Storm King’s Thunder

Wizards of the Coast continues to create content for their most iconic RPG property with a brand new adventure book.  The new book is the Storm King’s Thunder and will bring giants into the forefront and have them battling it out in the world as people wonder where the Storm King is who normally keeps them in line.  Small folk (pretty much every other playable race) will have to band together to combat this new threat and harness a new power, rune magic.  While rune magic has been the giant’s weapon against the dragons for ages, now you will have to wield it to fight back against the giants.  Look for this adventure book to be released on September 6th, 2016 and you can read more at the DnD Website.

Wizkids just dropped two new announcements to coincide with the announcement of the next adventure book for DnD, Storm King’s Thunder.  First is that they will continue to expand the Miniatures for Icons line of pre-painted minis to include the iconic characters from the new adventure.  They will be randomly sorted so what you will get in each pack will be random, look for them on store shelves in September of 2016.

Next is a new premium DnD board game called Assault of the Giants.  In this game you will take control of a type of giant and attempt to seize control of all giantkind.  In the game you will attack settlements to score points and secure important resources, like food, treasure, ore, and runes.  The minis in the game will be giant sized standing upwards of 5″ tall, and the price unfortunately will match.  Look for this game in the Spring of 2017 and you can read more about both announcements on WizKids’ website.