Spartan Games

On the same day no less, both Spartan Games and Tor Gaming have made announcements that they will be closing their doors.  Spartan Games is known for Firestorm Armada (a spaceship war game), Dystopian Wars (a victorian scifi naval war game), and the Spartan Scenics (a line for miniature scenery).  Tor Gaming is best known for their fantasy war game, Relics.  Both press releases mention the ever growing board game industry, and with growth comes more competition.  And unfortunately the splintering of their respective customer bases was too much for them, and they had to cease operations.  This announcement comes as especially bad news for the backers of the Dystopian World Expansion Kickstarter that is still in the process of being fulfilled.  It is always a sad day to see companies go, and we wish the best for all those involved.

You can read the Spartan Games announcement here, and the Tor Gaming announcement here.

Spartan Games has been publishing the Firestorm Armada game for 8 years now, and as they gear up for the biggest expansion to the game, they have announced a board game.  Firestorm: Strike Force is a deck building game where you are trying to obliterate your opponents in space.  Each player starts with the same starting deck, and these cards let you do things like put ships on the board, attack with your ships, move your ships, and to buy upgraded cards.  These cards can come from the advanced deck, mission deck, or your own personal faction deck, each giving you better abilities and more options.

Also of note is that is first set is just a starter set with two factions in it, which they plan to expand will more factions, campaign and more.  Plus rules are included to put multiple games together to expand the player count and board size to epic proportions.

Look for this game on store shelves in September, and you can read more about the game on Spartan Games website.

halo fleet

Spartan Games’ recent release of Halo: Fleet Battles is a miniatures game designed to appeal to both new miniatures gamers and miniature game veterans alike.  Based on the popular video game series Halo, this game’s initial line of products includes the currently-available core set, The Fall of Reach, and supplementary expansion material including 2 Commander Packs for the Covenant and the UNSC, a dice pack and several Upgrade Boxes, all to be available soon.

Spartan Games has released a series of product images for these upcoming expansion packs, seen below:

halo fleet 01halo fleet 02halot fleet 03