Spin Master

Spin Master Games has partnered with Wiggles 3D Games to produce and sell the retail version of 5-Minute Dungeon. 5-Minute Dungeon is a co-operative, real-time dungeon crawling card game for 2-5 players that plays in 5 minutes, and was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year with almost 8,000 backers.

The retail version has an all-new cover in a unique hourglass-shaped box and comes with:

  • 200 player cards (5 decks of 40 cards each)
  • 50 dungeon cards (40 door cards and 10 challenge cards)
  • 5 double sided player mats (10 heroes total)
  • 5 boss mats

As expected, the retail version doesn’t include the extra content added during the campaign (the Kickstarter deck, Baby Barbarian figurine, and 2 Kickstarter boss mats), but still has the same high quality components as the Kickstarter edition.

The game is available for purchase now on Target.com.

For more information and updates on the game, visit the 5-Minute Dungeon Kickstarter Update page.

As many bargain hunters know, just recently Marbles, makers of games and toys that help develop your mind, had to declare bankruptcy, close it’s stores, and sell off it’s assets.  As part of going bankrupt the label and it’s IPs were put up for sale, and Spin Master jumped at the chance.  With this acquisition the Marbles brand will continue to design and produce high quality games and toys, but under the label of Spin Master.  Founders of both companies were happy with the deal as Spin Master acquires a high quality games and puzzle creator, and Marbles gets to continue their mission of developing games and puzzles that help the brain.

For more information you can read the press release on PR Newswire site.

what the face

Now available from Spin Master Games What The Face! This game centers around the making of first impressions. It appears to me to be more along the lines of Apples to Apples mixed with an awkward popularity contest. Having never played it I can’t comment on the play of the game but I immediately want to compare it to the classic first impressions game Faces. The scoring does not necessarily seem as favorable since it is apples to apples style scoring where you are playing to a set number of matches.

This appears to be a Target exclusive. You can find the full product listing here.

t&g con inventor

As part of the Chicago Toy & Game Group’s two upcoming conventions Spin Master is presenting the 8th annual Young Inventor Challenge.

The contest, which takes place November 22nd at Chicago’s Navy Pier, has been encouraging young inventors between the ages of 6 and 18 to present their original toy or game idea “science fair style” at Chicago Toy & Game Fair since 2007. 1st and 2nd place winners will be selected by a panel of toy and game industry experts, along with two fan favorites, in both junior and senior categories.

The contest is broken up into two age categories which generally fall in the 6-11 and 12-18 age ranges but can be adjusted to account for participant registration numbers and adjusted in order to make the competition as fair for participants as possible.

Registration is currently open and closes on November 4th.

There is no fee to participate in the Young Inventor Challenge. Participants and their immediate families are invited to be our guests with complimentary admission to ChiTAG for the whole weekend!

For more details see the International Toy & Game Innovation Conference’s press release here. or the Chicago Toy and Game Fair’s event information page here.