Just in time for Gen Con 2016, dV Giochi announced it’s new solution for game component storage called Geekbox.

Geekbox is a system of stackable plastic containers with snap closure lids made to perfectly fit your game boxes.  No longer will you have to use those often difficult to maneuver zip plastic bags or spend time figuring out a configuration that will work using other storage containers not meant for use with boardgames.

Now you can safely store all of your tokens, chits, dice, cubes, tiles, coins, etc. with the knowledge that they will be right where you left them the next time you open up your favorite game.  Geekbox is being sold in very affordable packs of 3 boxes each, making this one gaming supply you don’t want to miss out on!

To see the system in action, click <here> and view a short introductory video.

dragon sheath long

Organize your gaming supplies in this high quality, customizable sheath. This solid piece of hardware is designed specifically for tabletop and RPG gamers – you pick the wood, the sculpts on each side, and the interior chamber.

Dog Might Games now offers a hand-sculpted, wooden carrying case for your RPG and gaming gear.  These elegant carrying cases come in a variety of woods, colors, and interiors.

Measuring approximately 8.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.0″, Dragon Sheaths are double coated with a custom mixed varnish, and use magnets that are 0.25″ rare earth neodymium and “give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong!).”

This project offers at least ten different customized interiors, with more being created through feedback during the project.  For more information and to support this project, visit its Kickstarter page.

steam 5

Steam, from Martin Wallace and Mayfair Games, is already chock full of expansion content and getting even more in the form of Map Expansion 5: Boxcar.  This release will feature two new maps – India and South East US – as well as an assortment of mini-expansions that can be added to other Steam maps.  From the press release:

New Action Tiles can be added to your games to change the dynamic of previous maps – The Surveyor, The Midnight Express, The Local Payoff, & Corporate Charity. The Gray Market Goods expansion adds a level of mystery to your goods supply and creates dual goods.

We’ve also included the previous mini-expansions that were only found as promos: Demanding Suppliers, City Growth Special Contractors, and the Five Way Town. In addition to all this, we’ve added more track tiles and have created new complex hard curve tracks.

The addition of promos as full retail release will undoubtedly be great news for many, but wait, there’s more!  A new Universal Display board is added allowing you to play expansions next to expansions maps rather than on top of the original board.  Finally, the box is designed to fit all existing Steam expansions and an updated omnibus of rules for all expansions.  Boxcar seems to be a very appropriate title for this release!  Get your tickets ready, Steam Map Expansion 5 releases in April 2016.

board game access

Polish company e-Raptor just launched a Kickstarter to get their custom plywood and plexiglass boardgaming accessories onto your table.

Our main goal is to faciliate your gameplay as much as we can. In this project we’d like to present you accessories to upgrade your favourite games. We help you organize games, store them, avoid collapsing decks and dices flying all over the room.

Products include organizer templates custom designed to hold and keep track of tokens, cards, and figures for Talisman, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, Eclipse, Agricola, Zombicide, and Merchants & Marauders. Several custom storage options are also available. Add-ons include more versatile card boxes and trays that can be used with any game, and various dice tower designs. Extremely generous backers will be rewarded with one-of-a-kind, hand painted dice tower designs.

e-Raptor hopes to use the funds raised to expand their product offering and deliver custom accessories for more games.

We want to make accessories for every game you play. We want our products to be on the table of players all over the world, we want to be recognize as brand that help people with they passion –  board games.

Get all the details on the Kickstarter campaign page.