Staufer Dynasty


Hippodice Spieleclub E.V. has announced the winner of their annual game design competition.  This competition which has just concluded its 27th iteration.  With 150 designs submitted by authors in 18 countries this truly is a world class competition.  With prior winners including titles like Bremerhaven, New Haven, The Staufer Dynasty, Pagoda, and even Hansa Teutonica.

While every title that comes out from them isn’t necessarily a smash hit they do have a track record of connecting well regarded games with publishers.   This is a place to look for up and coming games.  Just looking at who is judging the competition is a whose who of the european publishing industry.

Matthias Karl – Schmidt Spiele
Sebastian Wenzlaff – Asmodee
Andre Bronswjik – Pegasus Spiele
Moritz Brunnhofer – Hans-in-law
Peter Eggert – eggertspiele
Stefan Stadler – Lookout
Uwe Mölter – Amigo
Wolfgang Lüdke – Cosmos
Matthias Wagner – ABACUSSPIELE
Uli Blennemann – Spielworxx
Stefan Brück – Alea / Ravensburger
Novel Mathar – Argentum Verlag

This years top three are

  1. “Lance Malocello” Martin Schlegel (DE)
  2. “Goes Wrong” Timo Diegel (DE)
  3. “Kallipolis” Bjoern Ebeling (DE)

With the following titles being considered as finalists

  • “Cannibal Island” Joshua Kearns, Gilbert Walker (AU)
  • ‘The Heroes Baptism”  Simon Junker (CH)
  • “Game of Cats” Claes-Erik Rydberg, Alexandra Hügly (SE)
  • “Windfall” Hartwig Jakubik (DE)
  • “Guilds and Guilds” Andreas Zimmermann (DE)
  • “Zwerglispieli” Daniel Fehr (CH)

They put the following on the recommended list

  • “Demigod” Stephan Bruns (DE)
  • “Dice for the Galaxy” Michael Keller, Andreas Odendahl (CH, DE)
  • “Strakar” Cadot Pascal (BE)

They gave out two special awards

Best Album – “Ao Tea Roa” Didier Rikelynck (BE)

Best 2 Player Game – “Glade” Gilbert Walker (AU)