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Netflix meet Asmodee.  Now that the introductions are over, it looks like Asmodee will be publishing Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE, a game based on the show’s episode of the same name.  Not many details are available about the game itself, only that it is a social game which also integrates with a smartphone app.  NOSEDIVE supports 3 to 6 players, ages 13 and up.

“NOSEDIVE features light social and strategic gameplay that is engaging, interactive, and accessible for new players.”

NOSEDIVE will be available at Target stores starting on November 25th.  The press release only indicated that the game launches at Target stores and, so it is not clear if NOSEDIVE will only be available through Target, or if this is just a timed exclusive.

Sneaky Cards is a social game where each card depicts some kind of objective you have to achieve, like playing a game with a stranger, finding someone wearing a pink tie, or writing someone a poem.  All of the cards are meant to get you to do things you may not normally do and bring a little random fun into the world, and then spread it around.  That’s because after you complete an objective, you are to hand off the card and then they are tasked with achieving the card’s objective.  This new set, Sneaky Cards 2, has the same randomness that the first one did, but with 54 all new tasks to be completed like challenging someone to a dance off, having an impromptu surprise party, or giving someone flowers.  Needless to say if you are an outgoing person this deck of cards is right up your alley, if not, then having concrete objectives to achieve might just help you come out of your shell.  You can find out more information on Gamewright’s website, and look for these on store shelves later in July.

Asmodee has a new press release featuring one of the ten cases from the new Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective standalone box, Carlton House & Queen Park. “The Demise of a Teatotaller” sets up a brutal stabbing, a devastated widow, and her best friend, found with the murder weapon in hand. To make things more complicated, Scotland Yard has demanded Sherlock update them on a second case at the same time.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a series of 1-8 player games in which players solve cases through the use of detailed clues and gorgeous components, including newspapers, maps, paper scraps and booklets. The game originally came out in the early 1980s, moved its way through video game implementations, and had a beautiful revision from Space Cowboys and Asmodee in 2016. Standalone versions with 10 cases each followed, starting with the original Thames Murders & Other Cases (2016), then Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures (2017), and the upcoming box Carlton House & Queen Park (2018) due out in February. Be aware that due to the long history of the series, some of the mysteries in the new box were originally done in the Ystari version of the game in the 1980s, although Asmodee states details and solutions have been changed.

Wizkids has announced Who Should We Eat?, a lighthearted social card game about… well… cannibalism. 4-10 players take on the roles of plane crash survivors on a deserted island, trying to gather resources to build a raft and escape. Unfortunately, food is scarce and your fellow players are edible. Players track food, resources and sanity, and trials can determine if someone is eaten.

The game comes with a set of straws for drawing long or short, but sometimes a good old fashioned knife fight is the only way to decide such matters. Eaten characters come back as ghosts and exact revenge on the living. Can anyone escape the island by collecting enough resources before their sanity runs out and win the game? Who Should We Eat? is expected in October 2017, and you can check out Wizkid’s official website description here.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the release of a new updated edition of Bloodbound. Sporting new art and graphic design, this popular social deduction game in the vein of Shadow Hunters positions 6-13 players into two houses of vampires. Before play, each player is given a secret character, then shows a clue to their affiliation to their left side neighbor. The start player holds the bloody dagger, and on their turn can pass the weapon or attack. Wounded players reveal tokens from their character card, either giving hints to their affiliation, or showing their rank within the house. Since the goal of the game is to kill the leader of the opposing house, showing rank can be a dangerous move, however once a player reveals their rank they are able to use their special ability. In games with an odd number of players, a neutral player attempts to disrupt both of the houses.

Blood Bound should be available in the third quarter of 2017.

dV Giochi has announced English versions of two new games, 3 Secrets and Deckscape – Test Time.

In 3 Secrets, 2-8 players try to cooperatively discover the 3 secrets of an unresolved case with the help of an app before time runs out. One player plays the role of informant, knows all the secrets that need be revealed, and will try to help where possible. Other players can ask questions, and the informant can give clues if the payers become sidetracked, but it will cost precious time. Use deduction, observation and lateral thinking to solve the mystery.

Deckscape – Test Time is a card driven implementation of an escape room. With 60 cards, players try to escape from Dr. Thyme’s Laboratory by solving puzzles, figuring out the plot of the story, and intelligently using found items. Test Time is the first in a planned set of escape room games from dV Giochi, plays 1-6 players and contains 60 cards.

Plaid Hat Games has announced a new game in the Specter Ops universe, Crossfire by Emerson Matsuuchi. In Crossfire, players join the struggle between Raxxon and A.R.K. trying to either kill or save a Raxxon VIP. Players are divided into two teams of assassins and agents, and need to use deduction, social skills, and their limited information to figure out who among the crowd of bystanders is the VIP, and whose side each player is on. After three minutes of play, players need to decide on one person to shoot. If the VIP is still standing, the Agents win, otherwise the assassins win. But be careful, because anyone who accidentally shot a bystander automatically loses.

Crossfire is due to be released this summer. You can read the full news article on Crossfire here.

Bellwether Games has announced a Kickstarter Campaign for Antidote: Lab Alliance, the expansion to their popular 2013 social deduction card game Antidote. In Antidote, 2-7 players are lab scientists when 1 of a possible 7 deadly toxins has spilled. The players need to scramble to determine which toxin is killing them and place the appropriate antidote card in their hand.  By trading and discarding cards, players use deduction to figure out what is the one toxin card removed from the game. The expansion adds 78 new cards and 5 new game modes, which add more players (up to 9), teams, faster game play, truth serum and even romance.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Antidote: Lab Alliance continues through March 21, and is expected to deliver in December 2017.

Bezier Games has announced Werewords, a social deduction word guessing game set in the Ultimate Werewolf universe. In Werewords, players try to guess a secret word by asking yes or no questions. If they figure out the word, they win. However, one player is a werewolf, they know the secret word, and will try to mislead you, because if you cannot get the word the werewolf wins. The Werewolf needs to be subtle and sly, because if other players will win if they can identify the Werewolf at the end of the game.

Like in Werewolf, one player is secretly the Seer, and they know the secret word. The Seer can try to steer the group towards the correct answer, but if the Werewolf identifies the Seer at the end, the Werewolf wins! The Mayor is the player answering the groups’ question with a pile of limited tokens – “Yes/No”, “Maybe”, “So Close” and “Correct”. If the Mayor runs out of tokens, the group cannot ask any more questions, and must accuse someone of being a Werewolf. Uniquely, it is totally possible that the Mayor himself is a Werewolf, and is falsely answering the questions! But again, if he is too blatant, the group may suspect and steal victory from his paws. As in Ultimate Werewolf, other roles for larger groups abound, such as the Beholder and the Minion. Werewords comes with a custom app, containing thousands of words, as well as the ability to create their own word lists.

Werewords is due to be released in June, likely at the Origins Game Fair. Werewords can be pre-ordered at Bezier Games.

Tuesday Knights Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for the first expansion to their popular game Two Rooms and a Boom, Necroboomicon. The original Two Rooms and a Boom was a popular large group (6-30 players) social game, with the unique mechanism of splitting the group into two rooms with limited communication. Two Rooms and a Boom: Necroboomicon, which was described as  “Hard Mode” for Two Rooms and a Boom, adds lovecraftian characters, increased tension and special rules for smaller groups of players. The Kickstarter offers special foil card versions of the expansion, as well as a way to purchase the original Two Rooms and a Boom. The campaign is slated to continue through February 28, 2017.

Two Rooms and a Boom: Necroboomicon is due to deliver May 2017.