Sovereign’s Chain

“In Gibraltar Station, a fringe outpost in the Void Horizon, free-port merchants and mercenaries play Sovereign’s Chain, a card game that matches strategy, skill, and a bit of rogue luck for its player.”

WizKids today announced Sovereign’s Chain, a fast (30 minutes) hand manipulation card game coming this summer from designer Robert J. Hudecek (Dragon Farkle). In Sovereign’s Chain, 2-4 players take turns placing Class cards from their hand onto the end of an ever growing tableau, called a Chain. These Class cards have numerical values, and come in one of two suits, Planets or Stars. Cards can be played into either a player’s own Chain, or that of an opponent, and the game ends when any players’ Chain reaches a length of 7 cards. The goal of the game is to have the greatest difference in total value between your two suits in your Chain when the game ends.

Cards are usually played face up, activating some ability to manipulate the Chain, perhaps adding value to a card, removing or adding cards, or protecting cards from further shenanigans. The starting card in a chain is played face down, and other cards may be played similarly during the game; these cards are revealed one at a time at game end, adding last minute treachery. Additionally, Event cards add random effects during the game.

Look for Sovereign’s Chain at your FLGS this August. For more details, check out WizKid’s excellent webpage detailing the game.

Coming this August from Wiz Kids is Sovereign’s Chain, a strategic cutthroat card game, that uses strategy, skill and luck.

For 2-4 players ages 14 and up with an average play time of 30 minutes, class cards are played in front of players, creating a chain. Players can play cards on their own chain or an opponents, some being played faceup and using abilities, and some facedown to be used later. Cards come in two suits of stars and planets, and in order to win, once someone’s chain reaches seven cards, a player must have the highest difference in points between the two suits.

There is also a small deck of event cards that will affect the game play.

The game comes with 70 class cards, 15 event cards, and several types of tokens.