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Earlier this week, Smirk & Laughter Games announced: Before There Were Stars….  In this 3-6 player game, players will tell the mythic creation story of “their people” while drawing information from the Constellation cards that they draw. Players are encouraged to tell stories of origins, heroes, and the fall of their civilization.

This “feel-good” game lets you appreciate the boundless imagination in all of us and awards points for the best story moments — allowing everyone to shine regardless of their skill as a storyteller. Playing this game is a breath of fresh air that never repeats itself, except in the fun and warmth of emotion it brings to your table.

Before There Were Stars… is designed by Alex Cutler, Matt Fantastic, and Alexander Wilkinson.  The art is byMarthy Angue and Lisa Falzon.


Welcome Adventurers! Enter the world of Middara, a land of magic and monsters where no one ages, treasures abound, and your average citizen knows what a cell phone is. In this choose-your-own style adventure miniatures board game, you and up to 4 of your friends can explore this ultra-modern fantasy setting as you face moral dilemmas, battle lethal opponents, pursue personal goals, and make strategic and political decisions that can radically change the outcome of the game. Some characters may die, some may fail, others will hopefully succeed. It all comes down to your decisions.

Middara by Succubus Publishing is a cooperative story telling miniatures game that will offer tons of variety and a lengthy narrative driven campaign for up to 4 players. It will also have a 5th player variant that will allow a player to take control of all the antagonists in the game as well as stand-alone scenarios for when you are not playing through the campaign or are not with your campaign group.

Players will be able to choose from over 110 unique abilities and 111 pieces of equipment and character progression is based on a point allowance system that does away with traditional classes and allows players to build a character that they want to play with. All of this indicates Middara will have a ton of replayabilty and will never play the same game twice.

middara pledge

There are over 30 modular map tiles and a unique dice based success system that have players upgrading their die throughout the campaign. The base game will include:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Adventure book
  • 4 Hero Figures
  • 22 Antagonist Figures
  • 17 Custom Dice
  • 4 Adventurer Cards
  • 13 Antagonist Cards
  • 365 Small Cards
  • 70 Tarot size cards
  • 35 Game Board Tiles
  • 168 Tokens

All of this points to a highly replayable exciting game from the design team Clayton Helme, Brooklynn Lundberg, Brennon Moncur, and Ian Tate. Add in the gorgeous Anime style artwork by Alex Hansen, Hector Sevilla Lujan, Rhett Mason, and Jon Troy Nickel; incredible miniatures; and an audio book stretch goal and Midarra looks like it will be a unique and innovative game.

If you are a miniatures board game fan, enjoy anime style artwork, or storty telling games you should head over to the Kickstarter project for Midarra and check it out I know I will.