Star Trek: Attack Wing

Wizkids is going to start offering unpainted versions of the Star Trek: Attack Wing miniatures. This is a continuation of their “Deep Cuts” line of primed but unpainted miniatures, adding to those from Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons, which became available last quarter. Wave 1 will include 10 unpainted versions of popular ships and will become available in August. For more details and a list of planned ships, click here.

Wizkids has announced Sidekick League, an organized way to get new players into HeroClix Dice Masters and Star Trek: Attack Wing. Selected stores can host Sidekick Nights, where veteran players can bring in novices and play side-by-side with another pair, offering advice and instruction. Limited edition prizes will be available to players who attend 2 events in 3 months. Sidekick Nights are not meant to supplant or replace the already existing competitive scene.

For more information on Sidekick League, click here.

Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada are the space miniature dog fighting games to beat right now, and so Wizkids is trying to get back in the ring by overhauling their Star Trek: Attack Wing line.  They intend to make several changes that they hope will reinvigorate the line, they are to:

  • Release a digital edition of the rules incorporating all updated rulings and FAQs with the promise not to make any ships obsolete
  • Reconfigure new products so that you will only buy the new cards and tokens for a ship, without the ship miniature.  This is so if you already have a ship, you won’t have to purchase another copy of the same ship just to get the additional cards and tokens.  However the packs will reference what ship you need to buy if you don’t have the miniature yet
  • Introduce faction packs which will have a fleet of ships of a single faction ready to play, and at a lower cost than buying them as individuals
  • They will continue to work towards improving the paint quality of the miniatures
  • Finally they are exploring a process for fans to be able to submit content suggests to Wizkids for possible inclusion in future sets

All this together says that they are serious about improving the game and making sure you can get up and running with the least amount of duplicate items and money spent.  All changes are effective immediately, except in Europe where the changes will happen in 2017.  So if you haven’t played Star Trek: Attack Wing yet, now might be a good time to take another look.

borg attack wing

Two years ago we saw the release of the giant Borg Cube for Star Trek Attack Wing, it is an imposing figure on the table with the cube taking up most of it. It is even considered the most ridiculous game component by Dice Tower’s Sam Healy.  So why not make another one?

WizKids is doing just that, but they aren’t just re-releasing the same cube, this one has a difference in that it includes a docking port for a Borg Sphere.  So now, not only do you get the raw might of the cube, but you also get the tactical advantage of being able to deploy a smaller ship that has the same firepower while only being marginally weaker in hull and shields.

This also marks the first appearance of support ships in Star Trek Attack Wing and so there could be some new possibilities on the horizon with these smaller ships aiding the bigger ones.  As usual there are also included all the tokens and cards needed to use these figures and additional Borg cards to bolster the other ships, look for this to hit store shelves this month.  In the mean time you can check out the preview of the new figures on the Star Trek site.

us nationals winners

The 2015 WizKids U.S. National Championships were held over the weekend of April 11th in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Gamers from all over the country arrived to compete for the titles of 2015 U.S. Heroclix Champion, 2015 U.S. Dice Masters Champion, 2015 U.S. Star Trek Attack Wing Champion and the 2015 D&D Attack Wing Champion. At the end, through strategy, tactics and maybe just a bit of luck, four individuals came out on top as champions:

Kennie Peña – 2015 U.S. Heroclix Champion

David Walsh – 2015 U.S. Dice Masters Champion

Danial Dattola – 2015 U.S. Star Trek Attack Wing Champion

Rich Kopacz – 2015 D&D Attack Wing Champion

For more information and also video footage of the competition go here for WizKids announcement.

star trek attack wing bannerwizkids

The first sign of a successful collectible game is usually heavy modifications to the tournament formats. Monday, WizKids did just that for Star Trek: Attack Wing by announcing a rotation in tournament-legal resources. These resources refer to the modifications players can make to their ships, including using specific flagships, fighters and personnel. The changes are intended both to break up the competitive scene a little, as well as relieve WizKids from having to maintain an increasingly-complex reprint schedule.

When we first launched Star Trek: Attack Wing we didn’t even know how many releases there would be, let alone how long the great player turnouts would persist at local stores. Over the past year, as Star Trek: Attack Wing has experienced sizable increases in audience, we have reprinted popular ships and waves to make sure new players have access to all the game elements. But as we continue to develop new and exciting Organized Play programs, it’s become clear that it’s getting harder and harder for new players to collect and use previously released resources. Additionally, current players of Star Trek: Attack Wing have voiced concerns about seeing the same resources used repeatedly.

Starting in March, all WizKids-run official tournaments will use the new rotation. And WizKids is also encouraging all store tournament organizers to follow their lead. The most notable resource rotation, the Flagship cards, will be rotating June 1st. To read more about the rotation, check out WizKid’s announcement here. To see the current fan reaction, check out the BGG thread here.

star trek attack wing banner

WizKids released updates for their Star Trek: Attack Wing waves:

Expansion Pack Original Release Date New Release Date
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7 Borg Scout Cube
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7 Enterprise
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7 Ni’Var
6 Aug 2014 3 September 2014
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 Queen’s Vessel Prime
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 Maquis Raider Val Jean
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 U.S.S. Enterprise-E
3 Sept 2014 1 October 2014
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 9 I.S.S. Defiant
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 9 Chang’s Bird-of-Prey
Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 9 Scimitar Expansion
1 Oct 2014 5 November 2014


May 2014

  • Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men Play Mat
  • Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool Gravity Feed
  • Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool “Thunderbolt” Fast Forces Pack

June 2014

  • Pathfinder Battles: Reign of Winter
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men Organized Play Story-line Month One
  • DC HeroClix: War of Light, Sinestro Corps, Wave One, Story-Line Month 1-6

July 2014

  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play Story-line Month One
  • Justice League Strategy Game
  • D&D Fantasy Miniatures Starter Set Heroes

August 2014

  • Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Dominion
  • D&D Fantasy Miniatures Set One
  • Marvel HeroClix: Guardians of the Galaxy Gravity Feed and Inhumans Fast Forces Pack

September 2014

  • Marvel Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men
  • DC HeroClix: Alternate Color Lantern Pack

October 2014

  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Resistance is Futile Organized Play Month 1-3
  • D&D: Attack Wing Wave One, Green Dragon Expansion, Elf Wizard Expansion, Frost Giant Expansion, Elf Guard Troop Expansion, Hobgoblin Troop Expansion, Dwarven Ballista Expansion, Wraith Expansion

November 2014

  • DC HeroClix: The Flash
  • D&D: Attack Wing Wave Two, Black Shadow Dragon Expansion, Movanic Deva Angel Expansion, Aarakocra Expansion