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Renowned artist Beth Sobel (known for Viticulture, and Arboretum) teams up with designer Steve Finn (known for Herbaceous, and Biblios) to take players on an adventure in Waters of Nerues. In the latest game from publisher, Dr. Finn’s Games, 2-4 players explore the waters of Nerues, looking for treasures in the vast seas.

On their ship they lead a talented crew, including the captain, pilot and first mate, purser, scientist, boatswain, and merchant. Each crew member serves a unique function on the ship and the player who manages their crew by keeping them happy with treasures they find will be victorious. In each of the game’s 6 rounds, a round card is flipped, showing how many crew members can be activated during that round. Players then simultaneously choose which crew members to use, then, in turn order, they perform the crew member’s action. The crew is paid with collected treasures to score victory points and gain additional actions.

Waters of Nerues is designed for players aged 14+, and plays in about 45-60 mins. It’s expected to release in May of 2019.


Herbaceous is the latest game from Pencil First Games up on Kickstarter from the mind of Steve Finn, of Dr. Finn’s Games, and the brush of Beth Sobel.  Herbaceous is a very beautiful looking card game that plays as a distillation of the push your luck mechanic.

On any given turn you will first be given the option to plant herbs in pots, with each pot having different requirements for what you can put in them for points.  One gives points based on how many of one type you put, another for how many unique types, another for how many pairs you put, but the last one is special.  In the glass jar you can put as many herbs as you want, but this is also the only pot that can take the special herbs that give bonus points.  After choosing to pot plants or not, you must draw an herb card and choose if it will go in your garden, where only you can use it, or the community garden where anyone can use it.  After making that choice you draw a second card and are forced to plant it in the opposite garden.  The push your luck aspect of the game is when you choose to pot the herbs, do you do it now for some points, or hope it’s there for another round and get more points?  Will you pot early to grab special herbs in that hopes of getting the bonus biscuit card, or try to maximize points to offset those lost bonus points?  Push your luck far enough without going bust and you may score enough points to emerge the winner.

herbaceous comp

As I mentioned already the art is stunning and that alone is worth a look at the game.  As a bonus for being a backer you get some flavor cards which act as events when they are drawn, affecting the game in different ways.  If this game sounds interesting to you then head on over to the campaign page to pledge for your copy.


Dr. Steve Finn – recently dubbed ‘King of the Filler’ by popular reviewer Richard Ham – is hoping to bring you something a little more involved with his newest kickstarter campaign. Foragers is a strategy game of prehistoric influence in which players have to explore the board looking for the best food and then bring it back and share it with the village before it goes bad. Players have to keep moving to find new sources of food, seek out better tools to improve their foraging efficiency and be careful not to get into fights with the other players (unless they know they can win!).

foragers comp

Designed for 2-4 players with a play time of around 60 minutes, Foragers uses a card driven action selection system designed to provide a highly varied gameplay experience. Each player simultaneously chooses an action card at the beginning of each round, and players then alternate taking actions from their card or from the communal action card which all players can use (if they get there first). With 10 possible action cards (plus the communal action card) in the game and 5 different actions on each card, the possible combinations are endless!

For those interested in Dr. Finn’s Games, the campaign is also a great opportunity to get your hands on his previous titles – which can sometimes be difficult to find in stores – with combo pledge levels available for games such as Capo Dei Capi, Let them Eat Shrimp and the classic Biblios.

Be sure to check out the full campaign here!

On Kickstarter now From Dr. Finn’s Games, creator of Biblios, comes a fast paced dice game called Cosmic Run.  In the year 2123, Earth has become inhospitable to life and the last human colonies are attempting to resettle onto new planets.  You will recruit aliens to help you and roll lots of dice hoping to get settled and erect planetary defenses before meteor strikes potentially destroy the planet.  Get far enough on the various planetary tracks and you will also reap precious victory points in order to be the ultimate victor.

The game plays 1-4 people in about 30 minutes.  There are lots of funding options on the kickstarter from getting the PDF files for print and play all the way up to getting yourself illustrated on the box.  For more info and to back the project please check out the kickstarter HERE before it ends on April 13th.

biblios dice

Lately, it seems as though many games are getting the “dice makeover” – Nations Dice, Roll for the Galaxy, Pandemic: The Cure, all recently reborn as a dice version of their former selves.  Hoping to be next on that list is Biblios Dice, now on Kickstarter.  From the campaign page:

Biblios Dice is a dice adaptation of the popular game Biblios. As in Biblios, players assume the role of medieval abbots seeking to establish the most prestigious scriptorium by reproducing and illustrating valuable manuscripts. The artwork contains a wide variety of brilliant colors and the dice will be etched, providing an aesthetically pleasing effect to a fun and thoughtful gaming experience. It is for 2-5 players and it lasts about 40 minutes.

biblios dice components

Pledge levels include Biblios Dice and the ability to pledge for combos that include other games from Dr. Finn’s Games.  I’ve definitely got my eye on this one – Biblios features a very interesting drafting mechanic and morphs into an intriguing auction game in the second phase.  If Steve Finn can capture this same feeling in a dice game, this is going to be one to watch.  You can check out the Kickstarter page here with information on pledge levels, stretch goals, and video reviews.