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Crokicurl, the sport-like game where crokinole and curling collide, is now being played in multiple cities across Canada.

The game has players competing using crokinole rules, but using curling stones in lieu of wooden discs and competing on a large scale playing surface made of ice. Players still need to aim for the 20 hole and hit competing players pieces, but now they will be doing this by hurling curling stones across a sheet of ice, with wooden posts blocking shots instead of pegs.

The hybrid game originated in Winnipeg in 2017 when a team of architects built the first crokicurl board at the iconic Forks river site.

While the game was the brainchild of the architects at Winnipeg-based Public City Architecture firm and the first rink was built in Winnipeg, Crokicurl has been picked up in other Canadian municipalities. The Acadia Community Association in Calgary found their inspiration from the Winnipeg game, building a crokicurl rink further West.

As a testament to the popularity of both sports, a story about the Winnipeg invention was one of the most popular posts the Calgary based community association had in 2017:

Last year, when the Winnipeg [crokicurl] article came out, I had put it on our community Facebook page… and the engagement on that post alone pretty much outweighs what we [usually] do in the whole entire year.”

While the game has no confirmed place in the 2018 winter olympics, a possible bid by Calgary to host the 2026 Winter Games could raise the hopes of potential crokicurl medalists.


As a disclaimer, I have taken guests to the Calgary crokicurling site. The game is every bit as amazing as you could possibly hope it would be.


The Changing Tide

Pirate’s Return

Guild Ball is the fantasy soccer game that recently entered it’s second season and is still going steady.  Steamforged Games, not wanting to let things get stagnant, has launched two Indiegogo campaigns for two new teams in the game, the Fisherman’s Guild and the Butcher’s Guild.  First up is the Fisherman’s Guild campaign which allows you to back for two teams from the guild, the Changing Tide and the Pirate’s Return.  For the Changing Tide team, they feature some of the fastest players in the game, allowing you to take an early lead by quickly grabbing the ball and scoring some goals.  The Pirate’s Return on the other hand features players with cunning abilities that allow you to manipulate the other team, allowing you to open up the defense and get your team through.  Both teams come with 6 players each as well as a terrain piece, a goal, and a ball to use.  You can check out the campaign here, and know that a single pledge of $100 will get you all 12 players and the terrain and gear pieces in unpainted PVC.

The Bloody Master

The Scarlet Circle

For the Butcher’s Guild you can pledge to get both the teams, the Bloody Master and the Scarlet Circle.  The Bloody Master team has a simple goal, to rend and tear the flesh of their opponents, and so their abilities and stats are turned with that goal in mind.  The Scarlet Circle also holds a similar goal, but they are more cunning and devious about it, with players who may not be as aggressive, but have abilities to control their opposition until their teammates show up.  Both teams come with 6 players each as well as a terrain piece, a goal, and a ball to use.  You can check out the campaign here, and know that a single pledge of $100 will get you all 12 players and the terrain and gear pieces in unpainted PVC.


Steamforged Games is making a push to make Guild Ball more accessible and easier to get into in the second season of the game.  To help in this they are releasing a 2-player starter set for the game called Kick Off! that aims to get players up to speed quickly.  It will have everything you need to play the game;

  • Kick Off! Rulebook
  • Guild Ball Core Rulebook
  • Captain’s Handbook
  • 3’x3′ Double-Sided Board of the Guild Ball Pitch
  • 12 Colored Plastic Models (Pre-assembled)
  • Player Character Cards
  • 128 Game Tokens
  • Measuring Tools and Templates
  • Guild Ball Dice

The plastic models will be enough to field a Brewers team and a Mason team, which then can be later expanded through the many figures they currently offer.  So if you are interested in getting into this fantasy soccer game then keep an eye out for the starter set to hit shelves at the end of November.


We previously reported that a new edition of the Blood Bowl game is on it’s way, and while a date for release is still forthcoming, the hype train is picking up speed.  The first stop for that train is the launch of a new website devoted to Blood Bowl, and it’s simply  The site contains the typical teaser trailers and social media links, but it also contains downloads for team rosters, drill cards, as well as a video to teach the basics of the game.  You can check out the new website now, and continue to wait patiently for that new edition to be released.

Dreadball is a sci-fi american football game where hard hits are the norm and crazy things will show up on the field to do battle.  The original Dreadball was released in 2012 and since then it has had multiple teams added to the game and five seasons worth of rulebooks released, so it’s time for a reboot.  Dreadball 2.0 will have all the great gameplay you remember from the original, but streamlined and updated.  As said on the Kickstarter; “The new edition grew out of demand from the community. For existing players, DreadBall 2nd Edition is all about streamlining the rules, improving the components, supporting the community and getting it growing all over again.”  The rulebook will compile all the previous rulebooks into one edition, have information for all the existing teams, as well as updated rules for the ultimate game for 3-6 players.

Overall the game looks good and will come with enough figures to play right out of the box, no assembly required.  If this new edition sounds interesting to you then head on over to the Kickstarter page to pledge before it ends on August 7th.


Guild Ball, a fantasy football game from Steamforged Games that was Kickstarted in 2014, has released the files for it’s Season 2 of the game.  Season 2 is being broken into two books, the first include all the updated core rules as well as rules for the new Big League campaign system.  The second will include more story on Guild Ball as well as all of the Season 2 character sheets that you can start using.  You can download the digital files now from the Steamforged site, and they have made sure all the page numbering of the digital files match that of the physical book.  You can also read the Season 2 announcement on the Steamforged site and look forward to the physical releases of the books and cards later this year.

A dice & card game for up to 2 players that boils the excitement of baseball’s final inning into a quick head-to-head competition!

Dice Hate Me Games and designers Darrell Louder (designer of Compounded) and Mike Mullins have brought a fast baseball game for 1 or 2 players to Kickstarter that plays from 5 to 15 minutes.  Bottom of the 9th “encapsulates the thrills and spills of baseball’s final inning into a head-to-head competition between an ace pitcher and a star-studded line-up of heavy hitting batters.”

The game takes place in the last three outs of a baseball game, and is played between the pitcher, who chooses his pitches secretly, and the batter, who must guess the location and direction of the pitch correctly for optimum power.  Each of the 20 different player cards provides unique abilities for each player, allowing them to manipulate dice.

Each copy of Bottom of the 9th comes with:

  • 20 punchboard player cards, full-color front and one-color back, in a foil-wrapped pack
  • 2 reference cards
  • 2 playing field pieces in card stock
  • 1 custom silk-screened Pitch Die
  • 1 Pitching Control Die
  • 1 Swing Die
  • 4 wooden base-runners
  • 4 wooden Pitch Tokens (2 red, 2 white)
  • 3 wooden Out markers
  • 2 wooden Strike markers
  • 3 wooden Ball markers
  • 2 wooden Fatigue markers
  • Punchboard “stick of gum” batter ball and strike count tracker
  • 15 Event & Scenario mini cards for solo play
  • Full-color rulebook
  • Sticker sheet (for Pitch Tokens and Fatigue Markers)

Richard Launius (Defenders of the RealmArkham HorrorRun, Fight or Die) has created a solitaire variant for the game that is included in the game.  Stretch goals include better quality components and even player cards for the Sentinels of the Multiverse heroes.  For more information on this project, visit the Kickstarter page here.