MAGE Company has released its December 2015 News bulletin with the following items of interest.

January 18, 2016 Kickstarter Announcement

aether captains

MAGE Company will Kickstart an old print-and-play game by Todd Sanders, Aether Captains.  This steampunk themed, scenario-based, asymmetric board game for 2-5 players pits one player, the commander of the mighty zeppelin fleet, against the many waves of marauding sky pirates.  You can preview the upcoming Kickstarter project here.

New Partnership

MAGE Company has partnered with Ninja Division, and the above Kickstarter of Aether Captains will be an immediate product of this partnership.  Below is MAGE Company’s official announcement:

MAGE Company has proceeded to a partnership with Ninja Division known for Ninja all Stars and Super Dungeon Explorer games. The board game publisher best known for its titles 12 Realms, Raid & Trade and Res Publica: 2230AD, has now entered in a publishing agreement with Ninja Division, to make its products widely available to the North American and Canadian markets. New distribution partners will begin production of 12 Realms and Raid & Trade soon and they are expected to start distributing early in 2016. 

MAGE Company also has announced two new supplementary game products:

New Box and Foam for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story

bedtime story

The production for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story, the 2nd big expansion for 12 Realms is also moving along, with the box and foams of the game being the last production update by MAGE Company. The board game box measures 31*31*10 cm and comes with 3 foams to protect the miniatures from ALL the 12 Realms boxes. The foams can accommodate both Heroes, and Dark Lords, while they also come with custom holes to fit the buildings and other bigger sized minis.

Premium Square Sleeves Now Available

The 53*53mm premium sleeves are now available for pre-order in the MAGE Company online shop! MAGE is the only one producing premium quality sleeves of this size. The re-production is now finished and the estimated time of arrival of the sleeves to the German warehouse is December 20th. These premium quality transparent sleeves can be used in games like Raid & Trade and 12 Realms, as well as fit other games with 50*50mm cards, like Kingdom Death! Check it out at www.magecompany.com

epic coins

Infinity Plus One is running their second kickstarter, “Epic Metal Coins for Tabletop Gaming.”  At first glance, the striking crescent and square shapes of the two coin types are reminiscent of the coin chits used in the popular worker placement game Lords of Waterdeep by Wizards of the Coast.

Epic Coins are real metal fantasy currency designed to be used with tabletop board games, role playing games, larping or as props.  The coins have a fantasy themed design but real world detail and heft, so upgrade your cardboard tokens!  There are two unique designs available in sets of 60 pieces (10X cresecent and 50X square coins).

The square coins, which look like ancient Chinese or Japanese money (with the hole in the middle), come in an antique brass finish and carry the value of one coin.  The one “ONE” is elegantly inscribed on each coin in elven and dwarven script.  Similarly, the crescent-shaped coins sport an antique silver finish, carry the value of five coins with “FIVE” inscribed in both languages as well.

To date, this project has funded $548 of its $3200 goal.  The project is set to finish on Saturday, December 27, 2014 at 2:00 AM.  There are five different pledge levels, ranging from a $5 pledge for one coin of your choice to a $500 pledge for ten full sets of 60 coins in each set.  A fulfillment date has been set for June 2015, and has been padded to account for possible delays.

I’d love to enhance my copy of Lords of Waterdeep with a set of these solid metal, highly thematic coins.

But one might want to reinforce the bottom of the game box to handle the weight…

To back this kickstarted project, visit the Epic Metal Coins for Tabletop Gaming Kickstarter page.