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CMON Ltd has announced plans to launch Trudvang Legends on Kickstarter in 2019 will be a storytelling board game and is based on the Swedish RPG Trudvang Chronicles (RiotMinds) set in the fantasy world of Nordic and Celtic Myths. Players will quest through this mysterious land using a series of Adventure Books. With the vast number of choices and inter-connectivity of the sagas the players create there is unlimited replayability in the game. With highly detailed miniatures and stunning artwork Trudvang Legends is sure to be an exciting adventure into Norse and Celtic mythology!

Previously we reported on the fact Hasbro was running another set of Indigogo campaigns as part of their Next Great Game series of contests.  Now they have announced a winner, and this time around it’s the story telling game, The Plot Thickens.  The Plot Thickens is a collaborative story telling game where you are telling a story using cards that represent people, places, and things.  The more plot points you are able to fit into your story, the more likely you are to be able to tell the ending, while the player who got referenced to the most gets to name it.

Color me skeptical that this will be the next great game, but it could still at least be a fun game to play so I don’t think Hasbro’s gone off the rails just yet.  In the mean time, the game creators will take their prize of $25,000 and a trip to Hasbro HQ to finish development of the game for release into the mass market in 2017.


Once Upon a Time is a story telling game where you are trying to play out your cards, with each card having different story elements on them, building up to an ending card.  Often the stories can get convoluted and strange, making for interesting listening, which is why it was featured on a Tabletop episode.  So of course you would want more cards to the game, and so Atlas Games is continuing the expansions with their latest, Fairy Tales.  This set will add 55 new cards with new story cards and ending cards like fairy dust, an elf, and Never Grows Old to help spice up your set of cards.  Look for this new set to hit stores later this month.


Aye, Dark Overlord! is a story telling game where you are hapless minions who just returned after failing to achieve your master’s plan.  You will be playing cards to tell your story and using action cards to pass the blame on to other minions.  In the end whoever fails in their bid to shift blame will receive a withering stare card, get three of them and you are devoured.  It’s a game where you aren’t playing to win, but to not be the last one that loses.

The original edition of the game was published in 2005 and was just a single box, which is being reprinted as the Red Box.  Also being made is a brand new Green Box that will include all new cards to the game, giving you more variety and actions to use.

RVM012If you don’t know the name Ryan Laukat, you should. Not only does Ryan design some incredible games (Eight Minute Empire: Legends, The Ancient World, and Above and Below to name but a few), but he’s also the illustrator and does all the artwork for his games. On top of that, he also runs Red Raven Games and publishes all of his own titles. He’s basically the Leonardo da Vinci of the board game world.

Late last year Red Raven ran a Kickstarter for a new title called Islebound. It’s already been delivered to backers (I’m staring at my, sadly, unplayed copy right now), but we have word that it’s hitting the streets this August.

“In Islebound, you take command of a ship and crew. You sail to island towns, collecting resources, hiring crew, and commissioning buildings for your capital city. Each building has a unique ability, and your combination of buildings can greatly enhance your strength as a trader, builder, or invader. You also recruit pirates and sea monsters to conquer towns, which, once conquered, allow you to complete the town action for free, and charge a fee to opponents if they want to use it. Alternatively, you can complete events that give influence, which can be used to befriend towns.

There are many routes to success. Will you be a ruthless conqueror, careful diplomat, or shrewd merchant in your race to the top?”


In other Red Raven news, the sequel to last year’s fantastic storytelling game, Above and Below has just landed on Kickstarter. The sequel is titled Near and Far and puts players in the roles of Indiana Jones-types, traipsing around the world on 11 different maps while searching for treasure. Like its forebear, it will come with a book of stories from which you’ll read, making each game a new adventure.

Explore a massive world through a book of maps!   

  • Search for a lost city in a strange and wonderful world of ruins
  • Manage and recruit adventurers, each with a unique identity
  • Read from a book of stories, building an amazing and memorable tale each time you play!
  • Choose your path in connected quest lines
  • Includes a gorgeous atlas of 11 maps to play on!
  • Buy skills for your character over a ten-map campaign
  • 2-4 players, 90 minutes

In Near and Far you and up to 3 friends each choose a character and set out on a journey, recruiting adventurers, managing resources, and completing quests in an effort to become the most storied traveler. “

The Kickstarter campaign has already reached its funding goal, but if you’re thinking of waiting for Near and Far to come to retail instead of backing the Kickstarter, you should know that the Limited Deluxe Edition is only available through the Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter has 24 days remaining, with an estimated delivery date of May 2017.

siblings trouble

Pencil First Games (Murder of Crows, Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet!) launched their newest game The Siblings Trouble on Kickstarter. The Siblings Trouble is a cooperative card game for 2 to 4 players inspired by the magic of childhood imagination.

The Siblings Trouble boils down all the core elements of an RPG (storytelling, exploration, discovery, treasure, encounters, etc.) into a fun-to-play narrative romp. This is a 30 minute game you can play as an ice-breaker, in-betweener, or as a way to introduce storytelling and adventure games to new players.

More in the vein of The Goonies than the Lord of the Rings, players will cooperatively explore a Mysterious Place through a series of narrative moments. Victory is achieved by surviving all of these moments and the final Boss to earn the Epic Treasure at the end of the game.

siblings trouble comp

The Siblings Trouble was named a finalist in Season 2 of Tabletop Deathmatch, an independent game design contest hosted by Cards Against Humanity. Feedback from this experience prompted some improvements in the game:

Card / Presentation Clean Up
Cards were hard to read and needed clean up. They are much improved. We also had great feedback on making each card spectacular. We embraced this and every card was refined.

Every turn ends with something
Another change we made was to ensure that every turn, no matter what card or roll occurs, the player adds something interesting to the story.

Big Secret / Fear Counters / Adventure Deck structure
The biggest single piece of feedback we received was that our game experience felt flat and didn’t offer enough sense of progress and climax. We took this to heart, thought a lot, and designed the Big Secret / Fear Counter system.

Get all the details, including reviews, stretchgoals, and the full rules, by visiting The Siblings Trouble campaign page.