solo mode

For fans of Unearth from Brotherwise Games, today’s news brings word of new life for the family-weight dice placement, set collection game. A new expansion is on the horizon, coming this July, called The Lost Tribe, and with it comes a one-two-three punch of painless enhancements. It’s biggest contribution is more cards to add a fresh coat of paint on the 2017 release, and on top of that more dice to allow for a 5th player. Last, but certainly not least, it adds a solo campaign mode that will broaden the game’s appeal and replayability.

“Unearth: The Lost Tribe continues Brotherwise’s trend of offering huge value and playability at a low price point. Responding to continued requests from Unearth fans, they’ve even included a plastic mini of the adorable Delvers that have helped make Unearth so visually iconic. Unearth: The Lost Tribe comes in a disposable tuck box—all components (but the included mini) can be contained in the base game box.”

Expansions such as these are very inoffensive, and tend to be no-brainers – it’s an all-around improvement to the game. More cards and more players is always a welcome thing, but arguably the best addition is the solo mode. Not only does it give existing owners a little side puzzle to chew on, but those looking for solo games with low overhead will probably want to give Unearth a second glance. For those interested, be on the lookout for Unearth: The Lost Tribe at your favorite retailer this July.

Two new products are slated to arrive soon from Stronghold Games – Friedmann Friese’s Futuropia and the Piece of Cake expansion for Kitchen Rush. The former new game from prolific designer of F-named games, Futuropia is described as a “luck-free” economic game where players compete to build an ideal civilization – one where citizens no longer need to work but instead have enough food and energy to live in leisure for the rest of their natural lives.  It’s a fun theme with some serious science fiction roots not entirely divorced from it’s predecessor, Power Grid, which is certainly reason enough to have a piqued interest. Futuropia allows for 1 to 4 players and takes roughly 90 minutes to play.

     “To ensure you always encounter new challenges, we offer multiple game set-up variations, which create a variety of gameplay situations, ensuring new experiences and replayability. The solo game offers you an option to learn the mechanisms and processes of Futuropia before you play it with other players. See our hopeful future in…Futuropia!”

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake is, on the other hand, simply an expansion to the frantic real-time cooperative game slash restaurant simulator. It adds plenty more new options to the game, including board extensions, desserts, mini-orders, and a new hourglass for use as a specialist worker. Kitchen Rush is excellent and challenging on it’s own, but if perhaps you find it a bit stale or would like to broaden the types of actions in the game, Piece of Cake is there for you. Both products are scheduled to release to retail in January of 2019, so if you’re interested in either of these items be sure to check out your favorite store to pick up a copy.