EST
– Semi Finals: Dec 13th, 2014 – 12pm to 2pm EST
– Finals: Dec 13th, 2014 – 2pm to 3pm EST

The first two games of the top 8 were yesterday, but today you can watch the final two top 8 games and you can catch the semi-finals and finals over the rest of the weekend.  You can find the Twitch stream here and the BGG page here.  The announcement from Plaid Hat is here.


Just a little while ago Plaid Hat posted a photo of Colby posing with the upcoming neoprene battlefield draped over him with a box and dividers. You can see that post here. Well, that box was a material proof and didn’t have the final printing on it. Now in this week’s post Plaid Hat has revealed the look of the dividers that will come with the Alliances box.

summoner war divider2

There’ll be one for each summoner in existence as well as one for each faction’s reinforcement units… So, we’ll have these for the 16 original summoners, the 8 Alliance summoners, the 16 reinforcement packs, and all 16 second summoners.

You can check out the whole post here. Enjoy!